Battle For Ice Citadel cast

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Battle For Ice Citadel is a camp hosted by BeAwesomeOne2. He choose Ice Citadel because no one used any cold related placed in their camps. This is probably the first camp that have Recommended Characters from Battle For Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, Object Universe and Object Mayhem are competing at the same time.

Episode 0

Speaker Announcer is announcing the challenge for Clock and Taco (reference to Battle For Space Palace by Waluigifreak789) when suddenly Blue Speaker Announcer appear to host an object show. Speaker Announcer don't let him host any show and after exchange of words, Speaker Announcer hit Blue Speaker Announcer with a hammer and send him to the Earth (in South Pole to be specific).

After 3 hours, Snowball finds Blue Speaker and take him to his Citadel. When he wakes up he decided to create a camp where this Citadel will be a Grand Prize Snowball strongly disagree with this idea but when Blue Speaker Announcer said "I WAS FROZEN TODAY!", Snowball quickly changed his mind and that's how this camp started.

Episode 1

First challenge is to came out with the team names. Also team are already formed. At the results we find out that the team names are (Team Captains are in Italics):

Freezing Flipsters: 8-Ball, Eggy, Grassy, Marker, Naily, Saw.

Wintry Icicles: Banana, Cookie, Magnifying Glass, Poptart, Spikey-Mervert, Teddy Bear.

Cooled Strength: 3DS, Bubble Gum, MiiU, Milk, OU Remote, USB

Chilling Crusaders: Cup, Dollar, Flower Pot, Joshua, Radio, Tune

Also the team who receive the lowest average score will be up for elimination (except for the person with the best name on their team) and it turns out that Freezing Flipsters received the lowest score (4.5) which means that 8-Ball, Grassy, Marker, Naily and Saw are up for elimination.

(Note: Eggy got immunity because he comes out with better team name than other members of Freezing Flipsters)

Episode 2

First person that was eliminated was 8 Ball with 6 votes (other person in bottom 2 was Naily). The next challenge is called "Snowball Massacre". In this chalenge contestants has to throw snowballs at each others. First team who lost their team members first are up for elimination. 3DS, Cup, Flower Pot and Saw were the last objects standing, so they received new token "Freeze Token" which freezes amount of their votes. Since Wintry Icicles lost their members first, they are up for elimination and Poptart is Immunue since he was the last one to get shot.

Elimination note: If username was doing challenges 'as often as he signing up to camps, 'then he might have chance to win this camp.

Episode 3

Banana was scared that he will be eliminated. However, it turns out that he was eliminated with 6 votes (Teddy Bear was in the bottom two). The next challenge is The Object Show Trivia (questions from BFDI, II, OU and OM). The winners of this challenge were Freezing Flipsters, putting Cooled Strength up for elimination. And since Bubble Gum got the highest score out of everyone, he is safe. Also Grassy was put up for resing ups since he quit this camp.

Elimination Note: Poor Banana. If people 'was knowning him well then he might 'stay longer in the game.

Episode 4

Milk was eliminated with of 7 votes. The next challenge is Russian Roulette and this time there multiple teams will be up for elimination. The winner of this challenge was 3DS and he wins immunity for his entire team. People who were in bottom 10 and that weren't in Cooled Strenght were put up for elimination.

Elimination Note: Even if I received the rest of your answers, you would still be in last place in this challenge :(

Episode 5

After Joshua was beat up by MiiU (for spoiling his vote) he was eliminated with the record high of 9 votes. The next challenge is race to the Ice Mountain. Contestants have to race to the top on the mountain and two teams with the worst score will be up for elimination. At the end of the event, Chilling Crusaders won their challenge while putting Freezing Flipsters and Wintry Icicles (who got their team member first) up for elimination.

Score for this challenge:

1. Chilling Crusaders - 61

2. Cooled Strength - 60

3. Wintry Icicles - 50

4. Freezing Flipsters - 39

Elimination Note: Well Joshua, that's what you get for being mean to everyone. On the bright side, you beat a record high of vote.

Episode 6

Teddy Bear was eliminated with 9 votes and so Wintry Icicles are left with only four contestants. The next challenge is called "Points in The Box". The winners of this challenge were Freezing Flipsters, while Cooled Strength are up for elimination.

1. Freezing Flipsters - 95

2. Wintry Icicles - 70

3. Chilling Crusaders - 60

4. Cooled Strenght - 40

Elimination Note: User was doing fine at the beggining, but then it all goes downhill.

Episode 7

MiiU was eliminated with the record high of 13 votes (10 votes plus 3 votes from Bubble Gum (Revange Token)). This time team are broken up and new stage in a game starts. Next challenge is pick a number tournament. The winner of that tournament was Remote, so he can choose his team and name for his team first. Saw and 3DS (other finalists) can choose after him. Also one eliminated contestant will rejoin a game in episode 8A.

Elimination Note: Just like Teddy Bear, MiiU were doing very well at the begining but later you became worse. Also you wasted Immunity Token.

Episode 8

Radio was eliminated with 10 votes and Banana rejoined with 6 votes. New teams were created and contestants are ready for the next challenge: Elimination Prediction for this camp. Winners of this challenge were The Ice Breakers with 42 points. More than Awesome Victory (19) and Spinning Saw Blades (4) points combined. Since Magnifying Glass, Naily and Saw, didn't do the challenge, they were put up for elimination

Elimination Note: After a descent run in this camp, you have been eliminated. And also this means no more Object News.

