DLIKO546-make a reaction video.

Lock-i'm sooooooo bored.

Soap-help lock lego wants to kill me.

Lock-but my legs hurt.

Soap-wait i have to run waaaaaaahhhhh.

Lego-come back here you little idiot.

Lock-ok fine i will run

Muffin cake-you can't run now.

Lock-eeeh who a-a-re you

Muffin cake-hello everyone i'm muffin cake but you can call me muffin and i'm here to find you guys to compete on my object show but what's the prize you will see after the intro.

  • intro*

Muffin cake-okay you 20 will compete to win all iphones from 2007-2017

  • knife slash sound*
  • right cherry gets slashed with a knife*

Left cherry-oh no sister are you okay oops a bomb *BOOM*

Muffin cake-congrats chili and plug you are team captians

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