Battle For The Improvement Of Dream Island or BFTIODI is a camp made by OpticalPlays, 'Sign Ups were on his second channel, but they are now privated. that features all the 21 BFDI Contestants, and the other 29 recommended characters that had a chance to join in episode 18 plus Gelatin from BFDIA. Sign Ups started on April 18, 2016 and ended on June 12, 1026 after almost 2 months. The first episode was released as of June 13.



BFDI Camp Signups (BFTIODI)

Sign Ups: On April 18 2016, Optical released a video that had this following video, it was a BFDI Camp known as Battle For The Improvement Of Dream Island, 'Since Dream Island has gotten improved before this video was released", it featured the 21 contestants who were on BFDI, the 29 objects who had the chance to join BFDI in episode 18, and Gelatin. It took almost 2 months for the signups to be full, but when they were Optical released the first episode, 'Which is on his main channel, an update that he made 3 weeks before signups ended', and the camp's first episode was released on June 13, 2016 on his main channel.


The Episode begins with the intro that shows both the contestants and their users that lasts for 1 minute and 52 seconds. After the intro we meet the host which is Blue Text. He gives a warm welcome to everyone but then says to the viewers and contestants that they may be wondering, "Where's the announcer? He's always the host!" Blue Text says he got him fired and then reveals he was just kidding and how he thought this was a better way to communicate rather then using dopey text boxes from the speaker announcer. He then says sorry if the timing speed is too slow or too fast for when he talks in text. He then says he will try to make the best excuse at all costs and then says that the viewers and contestants can still pause the video as well. he then says about the basic information he will explain and if anyone doesn't want to hear it he will put an annotation when you skip it, 'In the description he reveals he lied about that and laughs a little'. He then gets to the information, first off names. If anyone changes their youtube name they should notify him or else he will get confused. Second the information of tokens he then talks of the information of the tokens people could get and use which are a Win Token, Immunity Token, Revenge Token, Double Token, Poo Token, and Golden Token. Blue Text then reveals some guidelines which are...



#1- When sending him a PM, don't advertise or swear in the PM, it's not necessary.

#2- Don't cheat.

#3- Don't rig votes, it's not a good thing.

And lastly Blue Text gets to confessionals. To PM him, please go to his about page on his channel and message him, as comments are used for COMMENTING, not challenges and not voting. Blue Text then gives a message to Roboty, "Who is played by Ni Nao Guylan, the man who made Battle For Space Palace!", and says that some of the challenges here will be based off his camp, which he is a huge fan of it and he still is :P. Blue Text then says that confessionals will be taken between Results and Eliminations, and when we get to the halfway mark, he will allow confessionals between Challenges and Results. Anyway, with all the information out of the way, he announces the first challenge or job as said in the video is to build him a house to temporarily live in, since we was walking on his day about to host the camp when he realized, he's homeless! Now he needs the contestants to either decrease or draw a house for him to live in, and he will rate it, the best 6 contestants to do it will be the team captains, and will get to choose the teams, and also get Win Tokens/Immunity Tokens. The Challenge is due on June 20th, 2016 at 2:00pm EST. Blue Text then ends by saying Good Bye and Good Luck to everyone, and then the episode itself ends by fading away in black.


The episode begins with Blue Text saying welcome back and explaining the challenge the contestants were to do. Out of the 51 people, it is revealed that 41 people didn't do the challenge and get a strike. Blue Text then says it is pretty sad since they all did sign up for the camp. Blue Text then says the confessionals will be shown only before eliminations, but he will let them slide since it is the first camp video, and to be reminded this is a privilege for this episode. The confessionals seen were made by Cloudy, Dictionary, Non-existy, David, and Rocky. Before displaying the results, Blue Text says that Marker informed him that Basketball can't send PMs, so until further notice, he is excused and then tells the contestants DO NOT do the challenge for Basketball and thanks them. Blue Text then updates the tokens, first by adding the Vinna Token and then updating the Golden Token along with making an example of it. Blue Text then lets everybody know that he drew the houses himself BASED on what/how the users described to him (some images what they presented are shown). He then says to don't go raging in the comments "WHY IS THIS HOUSE 'GOOD'? IT SUCKS!" and thanks everybody and finally shows the results we have been waiting for! The following are the contestants that did the challenge and what score they got out of 10.

Ice Cube: 7/10

Rocky: 4/10

Tennis Ball: 9/10

Marker: 10/10



David: 5/10

Balloony; 8/10

Dictionary: 7/10

Non-Existy: 6/10

Coiny: 5/10

Flower: 10/10

Now this is the ranking they did in the challenge:

What Place They got Contestant YouTube User
1st Marker Dragon skater7
2nd Flower Robloxer2016
3rd Tennis Ball PugGamerYT
4th Balloony Lucas Brazil
5th Dictionary THE GAMING ALL-STAR
6th Ice Cube EEE Fan
7th Non-Existy ATrueCountdown
8th Coiny Spen10
9th David FireySpeakerBox
10th Rocky Maric28Studios

Since Marker, Flower, Tennis Ball, Balloony, Dictionary, and Ice Cube got the highest scores, they become the team captains and get a Win Token and Immunity Token each. Using, the team captains will get their team names from the names from BFDI and BFSP, 'Since the creator of BFSP is in this camp', the following are the team captains team names.

