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"Oh yeah, that's right. Infinityblade2995 took Battle For Lanceland!" - Match
Battle For Lanceland was adopted by Infinityblade2995. Henceforth, all rights, continuity, and proper use settings go to Infinityblade2995, who now says what is in-character and what is not in this article's vicinity. Though everyone can edit this article, Infinityblade2995 has the final say on their character from the rules from the Object Shows Community.

This is a camp by Infinityblade2995. Sign up and get inta the game! You can take two characters if you like. Oh yeah and btw the camp has started.

Season 1: Battle for Swordland (camp)

Message Update[]

3/8/15: Sorry PikminComet that I had to put you as Woody and Gelatin instead of Woody and TB although you commented before Diamondcup. I was rushing, so instead of telling him that you already signed up as TB, I figured since you listed three, you'll be Woody and Gelatin. Forgive me. Also, I can't believe in just 12 hours, we got 13 contestants taken already. Thx to everyone who's signed up thus far.

4/8/15: Two characters have been removed to speed up the process. It better be speeding up the process. Another two characters are removed. It'll make the signing up faster.

5/8/15: Camp starts! And challenge 1 almost done on the same day!

8/8/15: This is gonna be a lot of fun. Elimination 2 is taking place.

9/8/15: Aw come on

10/8/15: You guys are so embarrassingly dumb. Use your common sense 4 teh challenge!

12/8/15: The voting in Elimination 6 is so close.

22/8/15: Final 3 voting is happening!

23/8/15: Camp finishes!


You get 25 hours to do challenges. If you have two characters, then you must do the challenges differently for both characters. To vote for eliminations, use the comments as confessionals. If you have two characters, here is the example.


Ruby: I'm voting Bomby.

Fries: I'm voting Ruby, cuz she's kinda crazy.


If you do not do a challenge, you will receive a strike. If you do not do 3 challenges, you will be put up for re-sign ups. If no one signs up as that character by 24 hours, then the character is eliminated. So yeah. You read that.

Firey - 1 strike

Donut - 1 strike


Win Token - Slices half of your votes. If you have an odd number as your number of votes , it will not round off to the nearest whole.

Troll Pass - Like my pass from the BFOP camp. Automatically gives a contestant 3 dislikes.

Immunity Pass - You can skip a challenge and elimination. (NOTE: This does not work in the final challenge)

Nether Swap Token - Swap your votes with a random person using random.org. If the swapped contestant is still alive, that person gets a swap token.

Swap Token - Swap your votes with someone else.

Prize Winners[]

Lightbulb - Win Token

Pin - Win Token

Woody - Troll Pass

Leafy - Nether Swap Token

Team Noisy Clowns (FULL!)[]

Team Lab Rats (FULL)[]

Challenge 1[]

For challenge 1, you will have to punch a shark. You can punch it at the gills, the eyes, or the mouth. If you are eaten by the shark, you get -5 points. If the shark ignores you, you get 0. If you hurt the shark bad, you get +5 points. Posts results in comments. Challenge ends on 00 40 UTC on August 7th.

Credit to Hurricanehunterjackson for challenge.

Team Noisy Clowns results[]

Pen - Mouth (-5 points)

Golf Ball - Eyes (0 points)

Match - Gills (+5 points)

Eraser - Eyes (0 points)

Pin - Eyes (+5 points)

TB - Gills (+5 points)

Gelatin - Belly (-10 points) (That's not an option!)

Flower - Gills (+5 points)

Team Lab Rats results[]

Woody - Eyes (+5 points)

Teardrop - Gills (+5 points)

Firey - Gills (-5 points)

Leafy - Eyes (0 points)

Lightbulb - Eyes (0 points)

Snowball - Gills (+5 points)

Donut - Eyes (0 points)

Knife - Mouth (0 points)

Overall scores[]

Team Noisy Clowns: 5 points

Team Lab Rats: 10 points

Team Noisy Clowns loses. Vote in the comments. Voting ends at 08 00 UTC on August 7.

Voting has ended. Let's see the results.

We got a total of 12 votes.

