Battle for Luxury island

By: Joeandbill203

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  Battle For Luxury Island Intro

Episode 1

Tip Jar: Hello! Welcome To Battle for Luxury island! (AKA BFLI)

Tip Jar: Lets see the Contestants.

Tip Jar: First, Its Pin!

Pin: So. What are we battling for?

Tip Jar: Isn't it a little early for that?

Pin: No.

Tip Jar: Anyway, Next is Bubble!

Bubble: Hello!

Tip Jar: Next is Pencil and Match.

Match: Hi Guys!

Pencil: Hi Bubble

Bubble: Hi!

Tip Jar: Pen! Welcome to the Game!

Pen: Where's Eraser and Blocky?

Tip Jar: They are not in >:)


Tip Jar: Back to the game! Welcome TB And GB!

Tennis ball: Yay! GB!

Tip Jar: Ok. Next is SB!

Golf Ball: What?! Really!

Tip Jar: Yes. Ok next is Needy!

Needle: *Slaps* Don't Call me Needy!

Tip Jar: Whatever. Come on Suitcase!

Suitcase: Yay! I'm in it!

Tip Jar: Next Is Firey and Coiny!

Firey: Really? Kick Him out!

Coiny: *Slaps* You Wish!

Tip Jar: Here comes Rocky, Nickel, Fries, Puffball, And Ruby!

Rocky: *Eats Infinite mater maker*

Everyone: NO ROCKY!

Rocky: *Barfs on Suitcase

Suitcase: Eww!

Tip Jar: Ok. Next Yellowface And Bow!

Bow: Hi Guys!

Yellow face: HELLO!!!

Tip Jar: Next, Book,Bomby And Donut!

Book: Hi Ruby,Bubble,Pencil And Match!

Ruby: Wheres Icy?

Pencil: She might be on her way... I hope.

Tip Jar: She is! And so is Strawberry! A newbie... 

Ice Cube: Hey Guys!

Match: Icy!

Tip Jar: Last is Teardrop!

Coiny: Ugh She Can't Talk.

Teardrop: *Slaps Coiny*

Coiny: Hey!

Tip Jar: Ok Guys, Lets get on to the Challenge!

Tip Jar: The Challenge is to Swim Across The Pool to Decide the leaders!

Tip Jar: Go!

Firey: I Cant Swim!

Coiny: Ha ha! *Punches Firey Into Pool*

Firey: Ahhh!

Tip Jar: Oh And By The way, There will be Drowning! Don't worry there is Recovery Centers.

Rocky: *Barfs in pool*

Golf ball: Eww! Sick!

Match: Yes i'm in the lead!

Snowball: *Throws Rock at Match*

Match: Hey!

Pencil: Nice Move Match, You told them all!

Match: i'm Sorry! Ow!

Rocky: :3

Puffball: Eww! Rocky is the most disgusting thing!

Tennis ball: I Think he's Cute!

Match: There he goes again...

Pin: No ones looking... *Drowns Teardrop*

Book: Pin How da-

Coiny: *Tapes Book's Mouth* There we go.

Ice cube: Book! If only i could untape your mouth.

Firey: *Crosses the line* Yes!

Coiny: How?!?! *Sees a boat* Grrr!

Tip Jar: Ok one more leader!

Nickel: I've Got to get that spot!

Pin: Way Ahead of you Nickel! Arms!

Nickel: Grr! Not Again!

Rocky: *Barfs on Nickel*

Nickel: GRRRRR! *Slaps rocky out of the pool*

Match: *Crosses The Line* Yay!

Tip Jar: Ok, So Match and Firey Are the leaders!

Tip Jar: Decide the team name!

Match: My team will be Named Freesmart!

Pencil: Yay!

Firey: Mine... Team Firey!

Coiny: Boo!

Firey: Shut up Dumb Coiny *Slaps Coiny*

Tip Jar: Pick Your Team Members!



Team Firey

Firey: What Coiny is on my team!??!?

