Episode 1- The Golden YoyleBerry

Host- Welcome to the Battle For Yoylecity! I'm A Host! Now For Contestants... They Should Arrive Here 5 Minutes Ago!

  • Intro

Donut - Yeah! I'm First Here!

Host- yes you Are.

Donut - Yaaay!

Ice Cube- Hello!

Pin- Icy......!

Ice cube- hey Pin!

Needle- Hey!

Nickel- No Coiny In This Season? Cool!

Firey- I Agree!

Ruby- Hay Guys!

Battle For Yoylecity.JPG

Rocky- Hello!

  • Everyone Is Shocked, because Rocky Can't talk

Ice Cube- How? You Can't Talk!

Rocky- Thanks To Tennis Ball! He Learned Me How To Talk!

Yellow Face- HELLO! :D

Puffbal- Hey Guys! I'm Baaaack!

Gum Bally- Hey All! I'm Gum Bally!

Eraser- Hey!

Snowball-...Hi.... i'm Back.

Woody- Hee...Hey?

Suitcase- C'mon Teardrop! We're Almost Here! Hi Guys!

Teardrop- ........

Toolbox- Hello!

Flower- ... You Guys Can Stop! because I'm Gonna Win!

Donut- Whatever...

Host- Okay! I'm Gonna Randomize The Contestants! To Pick Teams!

  • Five Minutes Later...

Host- Ready! Okay Now...

Team yoyleberries:

  • Woody
  • Snowball
  • Neddle
  • Gum Bally
  • Donut
  • Yellow Face
  • Toolbox
  • Teardrop
  • Firey

Team Yoylecake

  • Suitcase
  • Eraser
  • Flower
  • Ruby
  • Ice cube
  • Rocky
  • Puffball
  • Nickel
  • Pin

Host- Okay! First Challenge Is To... Find Gold YoyleBerry In Yoyleland! First Team To Find It Wins! Go!

Ruby- Hey! I See Leafy!

Eraser- Oh Really? Let's capture Him!

Neddle- Yeah!

Leafy- Whaa? *Runs Away*

Rocky- Yay! It's So Fun to Talk Again! :D

*In The Same Time On team Yoyleberries...*

Toolbox- Hey Ice Cube! Ice Cube! Icy!

Ice Cube- Whaat?

Toolbox- Firey!

*Ice Cube Is Melted By Firey*

Toolbox- High Five!

Firey- Yeah!

Snowball- Where Is That YoyleBery?! OH NO!!!!! Woody! Look Ot!

Woody- Ahh? *Falls On Gold YoyleBerry*

Host- Woody! You Just Make You Team Lose!

Puffball- YAAY! We Won!

  • At The Elimination Ceremony....

Host- Vote In The Cabin Who You want To be Eliminated! Gum Bally! You're First!

Gum bally- Yay!

  • Five Minutes Later...

Host- Okay! safe Is Everyone Expect For Snowball,Woody And Neddle!

Neddle- Whaat? I'm In Bottom 3? That's Imposible!

Host- Don't Be sad! You're Safe At Zero, Like Others!

Neddle- Thank you!

Okay! One of you Got 8 Votes When another have 1. Safe is..










Snowball With one Vote!

Snowall- Yeah!

Woody- Noooooo! *Get's Teleported Into TLC*

Eraser- Even TLC Is Back!

Episode 2 "The Legend Of Evil YoyleBerry"

Host- Okay! You have an one Hour Before Next challenge!

Snowball - Well...

*Camera Pans to Flower And Donut*

Donut- Wanna Aliance?

Flower- Why not?

Donut- Le'ts Decide Who will be elimiated i the elimination!

Flower- We're In oppotise Teams!

Donut- Right!... I Will make My team Lose Again!

Flower- Then They vote for you. Idiotic Plan

* Gum bally Walks In*

Gum Bally- Hello!

Donut- *Evil smile* What Is Aliace Gum Bally?

Gum bally- Um... Bow 2nd Name?

Donut- Heh! Now.... I Can Win!

Flower- Or not! Good luck!

*Camera Pans to Eraser And Snowball*

Eraser- Pink Is Manly!

Snowball- Okay.... No Ofense... >:D

Eraser- Let's See.... ROCKY!

*rocky falls from a Cliff*

Rocky- Weeee!

Puffball- I Save You!


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