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Battle For Silent Forest is a camp created by Mewtwospetwolf. This camp contains BFDI and II characters. Mewtwo made this camp because a forest with northern lights is where he likes being the most.

Episode 1

First challenge was to come out with the team name and two best one will be a team captains.

The winners of this challenge was Nickel (zmanracer) with name "Dark Pixels" and Golf Ball (BeAwesomeOne2)  with name "Furlings". As the winners they can choose they teammates and person that will not be chosen will be eliminated.
BFSF Camp 1B

BFSF Camp 1B

Episode 2

Nickel and Golf Ball choose their teams which results Firey being eliminated from the competition. The next challenge is to PM mewtwospetwolf as fast as possible. The first team who get their five members first will wins the challenge. At the end, The Dark Pixels won this challenge 5:1 which means that The Furlings are up for elimination.

BFSF Camp 2A

BFSF Camp 2A

Team picking

BFSF Camp 2B

BFSF Camp 2B


Episode 3

The Furlings were up for elimination but only 3 people receive votes. At the end Rocky was eliminated with 5 votes because nobody knew his user that well, and he deleted Mewtwo's other account. The next challenge is to make a montage for the character that user owns and the winner will get PSP The Debuter from Mewtwospetwolf's Objects Show on their team. Golf Ball was the only one that did the challenge, which means that The Furlings wins PSP and The Dark Pixels are up for elimination

BFSF Camp 3A

BFSF Camp 3A

BFSF Camp 3B

BFSF Camp 3B

Episode 4

YinYang, Banana, and Rubber Ball got votes. In the end YinYang was eliminated due to his user being friesfan7844. The next challenge was to PM Mewtwo as many times as possible with the team with the highest total replies gets immunity.

Current Table


Character Youtube Username Team
TBA Nickel zmanracer The Dark Pixels
TBA Paintbrush DeeandEd The Dark Pixels
TBA Leafy Ben1178 The Dark Pixels
TBA Lightbulb ShinyStoutland The Dark Pixels
TBA Bouncy Ball joshytje5 The Dark Pixels
TBA Banana Ben Croteau The Dark Pixels
TBA Golf Ball BeAwesomeOne2 The Furlings
TBA Teardrop Roston11 The Furlings
TBA Pen rj3ful1 The Furlings
TBA Coiny chimchar279 The Furlings
TBA Grassy Inferenapaney2 The Furlings
TBA Ice Cube gamecity12 The Furlings
13th Yin-Yang friesfan7844 The Dark Pixels
14th Rocky ArmyOfEnder The Furlings
15th Firey RingoBingo1510 N/A
Didn't get in PSP Flemming Pettersen N/A
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