Tip Jar: Yep. Becuase Match Chose First

Firey: Grrr!

Tip Jar: Ok, Time for the Real challenge!

Tip Jar: Your Challenge is to Wipeout! The First Team member there wins it for their team! Go!

Puffball: This easy i can fly there!

Tip jar: Sorry No flying!

Puffball: Aww!

Bomby: *Gets hit by Swinging ball*

Match: Come on Pencil! We have to stick together!

Snowball: Take this! *Punches GB in the water*

Firey: *Falls in water* Ahhh!!!

Coiny: Haha!

Pin: Come on Needy!

Needle: *Slaps pin in water* Don't call me Needy!

Coiny: Hey Needy! Don't Do that

Needle: *Slaps Coiny in Water*







Strawberry: Hey Guys How do i do this? *Gets hit by Swinging ball*

Book: Crap! Help! *Gets hit By Fist*

Ruby: Book! *Jumps in the water*

Pencil: Match lets go to! *Jumps in water*

Match: Pencil! Oh Well... *Jumps in water*

Ice cube: *Jumps in water*

Bubble: *Jumps in to*












Ice cube


Nickel: *Crosses The Finish Line* Yes i win!

Tip Jar: Ok Team Freesmart Wins! Vote someone off of team Firey!

Episode 2

Tip Jar: Hello! Welcome to Episode 2 Of BFLI, Lets go to the elimanation.

Tip Jar: Hello Team Firey. Most of you got zero votes.

Tip Jar: Everyone is safe with zero votes exept for Needle,Firey and Pin.

Firey: What did i do?

Tip Jar: Ask The Viewers :3

Tip Jar: Safe with 2 votes Firey, And...






Tip Jar: Pin! You Are elimanated with 50 Votes!

Pin: What?!?! *Gets flung to TLC*

Tip Jar: Ok, The Next challenge is to make a video! (It will show it)

Tip Jar: Pick Someone on your team to do it!

Match: Um... Who's Good at Making Video's?

Strawberry: Uh... Me i guess.

Match: Ok!

Firey: Who  is going to go?

Tennis Ball: I Got one!

Firey: Ok.

2 Hours Later... Of Working

Tennis balls video Here!

Strawberry's Video Here!

Tip Jar: Ok the video's are done! Ill rate!

Freesmart: 67/100

Firey's Team: 87/100

Tip Jar: That was a quick challenge! But it was only the first part!

Tip Jar: Firey's team won 1st so if they win again they win.

Tip Jar: The Second challenge is to Jump off a tower into a small water pit! If you land on the ground your out.

Ice cube: Are there parachute's?

Tip Jar: Nope!

Tip Jar: Go!

Book: Wow! This is big!

Teardrop: *Jumps into water*

Firey: Yay! a Point for us!

Firey: Wait, I CANT GO IN WATER!

Coiny: Haha!

Strawberry: *Jumps off tower* AHHHHHHHH!

Strawberry: *Falls in water*

Firey: Another Point for us!

Pencil: Grrr! *Jumps in water*

Match, Book, Ruby, and Icecube: *Jumps in water*

Firey* No!!!

Firey: You go! *Puches Tennis ball off*

Tennis ball: AHHHHHH *Lands on ground*

Firey: Grrr! *Puches Coiny Off*

Coiny: Hey! *Falls on Ground* Ow!

Tip Jar: Looks like match's team wins!

Tip Jar: Vote!

Episode 3

Tip Jar: Welcome back! Lets go to the elimanation!

Tip Jar: Welcome Team Firey! Again.

Tip Jar: Some of you are safe, Wich are...







With one vote...


Needle: *Slaps* Dont call me needy!

Tip Jar: And.. GB...

Golfball: Yeah!

Tip Jar: Its down to SB, Firey And Teardrop!

Tip Jar: With 3 votes.... Firey!

Tip Jar: The last one safe is...





SB! With 5 Votes!

Tip Jar: Teardrop Is elimanated with 41 votes!