Tennis Ball: Squashy Grapes

Ice Cube: Another Name

Marker: Squishy Cherries

Flower: Dopey Moons

Dictionary: Saturn Stars

Balloony: Supernova

After that, Blue Text then tells the team captains to please choose the other contestants to be on their team. By the way, the ones that were in the yellow zone there HAVE to be picked on the team captains teams otherwise it would cause another BORING camp episode about what will happen, no one wants that, and asks to please pick them, 'Along with saying he doesn't care who they pick on their teams'. For the rest of the people, there is ANOTHER challenge for the contestants, 'Not counting the team captains', that was submitted by Rocky (Maric28Studios). That challenge is a quiz, after the teams are assigned, the results will be revealed, and whoever gets the lowest score on the team will be eliminated. The questions have 9 answers using BFDI and one answer using Inanimate Insanity, PLEASE READ THE RED TEXT. Then the questions are revealed. It is said that you DO NOT WATCH THE EPISODES since it is cheating. The scores will be out of 10 which will be converted to be out of 100. The challenge ends on June 21st, 2016 at 5:00pm EST to do the challenge and for the team captains, they have until June 21st 2016 at 4:00pm EST to pick their team members. BlueText then wishes everyone goodbye and good luck, and then the episode ends by fading away into black.


The episode starts with a prologue by Optical saying he is sorry to the eliminated teamless contestants. The challenge ended and some team captains didn't pick them in time so they were randomly chosen to be eliminated and how hopefully they will rejoin or will be in season 2! He then gets to the camp video.

Blue Text welcomes everyone back to BFTIODI. Before ANYTHING happens, he apologies to the 41 contestants who did not do the challenge, 'Since he ended the challenge early some people didn't have a chance to do it'. After seeing doing that is wrong, he removes the strike from everyone and they bow have a clean slate. He then apologies to Balloony and Ruby, 'Balloony for putting him with the people who didn't do the challenge and Ruby since Ruby did the challenge but because of ending the challenge early Ruby's didn't count.' and promises no other camp video will have an original time and be changed for earlier. Also confessionals will be taken from anytime from now on. He then says that last time Tennis Ball, Marker, Ice Cube, Flower, Balloony, and Dictionary all improved him the most with their houses and became team captains. Before they get to the elimination, Blue Text gets to confessionals made by Tennis Ball, Ruby, Dictionary, Balloony, David, Non-existy, and Rocky. with confessionals out of the way, they get to the elimination area to find out who the team captains picked, along with an elimination theme!

Elimination 1

At the elimination area Blue Text tells everyone the teams they were picked on. Coins, Rocky, and Non-existy were picked on the Dopey Moons, which is nice since they did the last challenge. Ruby, Leafy, and Bubble are asked not to worry since they are on Another Name. Pen, Eraser, and Pin are chosen on the Squashy Grapes just as Roboty is chosen on the Dopey Moons. Blue Text then says to Balloony and Dictionary why they are here since they are team captains. and they leave. Fries and Bomby are put on Another Name, while Tennis Ball picked Fiery, Teardrop and Blocky on his team, and also Flower picked David, Match, and Pencil. Gelatin is then put on Another Name just as Needle and Snowball are put on Squashy Grapes. 25 contestants remain, only 3 will be eliminated while 22 will be safe. The next five people safe are Saw, Grassy, and Pillow on the Saturn Stars and Eggy and Pie on Supernova. Evil Leafy and Bell are then put on Another Name. Remote, Woody, and Nickel are then put on the Saturn Stars. Block and Barf Bag are picked by Dictionary, Cloudy is picked by Flower, and Tree and Spongy are picked by Balloony which leave only 9 people left. Blue Text then announces the first person eliminated is Golf Ball. It then occurs to Blue text his is miscalculated. Taco, Match, Gelatin (random), Blocky (random), and Clock (random) are put on Marker's team. The last 7 people consisting of Robot Flower, Dora, Fanny, Naily, TV, 8-Ball, Basketball will either be chosen by Balloony and Marker. TV, Naily, and Robot Flower are chosen as the final members of Balloony's team Supernova, which leaves Dora, Fanny, 8-Ball, and Basketball as the last people to be chosen or eliminated. Blue text announces the second person eliminated is Basketball. Fanny is then chosen on Marker's team, leaving only Dora and 8-Ball as the last ones to pick. Blue Text then says the last one safe and to go on Marker's team is.....Shockingly, Dora. This then eliminates 8-Ball, making the 3 people eliminated none other then 8-Ball, Basketball, and Golf Ball.

