Rubik's Cube: Alright, Battle For Pain should be on this map somewhere....

Protein Bar: Hey, you! 

Rubik's Cube: Me?

Protein Bar: Battle For Pain is over!

Rubik's Cube: What?

Protein Bar: Battle For Pain is over! You missed it!

Rubik's Cube: Oh well. I'll just wait till tomorrow.

Protein Bar: Just kidding! I'm not a security guard! I'm going to compete in Battle For Pain! Battle For Pain hasn't started yet! It's only 6 A.M.

Rubik's Cube: Few! What's your name, anyway?

Protein Bar: I'm Protein Bar. Who are you?

Rubik's Cube: I'm Rubik's Cube. Your arms are huge.

Protein Bar: I know. I go to the gym everyday.

Rubik's Cube: But don't you ever get tired?

Protein Bar: No I don't.

Campfire: Hey, are you here for Battle For Pain?

Rubik's Cube: Yes I am. This is my first time competing in an object show.

Rubik's Cube: Hey, who's that cute little munchkin next to you?

Campfire: That's S'more. She just fell in love with me and now it's annoying.

Rubik's Cube: Hi S'more!

S'more: Hewwo! :3

Rubik's Cube: Hey, who are you?

Yoghurt: Ça ne vous concerene pas. (Translation: None of your business.)

Rubik's Cube: What?

Yoghurt: Ça ne vous concerene pas.

Rubik's Cube: It's very dark?

Yoghurt: *Facepalms* Ces éstrangers me dégoûtent. (Translation: These foreigners disgust me.)

Rubik's Cube: Yes, it is May.


Australia Flag: G'day mates, and welcome to Battle For Pain! It's an Object Show where objects play painful games to win €9,000 and an ambulance! 

Yoghurt: Qu'est ce que je fais ici? (Translation: What am I doing here?) 

Australia Flag: Say that again, mate?


Australia Flag: Yes. It is a fair dinkum day. Alright, let's start the teams.

Australia Flag: Okay. We're going to start the teams. I'm going to give you all 30 seconds to choose your teammates. GO!

Trollface: Alright, since I'm the only meme on this Object Show, I'm going to be the leader. Who should I pick? I know! I'll pick Protein Bar! 

Protein Bar: Yes!

Trollface: Alright, Protein Bar. Who are you gonna pick?

Protein Bar: Hmm... I'll pick Thanos! Cos I wanna see how strong he is!

Thanos: SHUT UP!

S'more: Hewwo! Can I be on youw team pwease?

Protein Bar: Sure you can!

S'more: Thank you vewy much! Campfire, can you be in my team?

Campfire: Why would I be in your team? I'm not gonna be in your team!

S'more: *Sobbing* 

Campfire: Okay fine, I will. Just kidding. I'm not.

                       After teammate picking....

Australia Flag: Has everyone finished choosing?

Everybody: Yes!

Australia Flag: Good. Now you're gonna start naming your teams. You have 30 seconds. GO!

Trollface: Alright, I'm the leader and I'm a meme so let's name our team, The Meme Team!

Protein Bar: Yes!

Campfire: Alright, we should name this team. Hey everybody, I'm gonna let you all in on a little secret. I like watching cringy object shows. So let's name our team, Team Cringy! 

Yoghurt: C'est une idée épouvantable. (Translation: That's a terrible idea.)

Campfire: You're right, that is a great idea!

Australia Flag: Times up! Has anybody finished naming?

Everybody: Yes!

Australia Flag: Okay, good. Now let's go on to the first challenge.

Australia Flag: Okay. Here's the first challenge. An obstacle course. I've built this obstacle course with a lot of dangerous things in it. You have to avoid saw blades, chainsaws and more things.

Campfire: Em... Are you sure S'more should be doing this? I mean she's only 6!

Australia Flag: Don't worry, mate. I made a version for the kiddies. You're gonna be doing it with S'more and Rubix Cube. 

S'more: Yay! I'm gonna be with Campfiwe! *Hugs Campfire*

Campfire: Please stop.

Australia Flag: On your marks, get set, GO! 

Protein Bar: Oh no! A giant saw blade is gonna land on me! Good thing I'm the strongest contestant on Battle For Pain!

Thanos: Oh no you aren't.

           Meanwhile at the Kiddies' obstacle course

S'more: Do you wike my new bow, Campfiwe?

Campfire: Yeah, yeah it's cute. Now can I continue?

S'more: Do you want a bow?

Campfire: No I don't.

S'more: That bow is vewy pwetty!


S'more: *Runs off crying*

Campfire: Oh well.

Rubik's Cube: Don't worry. She was getting kind of annoying anyway. 

                         To be continued....


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