Coiny: Haha!

Teardrop: *Gets flung to TLC*

Tip Jar: Ok! The next challenge is to survive in slender!

Pen: Really?!?!?

Fries: Shut up!

Tip Jar: Get in The portal!

Everyone: *Gets in Portal*

Cherries: Why do they call it slender!

Pen: Haven't you seen slender? Skinny guy, White, Black tuxedo?

Cherries: No?

Nickel: She dosent know?

Fries: Isn't it Obvious,

Nickel: No.

Tennis ball: Hey Look a Monument!

Match: Good Eye TB! Now i can get the page!

Tennis ball: Hey!

Match & Pencil: *Run to Monument*

Pencil: There it is!

Freesmart 1/8

Firey's Team 0/8

Strawberry: Come on lets get more pages!

Coiny: Not so fast! *Shoves Strawberry*

Strawberry: Ow! What do i do?!?!?

Coiny: Found one!

Freesmart 1/8

Firey's Team 1/8

Fries: Over here!

Golfball: Hey static!

Golfball: My head...

Golfball: Uhhh *Faints*



Fries: Another!

Freesmart 1/8

Firey's Team 2/8

Pages left: 5

Lead: Firey's Team

Firey: Over here! *Gets stuck in net trap* Woah!

Coiny: Haha!

Firey: Dont just stand there!

Coiny: *Walks away*

Firey: Hey!

Firey: Ahhhh! *Dies




Book: Got one!

Icy: Me to!

Ruby: Me three!

Freesmart 4/8

Firey's Team 2/8

Pages left: 2

Match: Found one!

Tip Jar: Freesmart wins! Again.... You guys are on a loosing streek!


Coiny: Shut up! *Slaps*

Firey: Ow!

Tip  Jar: Vote!

Episode 4

Tip Jar: Welcome Back! Lets go to elimanation.

Tip Jar: Here we are again with you guys.

Tip Jar: Safe with 0 votes are everyone exept for Snowball, Needy and Donut!

Needle: *Slaps* Dont call me needy!

Donut: What?!??! But i didn't not get to do anything!

Tip Jar: Good for you, Your safe with 1 vote.

Tip Jar: And last one goes to.....






Tip Jar: You guys both have the same votes! So tie bracker.

Tip Jar: The challenge is a easy game of Rock paper Scissors!

Tip Jar: Go!

Rock Paper Scissors! 

SB: Paper Needle: Scissors

Snowball: What? No! *Gets Flung To TLC*

Tip Jar: Time for your next Challenge! The next Challenge is to Have a easting contest! 4 People from your team, I'll Pick!

Firey's Team: Tennis ball, Firey, Coiny and Needle

Freesmart: Book, Strawberry, Bow and Bomby!


Round 1 Tennis ball V.S Strawberry

Food: Cardbord

Strawberry: Um, *Bites* Eww! *Spits* This game is Horror!

Tennis ball: You can say that again.

Strawberry: Eww?

Tennis Ball: Wow you need to get used to these shows more...

Tennis ball: *Eats it Whole* Done!

Round 1: Tennis ball WIN

Round 2 Bow V.S Firey

Food: Rotten Egg's And Baby wipes

Firey: Eww...

Bow: Really? This is easy! *Eats The Baby Wipes*

Firey: I hate you....

Round 2 Bow WIN

Round 3 Coiny V.S Bomby

Food: Barf and Centipede Jelly Beans

Bomby: *Eats All*

Coiny: Why do they call them barf? *Eats* I Get it now... *Barfs*

Firey: Haha!

Round 3 Bomby WIN

Round 4 Book V.S Needle

Food: Poop

Book: EWWW

Needle: *Eats it* Ew.

Book: I'm Not eating it.

Round 4 Needle WIN

Round 5 Tiebraker Tennis ball V.S Bow

Food: ABC Gum

Tennis ball: Oh Well *Eats*

Bow: I Won't eat it!

Round 5 Tennis ball WIN

Firey: YES!!!

