The host of BFRI


BFRI 1A "Puffball's The Host Get Over It"

A camp by SuperNin10. It has 32 contestants.Contestants are the 30 BFDI recommended characters and 2 OCs and a OT contestant


Contestant/User Place Team/Points Votes
Marker/Destoyer1435 38th TEAMLESS 0
Pillow/Jovan Casanova 37th Team Roboty QUIT
TV/CJ MacCool* 36th Team TV** 0 (Golden Token used, victim)
Bell/mojoguy109 35th Team Roboty 5
Pie/Esden Grohe Rejoin in 5a "Mafia Tiem" Team TV 3
Robot Flower/ADAMGOGLE UKNOWNOTHING 34th Team Roboty 4
Fire Token/kobe56299 33rd Team TV 2
Fanny/Austin Harris 32nd Team TV 2
Eggy/stomanth89 31st

Team Roboty***



30th Team Roboty* 1
Clock/Esden Grohe 29th MERGE 3
  • - Person was team captain and eliminated, spot forfeited
    • - Now is Team 8-Ball
      • - Now is Team Ruby

Challenge 1

The first challenge to determine the three team captains.

So far, 6 contestants have done the challenge. :(

TV, Roboty and Barf Bag all won.

Elimination 1

Marker was deemed teamless

I dont know why

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