Campfire: There is lava on the ground! I thought this was a kiddies' obstacle course! Wait a minute, I'm used to fire.

Australia Flag: That's supposed to make it more challenging, mate.

Rubik's Cube: Help me! I'm about to sink!

Campfire: I've got you.

S'more: I'm back evewybody! owo

Campfire: I thought you ran off crying. 

S'more: *Runs off crying again*

Campfire: I just said I thought you ran off crying! 

   Meanwhile at the adults' obstacle course,

Protein Bar: I can beat you, Thanos! I'm faster AND stronger than you are!

Thanos: Shut up. I'm smaller, stronger AND quicker than you are!


Protein Bar: That's right Yoghurt! I am stronger than Thanos!

Yoghurt: C'est Madame Yoghurt.

Thanos: No! She said that I'm stronger than you!

Yoghurt: Obtenez ces muscles chocolatés de mon visage! (Translation: Get those chocolatey muscles out of my face!)

Protein Bar: Oh no! The finish line is miles away! And we only have 5 Minutes left! See ya never, Thanos! *Runs off*

Thanos: *Autistic screeching*

Australia Flag: Time's up! And the winner is Protein Bar.

        Meanwhile at the Kiddies' obstacle course...

Rubik's Cube: Shouldn't you kind of apologise to S'more?

Campfire: Why? I said to her that I thought she ran off crying.

Rubik's Cube: I know, but, she's only 6! And you're her crush!

Campfire: You're kinda embarrassing me. And I'm 7.

Rubik's Cube: I am too. I know, but....

Australia Flag: Time's up! Well, there isn't a winner so I'm just gonna pick a random one. S'more wins! 

S'more: Yay! :3

Campfire: Wha...?

Rubik's Cube: Well, at least she's happy now. 

Australia Flag: Alright mates, next challenge. Everybody get into your groups! The next challenge will be swimming. Outside!

Protein Bar: Outside? The sun will roast me! 

Thanos: Then that will make me the strongest contestant on Battle For Pain! *Laughs evilly*

Protein Bar: No it won't. I'll be alive again in the next part! 

Australia Flag: Oh yeah, and for the kiddies, a paddling pool!

Campfire: A paddling pool? The three of us can't fit in it! And the water will burn me.

Trollface: Yeah! What he said!

Australia Flag: Yes, but I don't want the youngest contestants to drown. Alright everybody, start swimming in 3, 2, 1, go!

S'more: I wove paddwing pools! But not as much as I wove Campfiwe! 

Rubik's Cube: Isn't that sweet? 

Campfire: Yeah, right. Less talking, more paddling! 

Australia Flag: Oh yeah, did I forget to mention, volleyballs will be thrown at you, mates. 

Yoghurt: Quel? *Volleyball bounces* Aie!

Protein Bar: Ouch! 

Thanos: Hey!

Campfire: This is useless! A paddling pool for the kiddies? Who does he think we are? Babies?!

Rubik's Cube: Yeah! We're not babies! 

Campfire: Rubik's Cube and I demand you to take the paddling pool away!

Australia Flag: No can do, mates. I don't want you two to drown in a big pool. Or burn. (The burning part is just for Campfire.)

Campfire: Ugh. 

S'more: I wove the paddwing pool! 

Australia Flag: That's the spirit, S'more! 

Yoghurt: Je détese cette piscine! L'eau est tellement salée! Mon pays a de meilleures piscines! (Translation: I hate this pool! The water is so salty! My country has better pools!) 

Protein Bar: That's right! I'm almost at the end of the pool! 

                  To be continued....

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