Coiny: Yay... *Barfs*

Tennis ball: We win!

Tip Jar: Vote!

Episode 5

Tip Jar: Hello! Welcome back to BFLI!

Tip Jar: Lets go to the elimanation! Like i always say.

Tip Jar: Let's See who is safe at 0 Votes... Book!







And Pen!

Bow: Yes!

Bomby: sauidhwadwadawudg!

Tip Jar: Safe WIth 1 Vote...



And Nickel!

Match: Yeah, I So knew it.

Tip Jar: Its Down to Strawberry and puffball...

Tip Jar: The last one safe is...





Puffball: What why you stupid viewers! I Hate you all!! *Gets Flung to the TLC*

Tip Jar: Ok, Time for the challenge.

Pen: Witch is?!?!

Tip Jar: That's exactly why i kicked your friends out...

Tip Jar: The next challenge is Lazer Tag!

Bow: Ohhh! I Love lazer tag!

Tip Jar: Its Not just any Lazer tag >:D There is booby traps. Go!

Donut: Lets see. An Upgrade.

Book: Gimme! *Steals The Upgrade*

Donut: HEY!!! ILL GET YOU!

Ruby: Come on Book run!

Book: Ahhh! *Steps in Net trap* Help! 

Donut: Oh Great! Now i cant get that upgrade...

Book: Hmm... *Uses Upgrade* Cool! *Shoots Donut*

Donut: Ahhhh!



Tennis ball: Look a Bus Prop! We can look in there for more upgrades!

Golfball: Ok, *Gets in the Bus* Nothing!

Firey: No! Look under the seats!

Pencil: Not Before i do!

Pencil: *Gets upgrade and Runs*

Icecube: Too bad i dont have arms!

Fries: *Shoots icecube* Lucky me.




Match: Oh we'll Get you for that one!

Book,Bubble,Ruby,Pencil ANd Match: *Shoots Fries*

Fries: Argh!





Coiny: Look! Theres allot of Upgrades!

Tennis ball: Lets go!

Coiny,TB: *Runs to Upgrades*

Coiny,TB: *Gets trapped in Rope trap*

Cony: Oh Great!

Pencil: This is Our chance!

Match: Ok! *Shoots Tennis ball and Coiny*






Tennis ball

Tip Jar: Times up! Lets see whose out. More of Firey's Team is Out! They loose!

Coiny: TB This is all your falt! *Slaps*

Tennis ball: No its Not! Grrr!

Episode 6

Tip Jar: Elimanation Time!

Tip Jar: Ok, Some of you got 0 Votes We have a total of 26 Votes!

Tip Jar: Safe with 0 Votes.




And Yellowface.

Yellowface: YAY!!!!!!

Tip Jar: With 1 Vote.


Tennis ball!



Tip Jar: Its down to Needle and Coiny.

Tip Jar: The last on esafe is...





Coiny: What?!?!? How! *Gets flung to TLC*

Tip Jar: Ok Lets get to the challenge,

Needle: That was close! Right?

Golfball: I Don't care :l

Firey: Yay! He's Gone!

Tip Jar: The challenge is a Obstacle race!

Bow: Aww... Really?

Yellowface: YA!!!!!

Tip Jar: You will first Jump in tires then climb ropes. (SOME ARE BAD) And then dodge getting shot by leaches (Total Drama all-stars inspired me to do this) There's a Suprise at the end though.

Donut: Suprise?...

Tip Jar: Go!

Tip Jar: Oh BTW You have to Carry heavy Backpacks.

Pen: Aw, Really?

Cherries: Come on! It Cant be that bad.

Fries: Can it.

Icecube: Yeah! Lets go!

Suitcase: I Can't Believe i got a vote last episode...

Strawberry: Ahhh! *Falls in a huge hole in a tire*

Bow: This is easy!


Bubble: Hoi! I'm in the loid!

Pencil: Match! Where are you?!?!

Match: Over here! *Bumps in to pop up sign* Ow!

