Guys I'm sorry to say Battle Island has be cancelled because I just don't have the time for it anymore. But here are some of my other object show fanfics that are still going even some on there second season

  • Battle for the Diamonds ( Season 1)
  • Battle for the Emeralds ( Season 2 after Battle for the Diamonds )
  • The Superior One  ( A show based in the wilderness )

Sorry once again

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Battle Island Contestants

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Elimination Chart

Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12A 13B
8-Ball Saws Low
Bell Saws Safe
Cupcake Saws High
Teardrop Teardrop Safe
Ruby Teardrop Safe
David Teardrop Safe
Kite Saws Safe
Latte Teardrop Safe
Nickel Teardrop Safe
Clover Saws Safe
Saw Saws High
Sunflower Teardop Safe
Bomby Saws OUT

Reason For elimination

(no reasons yet)

Episode 1: Oh Snap Lets meet them Contestants

Day 1

Episode 1

 Bucket: Hello I'm the  Host as I am in the host for all of the creators shows 

Bucket: So lets meet some contestants, first Is a new character names Latte

Latte: Uhhh ummm uhhh

Bucket: Well

Latte: Umm hi

Bucket: Ok next is Teardrop 

Teardrop: ...........

Bucket: Oh yea the silent type hmm

Teardrop: .............

Bucket: Well next is Kite 

Kite: Hello

Bucket: So are you a boy or a girl 'cause you've been said as both 

Kite: Oh umm hmm I am a girl 

Bucket: Alright

Latte: She seems nice 

Bucket: Next is

Clover: Hello

Bucket: Ok I was going to say Nickel but um Clover

Clover: Well I'm here

Latte: He he he hello

Clover: Oh hi

Kite: Hi!!!

Bucket: Next will be Nickel

Nickel: Ok so umm is it just me and these idiots are servants or are they contestants too

Bucket: No there contestants too

Nickel: Alright

Bucket: Next is David what seriously were putting him on the show

David: Awwww seriously?

Bucket: So annoying wont be sad when you get eliminated, well next is 8-Ball

8-Ball: Hello I am 8-Ball I have no relations with 9-Ball or 7

Latte: Ok

Kite: Alrighty then

David: Awwwww seriously?

Bucket: Next is Ruby

Ruby: Yay I get to be here :D

Kite: Hello

8-Ball: Hi

Ruby: So excited

Bucket: Next is Sunflower

Latte: Oh umm do you mean Flower?

Bucket: Nope Sunflower, Flowers nice Sister

Sunflower: How do you do

Latte: How do I do what?

Sunflower: No I'm asking how are you

Latte: Oh umm uhhh uhhh oh ummm umm fine *runs off*

Sunflower: Ok?

Bucket: Next is Saw

Saw: Hello

Bucket: Umm alright next is Bomby

Bomby: Hi nice to be here *fuse is put on fire* Oh no my fuse ahhhhhh *runs in a circle many times* ahhhhhhhh

  • Explosion

Bucket: Glad I made a recovery center

  • Bucket recovers Bomby

Bomby: Thanks

Bucket: Next is and finally is Bell

Bell: Hio I'm Bell

Kite: Hi

Ruby: Hiiiiii

Sunflower: Charmed

Clover: Nice to meet you

Bell: Oh I feel so welcomed :D

Bucket: Well it's going to be a long day tomorrow so get some sleep the boys cabin over there girls over here goodnight

(That the end of Day 1)

Day 2

Dodge ball

(The next morning)

In the boys cabin

Saw: Hmmm I know I'm better then the guys here but I need an alliance or I'll be eliminated early

8-Ball: Hello

Saw: (thinking) Hmmm 8-Ball seems like a person that could work as an alliance member but I can't be sure

David: Awww seriously?