After the elimination, the teams are the following...

Dopey Moons: Coiny, David, Non-existy, Roboty, Flower, Pencil, Cloudy, and Rocky.

Saturn Stars: Barf Bag, Woody, Remote, Grassy, Dictionary, Pillow, Saw, and Nickel.

Supernova: Tree, Pie, TV, Robot Flower, Balloony, Eggy, Spongy, and Naily.

Another Name: Bomby, Ruby, Leafy, Ice Cube, Bubble, Bell, Fries, and Gelatin.

Squashy Grapes: Pin, Snowball, Pen, Tennis Ball, Needle, Teardrop, Fiery, and Eraser.

Squishy Cherries: Dora, Match, Taco, Blocky, Marker, Clock, Evil leafy, and Fanny.

With elimination and teams out of the way, blue Text ten gets to the results on the quiz challenge last episode. The people who did not do the challenge are then given an OFFICIAL STRIKE and listed there and will get 0/10 for their team, anyway they get to the results from A-Z, which are the following...



Barf Bag: 40/100

Bomby: 70/100

Bubble 0/100

Cloudy: 30/100

Coiny 50/100

David: 20/100

Non-Existy: 60/100

Pie: 30/100

Remote: 70/100

Rocky: 10/100

Ruby: 50/100

These are the scores from best to worst...

What Place They Got Contestant YouTube User
1st Bomby Gaming Guys
2nd Remote gavin crosby
3rd Non-Existy ATrueCountdown
4th Coiny Spen10
5th Ruby nnaeto Nwafor
6th Barf Bag LDMcFalls1
7th Cloudy WorlddanGo
8th Pie Gogo67ify
9th David FireySpeakerBox
10th Rocky Maric28Studios
11th Bubble gozillafan2000

Since Bomby and Remote got the highest scores they both get a win token. Blue Text then says its time to add the scores for each team to see who is up for elimination...

Dopey Moons: 170/800

Another Name: 120/800

Saturn Stars: 110/800

Supernova: 30/800

Squashy Grapes: 0/800 UFE

Squishy Cherries: 0/800 UFE

Because they both got 0/800 in the results, the Squashy Grapes and Squishy Cherries are BOTH up for elimination, 'Optical originally wasn't going to do this but since they both tied with the lowest score they are both up for elmination.' blue Text then says everyone might be asking if this is a double elimination? No, unless he says it is, if two or more teams are up for elimination, it will still be a single elimination. Blue Text then tells everyone to vote in PM for someone in the crowd to be eliminated, regardless if you are a contestant or no, you can vote until the deadline: June 24th, 2016. 2:00pm EST. Blue text then says to vote just as the episode fades to black and ends.


The episode begins with Blue text welcoming everyone back. Before anything else starts he wants to say that he has summer vacation now so he will be more active. He then says that Balloony made a wiki page of the camp, 'the one your reading right now', and puts its link in the description and says to go check it out. Blue Text then says that some sprites will be changed next episode and gives everyone a sneak peak them. Blue Text then says of what happened last time by telling everyone the Squishy Cherries and Squashy grapes got up for elimination that they are about to get to, but first shows confessionals. The confessionals were made by Bubble, Ice Cube, David, Bomby, Saw, Ruby, Dictionary, Flower, Rocky, Balloony, Coiny, Barf Bag, and Pie. Blue Text then says that now since confessionals are out of the way, it is time to go to the elimination.



Elimination 2

Blue Text welcomes everyone to the elimination and say that since nobody there did the challenge, both of their teams are up for elimination. Blue Text then says that they got 12 votes. Tennis Ball and Marker are safe due to the fact Blue Text forgot to include them in the elimination group last time so no one thought of to vote them but they are still safe along with being lucky. The next people safe with 0 votes are Teardrop, Clock, Fiery, and Pin so they all get cake. Everyone with cake then leaves. Needle, Blocky, and Snowball also got 0 votes and get cake. Eraser and Match both only got 1 vote but they still get cake, Sam also got 1 vote, whoever Sam is. Everyone who has cake leaves. Dora, Taco, Evil Leafy, and Fanny remain but only 3 slices of cake remain. Fanny and Taco are safe with only 1 vote each and get cake each. Evil Leafy and Dora are the last ones that remain with only 1 slice of cake left. The last slice of cake goes to Evil Leafy who got only 2 votes while Dora is eliminated with 5 votes. Dora got the most votes since some people disliked the fact that Dora was chosen over 8-Ball which got him eliminated, and because of that, Dora was eliminated, goodbye.