Episode 9

Naily was eliminated with 10 votes (he's got 11 but he used Freeze Token). The next challenge was to jump in pond filled with water in which some of them contains cold water. The Ice Breakers and The Spinning Saw Blades won the challenge, which means Team Awesome Victory will be up for elimination.

Elimination Note: You might not did the challenge one time, but this was the time that makes you eliminated.

Contestants Table

Place Contestants First Team Second Team 1B/2A 2B/3A 3B/4A 4B/5A 5B/6A 6B/7A 7B/8A 8B/9A 9B/10A 10B/11A
TBA 3DS - bowserjr2215 Cooled Strength The Awesome Victory WIN BOB LOSE BOB IN LOSE WIN IN LOSE WIN
TBA Banana - TDIFANBEN Wintry Icicles The Spinning Saw Blades IN OUT DNC DNC DNC DNC RJN IMM WIN IN
TBA Cookie - Esden Grohe Wintry Icicles The Spinning Saw Blades IN LOSE IN WIN LOSE IN IN XQZ'D WIN IN
TBA Dollar - Cacper758 Chilling Crusaders The Ice Breakers IN WIN BOB WIN WIN IN LOW WIN WIN LOW
TBA Eggy - Daniel Webb Freezing Flipsters The Ice Breakers BOW IN WIN LOSE LOSE WIN XQZ'D WIN WIN LOSE
TBA Flower Pot - mallowout Chilling Crusaders The Spinning Saw Blades BOB BOB IN WIN WIN IN LOSE BOW BOB IN
TBA Grassy - sandro shubitidze* Freezing Flipsters The Awesome Victory LOSE IN WIN WIN LOSE WIN LOSE IN XQZ'D BOB
TBA Magnifying Glass - oguzkan1200Alt2 Wintry Icicles The Spinning Saw Blades IN LOSE IN LOW LOSE IN LOW LOW WIN IN
TBA Marker - misterperfectawesome Freezing Flipsters The Awesome Victory LOSE IN WIN WIN LOW BOB LOSE IN LOSE WIN
TBA Poptart - Ben1178 Wintry Icicles The Awesome Victory IN BOW BOB LOSE LOSE IN LOSE IN LOSE WIN
TBA Remote - Retro Guy Cooled Strength The Ice Breakers WIN IN LOSE WIN IN LOSE BOB BOB BOB LOSE
TBA Saw - PixelatedIndustries Freezing Flipsters The Spinning Saw Blades LOSE BOB BOB WIN LOSE WIN WIN LOSE WIN IN
TBA Spikey-Mervert - TheElemental Raccoon Wintry Icicles The Ice Breakers BOB LOSE IN LOSE BOW BOB IN BOB WIN LOSE
TBA Tune - BFDI BOYERS* Chilling Crusaders The Ice Breakers IN WIN IN LOSE BOB IN IN WIN WIN LOSE
TBA USB - MegaEpicFilmz Cooled Strength The Awesome Victory WIN IN LOSE IN IN LOSE LOSE IN LOW WIN
16th Cup - TheAwesomeYellow Chilling Crusaders The Ice Breakers IN BOB IN LOSE WIN BOB IN WIN WIN OUT
17th Bubble Gum - GamerrgeeK5 Cooled Strength The Awesome Victory BOB IN BOW WIN IN BOW LOSE IN OUT
18th Naily - kobe56299 Freezing Flipsters The Spinning Saw Blades LOW IN WIN WIN LOSE BOB IN OUT
19th Radio - antkowiyoshimi Chilling Crusaders The Spinning Saw Blades IN WIN IN WIN WIN IN OUT
20th MiiU - ToonPrince Cooled Strength N/A WIN IN LOW IN IN OUT
21st Teddy Bear - MsSpartaProduction Wintry Icicles N/A IN LOW IN LOSE OUT
22nd Joshua - oshua brooks Chilling Crusaders N/A IN WIN IN OUT
23rd Milk - Matej Dolenec Cooled Strength N/A WIN IN OUT
24th 8 Ball - Roston11 Freezing Flipsters N/A OUT
  • - Person resign for someone

WIN - Person win challenge in this episode

LOSE - Person lose challenge and is up for elimination

IN - Person is safe

LOW - Bottom Two

OUT - Eliminated

BOB - Best of Best

BOW - Best of Worst

Green - Contestant/team wins the challenge.

Red - Contestant is eliminated.

Pink - Contestant was in bottom two.

Yellow - Contestant returned/joined in this episode.

Cyan - Team "Freezing Flipsters"

White - Team "Wintry Icicles"

Steel Blue - Team "Cooled Strength"

Turquoise - Team "Chilling Crusaders"

Current Token Holders

3DS - 2xFreeze, Immunity, Win

8-Ball - None

Banana - Revenge

Bubble Gum - 2xWin

Cookie - Revenge

Cup - Freeze

Dollar - Win, Immunity

Eggy - Win, Immunity, Freeze

Flower Pot - Win, Immunity, Freeze, Revenge

Grassy - Immunity

Joshua - None

Marker - Win

Magnifying Glass - None

MiiU - Immunity

Milk - None

Naily - None

Poptart - 2xImmunity

Radio - None

O.U. Remote - 2xFreeze, Immunity, Win

Saw - Freeze, 2xRevenge

Spikey Mervert - 2xWin, 2xImmunity

Teddy Bear - None

Tune - Revenge, Win

USB - Win

Character Idles and tokens

Team Logos


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