Saw: (thinking) Well it's not going to be David, and Nickel is just a jerk well as of what I see of him, and Bomby explodes way too much so I guess 8-Ball is the best choice

8-Ball: Umm hello are you ok

Saw: Oh yea hi I'm saw

8-Ball: I know

Bomby: We all did oh no my fuse ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Saw: Not again take cover

  • Bomby explodes and kills all the boys

In the girls cabin

Kite: Hi

Latte: Ahhhhhh don't scare me *runs off*

Clover: That was weird

Kite: Your telling me

Ruby: Hi I;m Ruby

Clover: We know

Cupcake: Hi Sunflower

Sunflower: Charmed

Cupcake: Please don't talk like that sorry

Sunflower: Mean your just like my sister *walks away*


  • at the dock*

Bucket: Welcome contestants to your first challenge this challenge will decide the team captains

Sunflower: Ha just choose me now why don't you

Bucket: Well first let me say what the challenge

Bell: What is it?

Bucket: It's a dodge ball tournament

Kite: How's this going to work, we have 13 people

Bucket: We'll find out later so let's get started

8-Ball: Who's going first

Sunflower: The proper sentence would be "Whom is going first"

8-Ball: Whatever

Bucket: Well lets spin this wheel to find out which 2 people go first

  • Wheel starts spinning
  • It stops and lands on Teardrop
  • Starts to spin again
  • It stops and lands on 8-Ball

Teardrop: *stairs at 8-ball with a evil grin* .........

8-Ball: Ugh no fair I got no limbs

Sunflower: actu *gets interrupted by 8-Ball*

8-Ball: Who cares!

Latte: Good luck guys *8-Ball stares at her with an evil stare* oh umm heh *Latte walks away*

Bucket: In the dodge ball area now

Bucket: Dodge ball!!!!!!!

8-Ball: Ugh how is this fair

Teardrop: ... *grins evily*..... *grabs a doge ball* ..... *throws it at 8-Ball

8-Ball: Ahhhhhhhh *gets hit*

Bucket: Alright Teardrop moves on

8-Ball: Ugh

Bucket: Next is....

  • Wheel starts to spin
  • It stops and lands on latte
  • Wheel starts to spin
  • It stops and lands on Bell

Bucket: Latte vs. Bell

Latte: WHAA!!!!!

Bell: Good luck Latte

Latte: Uah uuh uehg he

Bell: Umm Latte

Bucket: In the doge ball area now

Bucket: Doge Ball!!!!!!

Latte: Ahhhhhhh!!!!! *grabs a doge ball*

Bell: Oh man I have no limbs either

Sunflower: Acut *gets interupted*

Bell: No one cares

Latte: Ugh *throws ball at Bell and Bell gets hit*

Bell: >:(

Latte: :D

Bucket: Latte moves on

Bucket: Ok spinny wheel time

  • Wheel starts spinning
  • Wheel stops on Kite
  • Wheel starts spinning
  • Wheel stops on Saw

Bucket: Ok Saw and Kite on the doge ball area

Kite: Ok

Saw: :( awww

Bucket: Doge Ball!!!!!!

Kite: Ok here i go

Saw: Awwww :(

  • Kite grabs a ball
  • Saw grabs a ball

Kite: Ahhhhhhh *throws ball but misses bigtime*

Saw: *throws ball and hits*

Kite: Ow

Bucket: saw moves on

Saw: :D Yay

Bucket: next is well spining wheel time

  • Wheel starts spinning
  • Wheel stops and lands on Ruby
  • Wheel starts spinning
  • Wheel stops and lands on Cupcake

Ruby: Oh um good luck Cupcake

Cupcake: But umm ok good luck red thingy

Ruby: D: OMG you dont know my name

Cupcake: Oh sorry

Ruby: Ugh its Ruby by the way

Cupcake: Ok 

Bucket: Stop chit chating and get in the doge ball area

Bucket: Doge Ball!!!!!

Cupcake: good luck *grabs a ball and throws and hits Ruby*

Ruby: NOOOOO!!!!!!

Bucket: Cupcake moves on

Bcuket: Ok next will be ugh the wheel

  • Wheel starts spinning
  • Wheel stops and lands on David
  • Wheel starts spinning
  • Wheel stops and lands on Nickel

Bucket: David and Nickel

Nickel: This should be easy

David: Awww seriously

Bucket: Into the Doge Ball area

Bucket: Doge ball

David: Awwww seriously?