With the elimination out of the way, the next challenge is to pick a number between 1 and 700. Since the challenge is so simple just to pick a number, the challenge ends Sunday, June 26th, 2016 and the episode ends there.


The episode first begins with David talking to Rocky and giving Rocky a question which is, "Why are you so PUNNY? huh-HA!" Because of that, David is set on fire by something unknown and cries saying that he didn't do anything wrong. Blue Text then decides thats enough of those two and the screen heads back to him. Blue Text welcomes everyone back and explains what happened last time. Blue text then reveals some announcements. First is that Marker quit so he is up for re-sign ups. Second is that Tennis Ball wanted to trade Teardrop for Blocky earlier in 1B but he avoided it so now Teardrop is on the Squishy Cherries and Blocky is on the Squashy Grapes. Thirdly and Finally, some of the contestants sprites have been changed, the lucky winners of the sprite changes were Balloony, Snowball, Flower, Pillow, Naily, Eraser, Saw, Pie, Marker, Dictionary, Taco, Fanny, Tree and TV so he congratulates them. Confessionals are then shown made by Dictionary, Needle, Pencil, Bubble, Rocky, David, Tree, Pie, Tennis Ball, and Non-existy. The results are then started. It is revealed that the 700 numbers were actually of the 700 of 722 Pokemon! So whoever has the highest ranking by Blue Text wins. The strikes are then shown. Now the following are the results.....

What place they got Score Contestant YouTube User
1st 10/10 Cloudy WorldanGo
2nd 10/10 Dictionary THE GAMING ALL-STAR
3rd 9/10 Balloony Lucas Brazil
4th 9/10 Flower Robloxer2016
5th 8/10 Needle BFDI Bubble
6th 8/10 Robot Flower pharrell6365319
7th 8/10 Saw puncrafter57
8th 8/10 Tree Retzyn
9th 7/10 David FireySpeakerBox
10th 7/10 Non-existy ATrueCountdown
11th 7/10 Pencil Nicky Daggs
12th 7/10 Pie Gogo67ify
13th 6/10 Barf Bag LDMcFalls1
14th 6/10 Bomby Gaming Guys
15th 5/10 Bubble gozillafan2000
16th 5/10 Coiny Spen10
17th 5/10 Gelatin TwinBladez
18th 4/10 Ice Cube EEE Fan
19th 4/10 Ruby Swegkilla
20th 4/10 Snowball JerkSnowball

Because they got the highest scores in the challenge, Cloudy and Dictionary get a Win Token each. The following are the scores for each team...



Dopey Moons: 45/80

Supernova: 32/80

Another Name: 24/80

Saturn Stars: 18/80

Squashy Grapes: 12/80

Squishy Cherries: 6/80 UFE

Since they got the lowest score, the Squishy Cherries are up for elimination again, "except for Marker who is up for re-sign ups. So Match, Taco, Teardrop, Clock, Evil Leafy, and Fanny are up for elimination. Blue Text tells them, regardless they are contestants or not, to vote in PM not comments. Voting ends on Tuesday June 28th, 2016 at 3:30pm EST. Blue text then wishes everyone goodbye and good luck and the episode ends.


The episode begins with Blue Text welcoming everyone back. Blue Text then says the announcement of Marker, "As Marker's user quite last episode and now a new user has taken him", since Marker has a new user he is no longer a team captain and that Taco, "if he/she isn't eliminated", is the new team captain since the new user for Marker wasn't the original team captain. Blue text then says what happened last time and then it is time for the elimination but of course he has confessionals so he first shows them. The confessionals were made by Remote, Robot Flower, Bubble, Pie, Snowball, and Balloony. the elimination then happens...



Elimination 3

Blue Text welcomes everyone from the Squishy Cherries to the elimination and also welcomes them to their second elimination in a row. Their were 8 votes total. Blue Text then announce the people with zero votes are Clock, Taco, and Teardrop. This leaves Match, Evil Leafy, and Fanny as the final 3 and the ones who got votes. Fanny is safe with only 1 vote, leaving Match and Evil Leafy as the final 2. Blue text then tells Evil Leafy that this is their second time being in the bottom 2 and asks if their getting used to it. Blue Text then announces the last person safe is.....Evil Leafy who got 3 votes while Match is eliminated with 4 votes. Blue text then tells Match he can't really find a reason on why 4 people voted for her but his only guess is that 2 of them voted on her based on her character, regardless of that, she is still eliminated and he says goodbye.

