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. Battle Monster Go is a game from the Brawl of the Objects.This is a game that acts similar to Pokémon Go.




Returning Battle Monsters

New Battle Monsters


Baby Battle Monsters

Shiny Battle Monsters



  1. Battle Monster Cards

App Icons



Catching Battle Monsters

Same as Pokemon Go.

Leveling and Feeding

Battle Monsters have favourite foods. They level up when you give them their favourite foods.

  • Spiky Ball : Roll of Thread
  • Cubey: Pasta
  • Rocket Snail: Rocks
  • Dragonsour: Meat
  • Droid: Melted Cheese
  • Hypno Penguin: Fish
  • Moustache Creature: Jellybeans
  • Racoon: Garbage
  • Squishy Egg : Egg
  • UFO : Light Bulb
  • Regular Cheeseburger: Cheese
  • Yellow Cat : Mushrooms
  • Nightsquid : Moon
  • Serpent : Water
  • Handoeye : Goggle Eyes
  • Flambyl : Bonfire
  • Dragon Man: Mutton
  • Pink Catepillar :Leaves
  • Cloudison : Cotton Candy
  • Fire Chicken :Charcoal
  • Leaf Chicken :Grass
  • Balloon Whale : Balloons
  • Mini Robot : Gear
  • Squadlir : Toxic Ball
  • Purple Snake: Black Sludge
  • Boxing Fly: Poop
  • Qualishot: Cannonballs
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