TB - 1 vote

Pen - 2 vote

Gelatin - 5 votes

Flower - 4 votes

Sorry Gelatin, but you're eliminated.

Challenge 2[]

You must answer this question here.

Q: What is my favorite hobby other than going on this wiki?

A. Playing piano - Woody, Match, Flower

B. Animating - Leafy, Teardrop, Golf Ball, Eraser, Lightbulb

C. Skiing - TB

D. Sprinting - Firey, Pen, Pin, Snowball

I don't sprint nor ski that often, and I like playing the piano but overall, animating is more enjoyable for me.

Since Noisy Clowns only have 2 people who guessed it correctly while LR has 3, I guess that means that Noisy Clowns loses again.

Vote a member of team Noisy Clowns to be eliminated. Voting ends at 9:00 PM EST the next day.

TB - 6 votes

Match - 1 vote

Flower - 2 votes

Voting eds early bcuz there is no way TB can survive.

Challenge 3[]

Pick a number of 1-14. I will randomize the number using Random.org.

The randomized number was 8, so Lightbulb wins, and Noisy Clowns need to step up their game as they lost again. Like Team Epic and Team Chickenleg.

Vote in a like/dislike format this time.


Pen - 3 likes

Flower - 3 likes

Pin - 4 likes

Pin gets a Win Token. (You know what it does)


Eraser - 2 dislikes

Match - 6 dislikes

Pen - 2 dislikes

Goodbye Match.

Challenge 4[]

Just type in comments with your character: "I climbed the tree"

P.S If you fail to type it correctly, for example, you type "I climb the tree", you will not do very well.

Credit to HHJ for challenge.


Lightbulb - 25 metres

Snowball - 75 metres

Woody - 50 metres

Pen - 100 metres

Firey - 25 metres

Leafy - 50 metres

Knife - 25 metres

Donut - 50 metres

Pin -100 metres

Eraser - 50 metres

Teardrop - 25 metres

Golf Ball - 50 metres

Flower - 75 metres

After calculating the score, Team Noisy Clowns has finally won.

Do not vote using like and dislike this time. But vote one member of Lab Rats to be eliminated.

Knife has been eliminated.

Challenge 5[]

You must guess where I was born

Do it in the comments.

(UPDATE) OMFG guys, none of you got it correct. The answer Is............. A hospital.

Since nobody got it correct, both teams are up for elimination.

But It's not a double elimination. Everyone is up for elimination, but only one will be eliminated

GB has been eliminated. So techinically Noisy Clowns lost again

Challenge 6[]

Send me a character and it's object show and I will rate how much I like the character. (P.S You are not allowed to use my OCs. Credit to HHJ for challenge.

On average, it seems that Noisy Clowns win. (P.S I calculate in terms of how many members in team)

Vote one of Lab Rats to be eliminated.

Firey, you have been eliminated.

Challenge 7[]

Answer this question list. Also, final 10!

1. How many dogs do I have?

A. 0

B. 2 (correct answer)

C. 1

D. 4

2. What is my ambition.

A. Lawyer

B. Critic

C. Wikia Hero (correct answer)

D. Doctor

3. What is my favorite part of Science?

A. Biology

B. Physics

C. Chemistry (correct answer)

D. All of the above

4. What is my favorite food out of these?

A. Ice Cream

B. Pizza (correct answer)

C. Nuggets

D. Porkchop

5. What is my favorite football team?

A. Manchester United (correct answer)

B. Liverpool

C. Chelsea

D. Arsenal

Flower got every question wrong while Lightbulb got every question right. On average, Noisy Clowns lost.

Vote one of these helpless people below. They'll only have 3 members left by the next challenge.

Pen - 2

Eraser - 0

Flower - 7

Pin - 0

GeometryDashOreo Master has been eliminated from the camp.

Challenge 8 (merge)[]

Predict whether there will be a solar eclipse in Goiky. Just say "Yes" or "No".

Whoever said "No" is wrong. I guess that means they're up for elimination.

SB is eliminated.

Challenge 9[]

I thought that since my iPad and CP were not working I would have to leave. But thank god that isn't true.

Anyways, you must guess what I do.