With the elimination out of the way, Blue Text announces that the next challenge, "as well as being unoriginal", is to come up with a challenge. Blue Text was about to come up with a challenge when he transformed into MePhone and made everything filler. Now he has no available challenges available to make and he needs the remaining 46 contestants to PM him a great challenge idea. Blue Text then tells everyone the winner of the challenge will have their challenge as the next challenge! In smaller text below he says that everyone must be thinking and saying, "wow omg that's sooo unoriginal you just copied from TWOW!!!", so he made that small text about that. Blue text then says that the next slide is a reminder of who's on what team and then shows it showing the teams right now. He then says that the winner will not only get a win token for creating the best challenge but also wins for their team! So until July 1st, 2016, 2:30pm EST, send in confessionals, do the challenge, and do whatever any of the remaining contestants wants and then tells everyone including the contestants and he will see them next time and says goodbye and good luck and the episode ends.


The episode begins with Blue text welcoming everyone back to BFTIODI. Blue Text then explains what happened last time at the elimination and what the challenge was. Blue Text then thanks everyone for 10,000 video views and 85 subscribers! and announces a new Sparta Remix will be made to accommodate that. Blue Text then apologizes for putting Bell on Supernova instead of Another Name last episode since it was, "twas a mistake". Before getting to results, he then shows confessionals. The confessionals were made by Bubble, Pie, Tree, Snowball, Ruby, Ice Cube, Dictionary, Cloudy, Tennis Ball, Rocky, and David. Out of the remaining 46 contestants, 31 contestants didn't do the challenge which makes Blue Text sad. Blue Text then shows the other 15 contestants challenge results, which are the following...

What place they got Score Contestant YouTube User
1st 10/10 Balloony Lucas Brazil
2nd 10/10 David FireySpeakerBox
3rd 9.99/10 Snowball JerkSnowball
4th 7/10 Cloudy WorldanGo
5th 7/10 Ice Cube EEE Fan
6th 6/10 Pie Gogo67ify
7th 4/10 Bomby Gaming Guys
8th 4/10 Tree Retzyn
9th 3/10 Bubble gozillafan2000
10th 3/10 Dictionary THE GAMING ALL-STAR
11th 2/10 Tennis Ball PugGamerYT
12th 2/10 Remote Gavin Crosby
13th 1/10 Marker RUS5!AN BACON!
14th 1/10 Rocky Maric28Studios
15th 0/10 Ruby Swegkilla

Because Balloony and David tied with 10/10 each, Blue Text uses a spin wheel to determine who will win the challenge. The winner of the tiebreaker wheel was.....Balloony. Since Balloony won over David his challenge will be the one to be next episode along with getting a Win Token. This means that Balloony's team, Supernova has won the challenge. And because Ruby got the lowest score on her team, her entire team is up for elimination! Blue Text then tells Ruby that they just screwed over their entire team.

Blue Text then says to vote either Gelatin, Bubble, Ruby, Ice Cube, Bomby, Leafy, and Fries to be eliminated. Anyone watching the episode can vote but only if they make sure they vote in PMs and not comments/ Voting ends on the 4th of July, America Time: 10:00am EST. Blue Text says Goodbye and Good Luck to everybody as the video fades out, ending the episode.


The episode begins with Blue Text welcoming everyone back to the camp. Blue text explains of what happened last time when Balloony won and made his team win while Ruby lost and made her team lose. But before Blue Text gets to the elimination, he must first show all the confessionals. The confessionals were made by Ruby, Bubble, Rocky, David, Fanny, and Non-Existy who blew up the confessional room. Since Non-Existy blew up the confessional room, Blue text must now rebuild it and then proceeds to the elimination...



Elimination 4

Blue text welcomes everyone on Another Name to the elimination. Blue text starts the elimination by telling everyone they got 9 votes. Blue text tells Bell that he forgot to put him in the elimination crowd last time but regardless Bell still managed to receive 1 vote but is still safe nonetheless. The people safe with 0 votes are Ice Cube, Bubble, Bomby, and Gelatin. This leaves Fries, Ruby, and Leafy as the Bottom 3! Blue Text then says that they got at least 2 votes. Blue text then reveals that 2 of them got 2 votes and 1 of them got 4 votes. The final 2 people safe from being eliminated are..........Fries and Leafy while Blue text announces Ruby is eliminated. Even though Ruby did the challenge unlike Fries and Leafy, the reason she was eliminated is since she failed the challenge which cause her team to get put up for elimination and because of that, she got the most votes so she is eliminated.

Blue Text then announces that the next challenge is a story challenge, by of course, Balloony. The rules are the following...

  1. The story has to involve the contestants object, such as since Balloony is Balloony, Balloony must be in the story.
  2. The story must involve at least 2 people, such as Rocky and Marker.

As usual, the challenge must be in PM not comments, but you could also make a video instead of PM but you must comment saying you are making a video and not doing PM. The story could be about anything such as chatting or trying to fix something like a friendship going bad or relationship that's not doing great.

Once again the challenge will be ranked by whoever wins will win for their team and the person with the worst score will cause their team to be UFE. The challenge ends on July 7th, 2016 at 2:00pm CST. Blue text then laughs possibly since it is Central Standard Time instead of Eastern Standard Time as usual. The episode then fades away as it ends.