Strawberry: I hate this game...

Suitcase: Done! Which rope?

Bubble: There's a Red one a Black one a Broiwn one and a Noirmal one!

Suitcase: I'll Take the brown one. *Sniffs* Eww! Its Dog hair AHH! *Falls off*

Bubble: i'll Take the Black one!

Bubble: OIWWWW! *Gets zapped*

Icecube: Hey! I Cant climb! Ill try. *Gets on the normal one*

Bow: I'll Go one the red one! Hey! Its candy! *Eats rope*

Bow: I'll leave it like that for the next person.

Golfball: Come on TB! Lets go on the brown one!

Tennis ball: Ok!

Cherreis: Here! I Guess i'll take the Red one.

Cherries: Hey a broken line! *Falls* Ahhh!

Pen: Let's See... The normal one!

Book: Come on Ruby! The black one!

Ruby: Ok!

Match: Pencil The red one!

Pencil: Nah... I'll Take the Normal one.

Suitcase: Oh no! *Gets shot by Leaches* Owww...

Firey: I'll Take the normal one! *Burns the rope* Ahhh!

Pencil,Pen: Ahhh!

Pencil: *Lands on pen and kisses him* Uhh... Oops

Pen: Uhh...

Golfball: Leaches! Ahh! *Gets shot with TB* Oww... *Faints*

Tip Jar: This is the best challenge yet!

Bubble: Loiches! *Gets popped by a leach*

Match: Pencil? Pencil! *Gets shot by a leach* Help!...

Bow: Hah! Take this Leach! *Dodges all off the Leaches*

Bow; Made it!

Yellowface: AHHHH! *Gets hit by a leach*

Bow: Oh.. So this is your suprise Ziplineing!

Tip Jar: Yes!

Icecube: Ahh! *Falls off zipline kit* Help!

Book: Icy!

Ruby: Wow! *Slips off cliff* Ahhh!

Bow: Made it! I win!

Tip Jar: Freesmart wins!

Tip Jar: Vote off someone from Firey's Team!


Episode 7

Tip Jar: Welcome to Episode 7!

Tip Jar: Today there will Be a triple elimanation! Becuase i want double and someone is rejoining!

Tip Jar: We have only 4 Votes!

Tip Jar: Elimanated is...




Firey,Tennisball And Fries!

Firey: What how!!! *Gets flung to TLC*

Tennis ball: NOOOO! *Gets flung to TLC*

Fries: No! *Gets Flung to TLC*

Tip Jar: We will Start The challenge when you Viewers vote who to rejoin!

Tip Jar: Welcome Back! Time for the Rejoin.

Tip Jar: There is only 4 Of you with atleast 1 Vote.

Tip Jar: The Objects With Atleast 1 Vote...




And Pin!

Tip Jar: *Others Get Flung to the TLC* Ok With one vote..




Everyone Exept For Coiny!

Tip Jar: *The rest get flunged to the TLC*

Coiny: Yes!

Tip Jar: Ok! Time For the Challenge!

Tip Jar: Wait BTW, Someone named Poster will Debute if i Get permission From Cedricblocks.

Tip Jar: The challenge is a Race! First One to the Finish wins! Its about 2 miles.

Pen: Grr! Do we have to walk that much!

Tip Jar: Yes. I Said so GO!

Bomby: Needy!

Needle: *Slaps Bomby Far Don't Call me Needy!

Coiny: Wait! Hey Needy!

Needle: *Slaps* Don't Call me Needy!

Coiny: Hah! It Worked!

Golfball: Loosers...

Donut: Hey! If you want to move on Then your better well doing it! Needy!

Needle: *Slaps*

Strawberry: Hey! This is Easy! *Shoves Match* There!

Match: Hey!

Bubble: Hoi! Loik The Noibe is Doing Woil!

Pencil: We need her Out of here!

Ruby: Ok! Lets go!

Match: Grr! I'll Get her!

