Battle for Yoyleland




May 1st, 2012 (first challenge)


August 28th, 2012


Glassy (goldenzoomi)/Sharpener (pwndyourfaceoff)

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Battle for Yoyleland is possibly the only BFDI camp with both BFDI characters from Season One and 14 original characters. In this camp, an episode is the period between the same number challenge and the upload of the next challenge video. The camp was completed on August 28th.

Participant Original Team Status Placing


Bucket* None

1st Teamless in Episode 1

22nd Place Pre-Team
Pencilcase* High Flyers

2nd Not Picked in Episode 3

21st Place Three Teams Teams
Ice Cube* Purple Neptunes

3rd Eliminated in Episode 4

20th Place
Needle- (Spike0Rarity) C. Creatures

4th Not Picked Episode 5

19th Place
Soapy (cdemmo1) Purple Neptunes

5th Eliminated in Episode 6

18th Place
Timbit~ C. Creatures

6th Not Picked Episode 6

17th Place
Calculator* High Flyers

7th Voted Out Episode 7

16th Place Two Teams
Slushie (marioluigi3128) High Flyers Returns in Episode 8
8th Voted Out in Episode 7
Teardrop- (jojolw234) C. Creatures

9th Voted Out Episode 8

15th Place
Woody- (englishcreamcakes) High Flyers 10th Eliminated Episode 9 14th Place Points Merge
Snowball^- (SammyShinx) High Flyers 11th Voted Out Episode 10 12th/13th Place
Coiny*- Purple Neptunes 12th Voted Out Episode 10 12th/13th Place
TLC (logmeister4) Purple Neptunes 13th Voted Out Episode 11 11th Place Immunity
Flower- (Mewcake) None Returns in Episode 17
14th/15th Voted Out Episode 12
Slushie (marioluigi3128) High Flyers 14th/15th Voted Out Episode 12 10th Place
Atlas (bobbo44445) Purple Neptunes 16th Voted Out Episode 13 9th Place
Juice Box (sonamy1268) C. Creatures 17th Quit Episode 14 8th Place
Beach Ball (alexlion0511) C. Creatures 18th Voted Out Episode 15 7th Place
Firey- (ufus630) None 19th Voted Out Episode 16 6th Place
Worldy (MrMWM3682) High Flyers 20th Disqualified Episode 17 5th Place No Elimination Final Stretch
Tack (7777neptune) Purple Neptunes 21st Disqualified Episode 17 4th Place
Flower-~ (Mewcake) None Lost in Finale 3rd Place Finale
Sharpener (pwndyourfaceoff) C. Creatures Won in Finale 1st/2nd Place
Glassy^ (goldenzoomi) C. Creatures Won in Finale 1st/2nd Place
  • *This contestant does not have a Youtube account.
  • ^This contestant was given to a new user.
  • -This contestant is from Battle for Dream Island.
  • ~This contestant was a plant.
  • A bolded team name means this contestant originally picked his team.

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