The episode begins with Blue Text welcoming everyone back. Blue Text explains what happens last time at the elimination and the challenge. Blue Text then shows everyone who didn't do the challenge and tells everyone that if they don't do the next challenge, 21 of the remaining 45 contestants will be up for resign-ups.

Blue Text they says that the confessional room is still under construction maintenance, "Since Non-existy blew it up". Blue Text still says they can send him confessionals as he knows which one is for which each camp episode. Despite that, he announces that their will be no confessionals this episode. However, their is an estimated time for when the C.R. should be repaired.

Blue Text then says that when he said whoever wins wins for their team and whoever has the worst score will cause their team to be up for elimination, he announces he lied, turns out, that method is broken, since it literally enforces not doing the challenge, because you have a chance of being safe if you don't do the challenge. Blue Text then chows the challenge results, which are the following...

What place they got Score Contestant YouTube User
1st 10/10 David FireySpeakerBox
2nd 9/10 Cloudy WorldanGo
3rd 8/10 Non-existy ATrueCountdown
4th 7/10 Fanny SweptonianTribe
5th 6/10 Balloony Lucas Brazil
6th 6/10 Ice Cube EEE Fan
7th 6/10 Tree Retzyn
8th 5/10 Rocky Maric28Studios
9th 5/10 Saw puncrafter57
10th 4/10 Bubble gozillafan2000
11th 1/10 Tennis Ball PugGamerYT
12th 0/10 Dictionary THE GAMING ALL-STAR

Bubble asks why their is no drumroll, "Since Blue Text usually does it", to which Blue text replies Budget Cuts. Blue Text then shows the stories completely like a drumroll, but not close enough to read the stories.

Anyway, Originally, since he lied, The Dopey Moons win and The Squishy Grapes lose, if not the DMs STILL win but Dictionary's team would be UFE right now. Blue Text then says to vote either Eraser, Fiery, Pin, Needle, Tennis Ball, Snowball, Blocky, and Pen by Sunday of 12:00am EST to be eliminated. Once again, anyone can vote, just make sure it's in PM, not comments. Blue Text then announces to everyone that he is thankful for finally gaining 100 subscribers, and tells everyone Good Bye and Good Luck as the episode ends.


Blue Text welcomes everyone back and then explains what happened last time. Blue text then wants to point out that he hopes everyone likes the new intro, even though their was minor improvements he hopes they still like it.Blue text then says that last episode he forgot token giving. Fanny, Cloudy, and Non-Existy get one win token and David gets 2 win tokens. Finally the Confessional Room is fixed and improved and he will now display the confessionals. The confessionals were made by Bubble, David, Golf Ball "even though she is eliminated", Rocky "Who gets the Quagmire song", Tree, Balloony, Pencil, and Fanny. With nothing else to occur, Blue Text decides to do the elimination, but suddenly he explodes without reason. Everyone wonders who will host now when suddenly, TV says he will host. TV then gets to the elimination...



Elimination 5

At the elimination TV welcomes everyone and says they were apparently up for elimination. TV then says that they don't have a cake so they will pretend. TV says they got 8 votes. TV announces the first people safe with 0 votes are Pen, Needle, Blocky, and Eraser who then get off the podiums. TV then says the rest of them got at least 1 vote and announces that Fiery and Snowball are safe at 1 vote. Pin and Tennis Ball remain and TV announces that they both got 3 votes and in the event of a tie the person who got their votes first is eliminated and announces the final person safe is Pin. TV says sorry to Tennis Ball but since he got the lowest score on his team he has been eliminated.

TV then says that he needs to come up with a challenge and says the next challenge is Spinninguess. In this challenge you go to the wheel randomizer and enter in all the numbers in the English Alphabet. TV says to PM the numbers they got which in turn will become letters in the Alphabet. For example if TV randomized it and got, "AK" the closer you get to your actual object's name the more points you get and vice versa. The challenge might be hard so if anyone wants to be excused they must give a normal excused reason, not, "this is too hard", and thanks everyone. Also anyone who has never did a challenge, "including himself", and does not do this one will be up for resign-ups, and the camp will temporarily be delayed until all spots are full. Finally, when you go to the wheel randomizer you must spin it on how many letters are in your name, "for example TV is 2 letters so TV would spin it 2 times". The closer everyone is to their objects name the more points they get. The challenge ends Thursday July 14th, 2016 at 4:00pm EST. TV finally wishes everyone goodbye and good luck and hopefully Blue Text will come back and the episode ends.