Nickel: *grabs a ball and throws a David and hits*

David: *flips out* oskgnoild mvfhoslnbsfk eh

Nickel: Ha easy

Bucket: Wheel thing lets do this

  • Wheel starts spinning
  • Wheel stops and lands on Clover
  • Wheel starts spinning
  • Wheel stops and lands on Sunflower

Bucket: Clover and Sunflower

Sunflower: Oh this will be easy

Clover: For me at least i have legs 

Sunflower: Well I never

Bucket: Stop talking and get to hitting each other in the Doge Ball area now

Bucket: Doge Ball!!!!!!!!

Clover: *picks up a ball and throws and hits*

Sunflower: Ugh

Bucket: I ecspected that

Bucket: Um Bomby sorry well theres no one to go against you so your auto of the challenge

Bomby: What?

Bucket: Round 2 challenge 1 is Teardrop vs. Latta

Latte: *gulps*

Teardrop: *smiles evily* .....

Bucket: In the Doge Ball area now

Bucket: Doge Ball!!!

Latte: Ahhhhh

Teardrop: *Gets a ball and throws it at Latte and hits*

Latte: Oh

Teardrop: :D

Bucket: teardrop moves on

Bucket: Next Saw vs. Cupcake

Cupcake: What

Saw: :/

Bucket: In the Doge ball Area

Bucket: Doge Ball

Saw: *Grabs a ball and throws it at Cupcake and hit*

Cupcake: :( Awwwww come on

Bucket: Ok finally in round 2 is Nickel and Clover

Clover: Good luck *smerks*

Nickel: Like I need it

BucketL Enouph chit chat now get in teh Doge Ball area

Buckey: Doge Ball

Nickel: Gulp

Clover: *grabs a ball and throws but misses*

Nickel: *Grabs a ball throws and misses*

Clover: Ugh *Grabs a ball and throws and hits

Bucket: Clover makes it

Clover: :D

Bucket: Now only you three get in the Doge Ball area first to get out will loose and the others 2 are team captines

Bucket: Now Doge Ball

Saw: Oh man

Teardrop: ......

Clover: Saw me and you take down TD

Teardrop: *Grabs a ball throws it at Clover and hits

Bucket: Thats it Teardrop and Saw are the team captines of Battle Island Season 1

Saw: :D

Teardrop: :(

Bucket: Ok now I already have your teams here

Team Captain: Saw Team Captain: Teardrop
Bomby Ruby
Clover Nickel
Cupcake Latte
Kite Sunflower
Bell David

Bell: Wait what our are team names

Bucket: Umm well.....ugh fine Saws Team will be The Fantastic Oranges

The Fantastic Oranges

Bucket: And Teardrops team will be The Radical Kiwis

The Radical Kiwis

(Also Credit for the logo backround goes to AnthonyBFDI)

Bell: Um ok

Latte: Which team goes to elimination

Bucket: Well hmm to make the teams even I'll make Saws team go but from now on the loosing team goes

Saw: Awww

Bucket: Till tommarow for the elimination now contestants go to sleep :/

(Thats the end of Day 2)

Day 3

Who will be Eliminated?

Clover: Hey what are you doing

Cupcake: Ahhh don't scare me, and I'm just gettingm yself ready for the elimination

Clover: Don't worry you won't get eliminated

Cupcake: yea your probibly right

Bucket: Shut up and get to the elimination area

(At the elimination area)

Bucket: Well who will be the first out

8-Ball: I don't know

Bucket: Well lets find out 

Bell: Well do we vote

Bucket: In front of you is a device with everyones fce on it click the face you want out now

  • everyone votes

Bucket: Since I'm a a jerk I'm showing who voted who

Saw: Whaaaa!!!

Contestant Voted
8-Ball Bomby
Saw 8-Ball
Kite 8-Ball
Clover Bomby
Cupcake Saw
Bell Bomby
Bomby Cupcake

Bomby: Whatttttt

Bucket: Well you didnt get a lot of screantime ut your eliminated

Bel: Aww I fell bad now

Bucket: Ok time to sling shot you to the Box Of loosers aka B.O.L

  • Bucket sling shots Bomby to the B.O.L

Bomby: AHHHH

Bucket: Well good night contestants you'll need some sleep for tommarow

(Thats the end of Day 3)

Episode 2: Pop goes the Wheesle!

Day 4

(coming soon)

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