This is the Halloween special of Battle For Pain.
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(Shows a house with lights on at night and the doorbell rings)

Australia Flag: *Opens door*

Kids: Trick-or-treat! 

Australia Flag: G'day mates, do you want some candy? 

Kid #1: Duh! That's what we came here for!

Australia Flag: How about my homemade vegemite-bites?

Kid #1: Vegemite? Eww! Vegetables on Halloween? I pass! C'mon, let's get out of here! 

Australia Flag: *Shuts door*

Meanwhile inside...

(Rubik's Cube, S'more and Campfire are sitting on a couch watching TV. S'more starts sleeping like a cat and purring next to Campfire.)

Campfire: Do you really have to do that, S'more? 

S'more: I'm a kitty kwat! meow! :3

Campfire: You're supposed to be scary. 

S'more: This is scawy! meow!

Protein Bar: Hey, why don't you guys go trick-or-treating?

Rubik's Cube: Yeah! Let's go!

Campfire: Fine. Whatever. 

S'more: Yay! meow! i'm a kitty kitty kwat! meow! me-

Campfire: OK! I GET IT! 

S'more: Sowwy!

(Campfire, S'more and Rubik's Cube walk out the door)

Protein Bar: Have fun! 

Campfire: Alright, where to first? 

Rubik's Cube: Well, I wrote a list of houses where we should trick-or-treat at this morning.

Campfire: Yeah but, what house should we trick-or-treat at first? 

Rubik's Cube: Let's see... Number one. A house full of characters from unused/cancelled object shows. *Rings doorbell*.

S'more, Campfire and Rubik's Cube: Trick-or-treat!

Bonbon: *Walks out the door wearing a bee costume*

Francey: No Bonbon, we don't walk out the door, we give the kids the candy! Sorry kids, she's very shy. She never spoke since she was born. 

Rubik's Cube: Hey, are you the host of Object Show? 

Francey: Yeah!

S'more: She weminds mwe of mwe wissy! :3

Francey: Does she? Okay.

Rubik's Cube: Alright, next house. *Rings doorbell*

S'more, Campfire and Rubik's Cube: Trick-or-treat!

Yoghurt: Qu'est-ce que vous voulez, trois pip-grincements? (Translation: What do you three pip-squeaks want?)

Campfire: Aren't you supposed to be at Australia Flag's house?

Yoghurt: Non. 

Campfire: Anyway, where's our candy? That's why we came here in the first place. 

Yoghurt: Alors tu veux des bonbons? (Translation: So you want candy?)

Campfire: Okay, this is ridiculous, we don't have a clue what you're saying. *Leaves*

Meanwhile at Australia Flag's house...

Protein Bar: Aren't you getting worried about the kids? 

Australia Flag: Nah, mate. They're only going around the neighbourhood. They'll be back soon. 

Protein Bar: Okay...

(Scene cuts to neighbourhood)

Rubik's Cube: This trick-or-treating thing is going well, isn't it?

Campfire: Yeah! I can't wait to eat all the candy and die of diabetes not so long after! 

S'more: What does diabetes mean?

Campfire: Uhh.... it means.... getting really full after eating all the candy!

S'more: Okay! 

Campfire: How many houses to go, Rubik's Cube? 

Rubik's Cube: 8 more houses to go!

Campfire: Good! 

S'more: Is thewe any spwooky houses?

Campfire: S'more, there's no such thing as spooky houses.

Meanwhile at Australia Flag's house...

Australia Flag: Any minute now, mate...

Protein Bar: Are you concerned now?

Australia Flag: Uhh... no, mate. I'm not, mate. Seriously, mate. Mate! Mate! Please, mate! Really, ma-

Protein Bar: You're saying "mate" a lot, that means you're worried. 

Australia Flag: Okay, mate. I am a bit, mate.

Protein Bar: Should you follow them?

Australia Flag: Isn't that stalking, mate?

Protein Bar: What? No! What I mean is... just look for them!

Australia Flag: Okay, mate. 

Campfire: We've got a lot of candy! Do you think we should go home now?

Rubik's Cube: Nah. We haven't finished our list. There's still more 5 houses to go!

Australia Flag: *Running through a hill trying to catch up with them* Where are they? Where are they? 

(Australia Flag tries to keep up with the kids, but gets abducted by aliens along the way)

Australia Flag: *Looks up into the sky* Huh. That looks kinda familiar... AHHH! SOMEBODY HELP ME, MATE! AHHH!

Campfire: Did you hear something?

Rubik's Cube: No.

S'more: Nwo.

Campfire: Okay.

Rubik's Cube: We've got bags full of candy, now!

Campfire: But wait, didn't we have a conversation with the neighbours rather than ask for candy?

Rubik's Cube: Uhhh....... let's look at the list again! *Looks at the list* 4 more houses to go....

Campfire: I wonder where Australia Flag is.

Inside the spaceship that abducted Australia Flag...

Australia Flag: AHH! WHO ARE ALL OF YOU, MATES?! 