Coiny: Move it! *Shoves Bomby*

Yellowface: COINY!!! THAT WASN'T NICE!

Bow: Wee!

Book: Lucky Me! I Won!

Tip Jar: Freesmart wins! But First We are making 3 Different team! Freesmart will Split into 2.

Team 1:


Yellowface Suitcase

Golfball Rocky

Needle Nickel

Team 2:







Team 3: Bomby




Strawberry Donut

Tip Jar: Anyway, Vote Someone off of team 1!

Episode 8

Tip Jar: This Episode Poster is Going to Debute!

Tip Jar: There Will Be 2 Debutes! And 3 Elimanations! Again. Becuase Of The debutes.

Tip Jar: Poster is 1 Of The Debuters.

Tip Jar: The 3 Elimanated Are...




Coiny!,Yellowface! And Rocky!

Coiny: No! I Just got here!!! *Gets Flung to the TLC* AGAIN

Rocky: Blah! *Gets Flung to the TLC*

Yellowface: NO! *Gets Flung to the TLC*

Tip Jar: Welcome! Poster!

Poster: Hi Guys! You all Look Nice!

Tip Jar: Ok Viewers Comment Who you want to be in the Dubuting it Could be one of yours.

Up For Vote So Far: Heather

Heather By: Joeandbill203

Reversal Token: KirbyRider

Yoyletoken: Bestfan

Tether ball: Satanchu

Tip Jar: The Recommending is over! Time for voting. Viewers! Vote!

Part 2

Tip Jar: Welcome Back! Lets go to the Voting for who will Join!

Tip Jar: Ok, welcome Heather,Yoyle Token, Tether ball and Reversal Token!

Reversal Token: I hope i join!

Heather: Shut up Token Thingy.

Reversal Token: >:l

Tip Jar: Ok With 1 Vote...

Hetaher and Reversal Token

Heather: WHAT NO! *Gets flung to LOL*

Reversal Token: Grrr! *Turns into Evil form*

Reversal Token: I'LL KILL YOU ALL!! *Runs away*

Tip Jar: Oh no... With 2 votes is...





Yoyle Token!

Yoyle Token; What no!!! *Gets flung to LOL*

Tether ball: Yay! I Join!

Tip Jar: Ok, I Also have an idea for the challenge....

Tip Jar: You have to find Reversal token and Bring him back!

Cherries: What! But he will kill us!

Tip Jar: Just do it... I Need him in the LOL or This game will end!

Tether ball: Hi Rocky!

Rocky: *Blah* *Barfs in Tether ball's face*

Tether ball: Uh... Ok?

Pencil: Yay Match none of our allience is elimanated!

Match: Like of Course we are like freesmart.

Suitcase: I Wonder where he went...

Pen: We need a Chuck norris miracle to find him!

Needle: No... Just no.

Ice Cube: Lets go guys!

Pencil: Ok!

Poster: Look a Mine! Maybe we could look in there!

Tip Jar: Wait! Let me Announce the team!

Team 1:



Ice Cube




Team 2:


Tether ball





Team 3:







Nickel: Oh Great i'm With rocky...

Rocky: *Blah*

Pen: And needy!

Needle: *Slaps Pen*

Pen: Hey!

Donut: You are all idiots!

Poster: Remember? The mine?

Bow: Ok Whatever.

Poster: >:o

Tether Ball: Weeeeee! *Rides on Minecart*

Tether ball: *Crashes* Oops?

Cherries: Remember guys no fooling around! We need to find Reversal Token!

Book: Come on guys! We can ride in our van!

Ruby: Yay the van! I Brought Peanuts!

Bubble: And Yoyleberries!

Match: Ok! Lets get in!

  • Freesmart gets in the van*

Pencil: Lets start driving!

Donut: Let's check that huge cave... He could be anywhere.

Golfball: I say no! And I say i'm team manager!

Donut: Hey! We never agreed to that!

Golfball: I Called it!

Donut: No!

Pen: Oh great.

Needle: Let's go guys.


Characters Left

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