The episode begins with TV wondering when Blue Text will come back cause it is time for the next camp episode. Blue Text then comes out of the Master Recovery Center and wonders what happened and Saw answers that he randomly exploded in the last episode. Blue Text then suddenly worries cause of the elimination and wonders who was eliminated. TV announces he was temporary host and TB was eliminated in a tie breaker. Blue Text is then OUTRAGED and says that Pin was supposed to be eliminated, "possibly since she never did one challenge while Tennis Ball did". Pin is shocked by this and takes out an AK-47 and says she has had enough of this camp and tells Blue Text to meet his end. Blue Text screams for someone to save him when suddenly Pin passes out due to a reaction and regardless must be put in the USB. Pen is confused since that is not the eliminated place for contestants and how she is too big to be put in a USB. Blue Text says USB means Ultra Secure Bubble. Blue Text then says on how Pin is now awake to which Pin responds on how she will kill him. Blue Text then says she will now go to The Elimination Bin. Pin says on how she will get her revenge on everyone. Blue text says whatever and that the bubble is unpoppable. Pin is then put in the elimination bin. Meanwhile Tennis Ball is sad that he is in the TEB when suddenly a least hits him and transports him out of the TEB, which makes him happy.



Blue Text then finally welcomes everyone back to BFTIODI and explains what happened last time. Blue Text then says that only 12 contestants did the challenge while 2 were excused, "Tree and Bubble did the challenge too but they did it incorrectly", which is still pretty sad. Blue Text then shows who didn't do the challenge. Everyone who never did the challenges are now up for resign-ups and now anyone can comment or PM me what position they want. He will list team members everyone is on and what spots are left in the description and then says sorry to all the active people, the next episode may be out longer then 3 days.

Before getting to the results, and hopefully not explode again, Blue Text shows confessionals. The confessionals were made by David, Pie, Tree, Remote, Bubble, Non-existy, Bomby, Cloudy, and Ice Cube. With confessionals done with, Blue Text then shows the results, which are the following...

What place they got Score Contestant YouTube User
1st 17/28 Gelatin TwinBladez
2nd 18/32 Snowball JerkSnowball
3rd 13/24 Cloudy WorldanGo
4th 10/20 Coiny Spen10
5th 10/20 Rocky Maric28Studios
6th 9/20 Fanny SweptonianTribe
7th 17/40 Dictionary THE GAMING ALL-STAR
8th 13/32 Non-existy ATrueCountdown
9th 8/20 Bomby Gaming Guys
10th 11/32 Balloony Lucas Brazil
11th 8/24 Remote Gavin Crosby
12th 0/12 Pie Gogo67ify

Blue Text then converts the results to see which team won and which team lost. The Squishy Cherries win while Supernova lost, which surprises him since he unintentionally predicted this. Anyone on Supernova who is up for resign-ups has immunity while the rest are up for elimination. So Blue Text asks everyone to vote either Tree, Robot Flower, Pie, or Balloony to be eliminated and tells them to votes by the time resign-ups are full, hopefully by next week. Until resign-ups are full everyone can take a break from challenges and whatnot, and once again tells everyone to vote one of these people. Anyone can vote even the people that are up for elimination, and even vote for themselves. So until he can announce that all the spots are full, Blue Text tells everyone to just vote and wishes them later as the episode ends.

Elimination Table

Legend Meaning
Squashy Grapes This contestant is a member of the Squashy Grapes.
Squishy Cherries This contestant is a member of the Squishy Cherries.
Another Name This contestant is a member of Another Name.
Dopey Moons This contestant is a member of the Dopey Moons.
Saturn Stars This contestant is a member of the Saturn Stars.
Supernova This contestant is a member of Supernova.
Teamless This contestant isn't a member of any team.
WIN This contestant/contestant's team has won the challenge.
LOSE This contestant/contestant's team has lost the challenge.
SAFE This contestant/contestant's team lost the challenge and were UFE, but this contestant was safe from elimination.
DANGER This contestant/contestant's team lost the challenge and were UFE, but this contestant was the last safe from elimination.
DNP This contestant did not participate in the challenge by themselves.
IN This contestant/contestant's team won last episode, so nothing happens to them.
ELIMINATED This contestant/contestant's team lost the challenge and were UFE. They got the most votes and where eliminated.
User 1

Above: This contestant's former user.

Below: This contestant's newer user.

User 2
Team 1

Above: This contestant's former team.

Below: This contestant's newer team.