Santiago Aliens: S A N T I A G O. (Echoes)


Santiago Alien #1: Take you to Pamtri World. 

Australia Flag: AHH! I'M CALLING AREA 51, MATES! 

Santiago Alien #3: You can't call Area 51. 

Australia Flag: THEN I'M CALLING 000, MATES! 

Santiago Alien #2: That's also the emergency number in Pamtri World. 

Australia Flag: AHHHHHHHH! 

(UFO takes off)

Rubik's Cube: *Gasps* Campfire, look!

Campfire: Huh?

Rubik's Cube: It's an alien spaceship! 

Campfire: I thought those were fictional. 

Rubik's Cube: But didn't you see the Area 51 photos?!

Campfire: No.

Rubik's Cube: Anyway, let's go.


Rubik's Cube: Okay, final house.

Campfire: What is it, a mansion with a Jacuzzi? 

S'more: A house with kitty kwats and bunnies?

Rubik's Cube: An extremely haunted house with bad air, no food and unhygenic toilets. 

Campfire: "No food?" But don't we have candy?

Rubik's Cube: The bad air in the house will make the candy rot. So we must protect the candy.

Campfire: Emm, okay...

S'more: I'm vewy scawed! da ghosts awe gwonna eat mwe! 

Campfire: No ghosts are going to eat you, S'more.

Rubik's Cube: *Gulps nervously* Okay, I know I'm gonna regret this. Let's go. 

Meanwhile at Australia Flag's house...

Protein Bar: Where is Australia Flag? 

Trollface: Maybe he died! 

Protein Bar: Uhh... no.

(Scene cuts back to street)

Rubik's Cube: Okay, here we are. All we have to do is go inside the house, ask one of the people living in the house for candy, and then we'll go back home. *Rings doorbell*

S'more, Campfire and Rubik's Cube: T-t-trick-or-treat! 

(Door opens mysteriously with fog coming out)

S'more: Is thewe any ghosts in this house? Meow!

Campfire: No.

Rubik's Cube: Hello? We should go inside.


Rubik's Cube: C'mon, it's only for a short bit of time! We'll survive.

S'more: This pwace is vewy dawk! can somebody give mwe a wight pwease?

Campfire: There's no light's here. Only candles. 

S'more: Hewwo? hewwo?

Hewwo: Wes? owo

S'more: Sowwy, i'm wooking fow somebody ewse. 

Hewwo: That's okay! :3

Campfire: *Sees corpse covered in spider webs lying in a corner* Hey, is that the dead body of the new contestant? 

Rubik's Cube: Who, Trolli? She died very quickly. She didn't even get to gossip to Yoghurt.

Campfire: How do you know that?

Rubik's Cube: That article about her on the Object Shows Community Wiki. THE POWER OF FOURTH-WALL BREAKING! 

S'more: Shouwd we weave? 

Campfire: Eww! What's that smell?

Rubik's Cube: I told you that there was bad air in this house. *Gasps* The candy! It's melting! Cover it! 

Campfire: Okay, I think that's enough trick-or-treating for now. *Runs into the door, which closes* AHH! WE'RE TRAPPED! WE'RE GONNA DIE! CALL 911! *Screaming and panicking*

Rubik's Cube: MY PHONE IS DEAD! 

S'more: Wide mwe! 

Campfire: Why would we ride you? We'll crush you! 

Rubik's Cube: It's our only way out.

Campfire: Okay.

(Campfire and Rubik's Cube hop onto S'more, who gets on her hands and legs, and then starts running)

Campfire: Look out! A wall! 

S'more: *Jumps over the wall*

Campfire: How did you do that?

S'more: I weawned it at kitty cwass! 

Campfire: Oh. 

Rubik's Cube: A hole in the ceiling! 

S'more: Hang on tight! *Jumps through the hole and out of the house*

(Campfire, S'more and Rubik's Cube land on the ground)

Campfire: Woah. Thank you very much, S'more. That was impressive.

S'more: Nwo, thank woo!

Campfire: Now you have the permission to kiss me.

S'more: Awe woo suwe? 

Campfire: Yes, I'm sure.

S'more: Okay! *Kisses Campfire on the cheek*

Campfire: *Turns the other way and wipes it off* Anyway, we should get home. It's getting dark.

Rubik's Cube: Yeah, I agree. C'mon, let's go home.

(Campfire, S'more and Rubik's Cube walk home)

Rubik's Cube: Alright, here we are. That was an amazing night. I hope I see you guys tomorrow in November.

Campfire: You will! 

S'more: Woo wiww!

Rubik's Cube: Alright, see you guys tomorrow. Goodnight! *Opens door and walks into Australia Flag's living room with the light off* Huh, where did everybody go? 


Australia Flag: *Wakes up in Hospital* Phew! I'm in the Hospital now. That was a big faint. 

Nurse #1: Are you OK? 

Australia Flag: Yeah. Hey wait, you sound familiar. 

Nurses: We are familiar. *Takes off masks* S A N T I A G O. (Echoes)

Australia Flag: *Screams* 

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