Woody won the challenge, so everyone else is up for elimination.

TD is eliminated with a record low three votes.

Challenge 10[]

The double digit challenge is double-challenge. First you must create a new pass/token for the camp and I will rate it out of 90. Then you must cross a 5 by 10 long Tile Of Terror. If one is confused, the Tile Of Terror challenge is done like this:

1. Left

2. Right

3. Right

4. Left

5. Right

6. Left

7. Left

8. Left

9. Right

10. Left

Keep in mind that you start from the middle tile in the first row.

Final results:

Leafy: 82/100

Pin: 80/100

Lightbulb: 79/100

Pen: 76/100


Woody: 69/100

Donut: 56/100

Eraser: 45/100

Woody, Donut and Eraser are up for elimination. Vote quickly.

Voting has ended. Only a few voted, but Eraser and Btd456creeper have been eliminated. You played fine Btd456creeper.

Challenge 11[]

For this challenge you must do a nightmare. Double! Oh gosh. Anyways, first you must come up with a new invention, and I will rate it out of 80. (Credit to Bfdi is the best) Then you must come up with a nickname/label for Lance (either one is doable) the host. I will rate that out of 20

Winners are Lightbulb and Pen with 88 and 87. So vote for Pin, Woody, Leafy or Donut.

Pin and Diamondcup are eliminated. You played very well but had no time to think for the challenge.

Challenge 12[]

Final 5!! Awesome. But the challenge is plain. Choose a number between 1-5.

Cedricblocks is excused so she gets 3.

Finally, here's the code thingy.

1 - 3 points

2 - 4 points

3 - 2 points

4 - 5 points

5 - 1 point

Donut wins, and Lightbulb, Leafy, Woody and Pen are up for elimination.

Woody has been eliminated.

Challenge 13[]

Answer this series of questions.

1) What's my name?

A. Willy Thomas (c)

B. Aaron Dempsey

C. Martin Wayne

D. Willy Shundall

2) What's my favorite nerf gun?

A. Jolt

B. Longstrike

C. Praxis

D. Sharpshot (c)

3) What's my favorite shape?

A. Trapezium

B. Parallelogram

C. Triangle (c)

D. Rhombus

Pen wins so Lightbulb, Leafy and Donut are up for elimination.

Lightbulb and Donut tie, but Donut lost the tiebreaker.

Challenge 14[]

DYou are stranded on a deserted island. What will you do now.

A. Swim for your life (9% chance you'll survive)

B. Try to break wood (26% chance you'll survive)

C. Shake the tree to get 50 coconuts. (90% chance you'll survive)

If you die, you get a score of 0/20. If you survive with C, you'll get 10/20. If you survive with B, you'll get 15/20. If you survive with A, you'll get 20/20. So choose one now. (A bit credit to Cedricblocks)

Apparently the two L's (Lightbulb and Leafy) risked taking B and failed so they're up for elimination. However, at this point of the game, it really is up to Pen. Since Lightbulb and Leafy will probably vote each other.

Lightbulb is eliminated

Challenge 15 (final)[]

Comment why you want to win. Then I will rate it.

Leafy wins with a perfect 30/30. Gg everyone


16th - Gelatin - You were probably eliminated for losing the challenge for your team.

15th - Tennis Ball - I have no idea why you were eliminated, maybe it could've been the pose.

14th - Match - I don't know why you were eliminated either.

13th - Knife - Probably because you messed up in the challenge.

12th - Golf Ball - Probably because Pin voted you, then Woody, then Pen, then pretty much everyone.

11th - Firey - Probably cause you didn't do the challenge.

10th - Flower - You got every question wrong.

9th - Snowball - Kinda a threat.

8th - Teardrop - Some people thought she did bad.

7th - Eraser - Probably for getting the lowest score.

6th - Pin - You didn't do the second part.

5th - Woody - Same with Eraser.

4th - Donut - Random.org gave you a 6 lol

3rd - Lightbulb - Random.org

2nd - Pen - Your reason was good, but not good enough.

1st - Leafy - Very emotional reason to win Lasted a long time, and after everything, won fair and square.