Team 2
SAFE/WIN Exclusive to 1C. This contestant was chosen to be safe in one of the teams and said team won.
SAFE/LOSE Exclusive to 1C. This contestant was chosen to be safe in one of the teams and said team lost.
Contestant User Team 1B 1C 2A 2B 3A
Balloony Lucas Brazil Supernova WIN WIN IN WIN IN
Barf Bag LDMcFalls1 Saturn Stars DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Bell Gia Bao Phan Doung Another Name DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Blocky mercyjustin Squishy Cherries DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE WIN IN
Squashy Grapes
Bomby Gaming Guys Another Name DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Bubble gozillafan2000 Another Name DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Clock Secret Bob Squishy Cherries DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE LOSE SAFE
Cloudy WorldanGo Dopey Moons DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Coiny Spen10 Dopey Moons LOSE SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
David FireySpeakerBox Dopey Moons LOSE SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Eggy MarioJumpman Supernova DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Eraser Asriel Dreemurr Squashy Grapes DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE WIN IN
Evil Leafy Ocheerthecat1987 :3 Squishy Cherries DNP SAFE/LOSE DANGER LOSE DANGER
Fanny SweptonianTribe Squishy Cherries DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE LOSE SAFE
Flower Robloxer2016 Dopey Moons WIN WIN IN WIN IN
Firey TroyGamingYT Squashy Grapes DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE WIN IN
Fries Joebrotwink Another Name DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Gelatin TwinBladez Another Name DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Grassy Ngoc Mai Nguyen Thi Saturn Stars DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Ice Cube EEE Fan Another Name WIN WIN IN WIN IN
Leafy Justin Anzziani Another Name DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Marker Dragon skater7 Squishy Cherries WIN LOSE SAFE LOSE IM
Naily SapphireKnight Supernova DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Needle BFDI Bubble Squashy Grapes DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE WIN IN
Nickel Jayden Galipo Saturn Stars DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Non-existy ATrueCountdown Dopey Moons LOSE SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Pen ThatGrassyDude Squashy Grapes DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE WIN IN
Pencil Nicky Daggs Dopey Moons DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Pie Gogo67ify Supernova DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Pillow LogiTechyGamesNite Saturn Stars DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Pin mytenbaby Squashy Grapes DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE WIN IN
Remote Gavin Crosby Saturn Stars DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Robotty Ni Hao Guylan Dopey Moons DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Robot Flower pharrell6365319 Supernova DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Rocky Maric28Studios Dopey Moons LOSE SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Ruby Swegkilla Another Name DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Saw puncrafter57 Saturn Stars DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Snowball JerkSnowball Squashy Grapes DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE WIN IN
Spongy Filthy Anon Trash Supernova DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Taco Anniston Winston Squishy Cherries DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE LOSE SAFE
Teardrop ObjectBingoOfficial Squashy Grapes DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE LOSE SAFE
Squishy Cherries
Tennis Ball PugGamerYT Squashy Grapes WIN LOSE SAFE WIN IN
Tree Retzyn Supernova DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
TV JackK8654 Supernova DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Woody Gem Tech Legs Saturn Stars DNP SAFE/WIN IN WIN IN
Match TheEmeraldAvatar Squishy Cherries DNP SAFE/LOSE SAFE LOSE ELIMINATED
Dora Drawingislifewithamouse555 Squishy Cherries DNP SAFE/LOSE ELIMINATED
8-Ball Dubbie AAMiner Teamless DNP ELIMINATED
Basketball Roxan Morris Teamless DNP ELIMINATED
Golf Ball Donald Trump EpiMine Center Teamless DNP ELIMINATED

Contestant Gallery

Contestants Assets:

Token Gallery:

Win Token: Eliminates half of your votes when your up for elimination/Handed out for every challenge.

Immunity Token: Eliminates all your votes when up for elimination/Handed out for every 5 challenges.

Revenge Token: If you use this token, HALF of your votes go to the selected player of your choice. Pretty useful/Handed out when Optical wants to hand them out. (Less rare for being handed out than DTs, PTs, and GTs).

Double Token: This token lets you vote TWICE. So if you have two contestants still in the game. This token is VERY effective/Handed out when Optical wants to hand them out.

Poo Token: The Poo Token is just like the Revenge Token. Except, instead of HALF of your votes going to the contestant of your choice, it will remove ALL of your votes, then give those votes to another person of your choice. It's also risky/Handed out when Optical wants to hand them out.

Vinna Token: Basically, when you use this token, PM Optical on who you want to use it on and THEY will have to do the challenge FOR you! This token will VERY rarely be handed out. So keep your eyes peeled as it may happen at any time.

Golden Token: This token, when used, will automatically eliminate a contestant of your choice, However if you use it on a team member, it won't count. It will then prevent you from doing the next challenge if you use it the previous challenge. However, you will STILL be up for elimination as if you normally didn't do the challenge, which is the catch for it. However, it will not count as a strike.

Episode Mistakes

In the Sign-Up video, it says in the title their is 50 spots, however, when counting it is discovered that their is 51 contestants, mistakes by Optical possibly since Gelatin is included with the original BFDI characters and BFDI RC Characters from episode 18.

In episode 1B, when it shows the 41 people who didn't do the challenge, it shows Balloony with them, even though he was one of the 10 that actually did the challenge. Later when it shows the people to pick for the winner's team, Balloony is once again with them.

In episode 3A, When it shows the teams after elimination, Bell is on Supernova instead of Another Name.

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