Battle For Pain: A Painful Game is a PS4 game released in 2019 by High Moon Studios. In this game, you can play single player or multiplayer.


Australia Flag has been kidnapped by evil objects. You can play as a character to go on a mission to save him.


• During the boss battle, every character fights except S'more, who acts cute to defeat the boss.

• On the Japanese box art, Protein Bar's muscles seem to be bigger.

• The death animation in the game is that a character would say "oh no" or something like that, and fall on the ground.

• The game will be released in Japan in 2020.

• To punch, press X, to kick, press ⭕, to walk, press ⬜ and to run, press the triangle. Or if you're playing as S'more, press X or ⚪ to be cute, press ⬜ to walk and press the triangle to run.

• You can unlock characters in the game.

• If you're playing as Protein Bar in the game, you can press the triggers to flex your muscles. 

• On the Japanese box art, what Thanos is saying is "I'm stronger than you, Protein Bar!"

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