This is a new camp by TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101. Click here to see my profile -->Absolutley Coolio!<--


Rule 1: You can have 2 characters but only 2!

Rule 2: If your character is elimated, you can't join until we're on Chapter 5, 10, 15, or 20.

Rule 3: If you're the first to do the challenge, you get

If you're second, you get

If you're third and under, you get nothing. Sorry :(

Note: Elmofan, you're undisqualified.

Sign Ups 


Book- Thefreesmarter's brother

Bubble- Thefreesmarter bfdia


Colored Pencil-


Donut- Satanchu







Golf Ball-


Ice Cube- Thefreesmarter's brother

Leafy- Thefreesmarter bfdia

Match- bttclr

Money- I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013


Nickel- CrazyRoadblocker

Pen- Gogo67ify

Pencil- TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101

Pin- Joeandbill203


Purple Face- MrBrownieEx2956



Ruby- Silvonic

Slimy- TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101

Spongy- Joeandbill203

Snowball- CrazyRoadblocker

Teardrop- Silvonic

Tennis Ball- KirbyRider

Woody- I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013 (rejoined)

Yellow Face- Satanchu

Recommend your characters in the link below.!

Challenge 1

Wait wait wait. Read the intro lolz


Stan: Hello. I am Stan the Water Bottle and I am the host of this fine camp.

Pin: Fine? Pfft. Yeah ok.

Stan: Shush. So the first competition is...

Challenge 1

Make an OC. Your OC must be...

  1. An object
  2. YOURS. This means no stealing from others. Make your own. (IASSOEF, NO ELMO!)

Who did Challenge 1:

Satanchu, Joeandbill203, bttclr, THE BEST FAN OF BFDI(A)!, Gogo67ify and Thefreesmarter bfdia

Who Didn't Do Challenge 1:

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013 and CrazyRoadblocker

Prize Winners!

Satanchu, Joeandbill203, bttclr, THE BEST FAN OF BFDI(A)!, Gogo67ify and Thefreesmarter bfdia


Stan: Ok so let's get to the voting! Yellow Face and Donut, you get the prize! (Since that dumpling looked so good!)

Dumpling: Um!

Stan: -eats dumpling- Donut, you get a normal mouth! And Yellow Face, you get LIMBS! Oh yeah, here are your tokens

Donut: Um, a normal mouth?

Stan: Yeah...

Donut: Can I choose another prize?

Stan: Or you can have a DRC.

Donut: DRC! :D

Stan: Ok. Donut Recovery Center it is!

Yellow Face: YYYAAAYYY! I have limbs! Take that Pin!

Pin: -pokes yellow face-

Yellow Face: Yowch!

Stan: Ok, Pin and Spongy, you get Win Tokens

Spongy: Yay. I wuv win tokuns.

Pin: I mean, it is ok...I guess...

Stan: Ok, time for ELIMINATION! Ok... so.. half of you are safe...and half are NOT.

Snowball: I'm the only one who deserves to ISLAND!

Stan: Um..we're competing for the Fan Fiction Wiki and who will be ranked, Ulti Wiki Member.

Snowball: Oh ok.

Stan: So..the half that are safe are...

-camera zooms in dramaticly-

Stan: Unfortunately...SB.

Snowball: HEY! You got a problem against us balls?!

Stan: -snickers- Balls. Um, with you, yes.

Snowball: HMPH!

Stan: Nickel, you're safe.

Nickel: Oh! Whew! I was betting I was going to lose!

Stan: Yeah ok. Money and Woody...


Stan: Are eliminated!

Match: Like, thank woodsicles! Those two were like, so annoying.

Money: Can I at least say farewell to ev-

Stan: NOPE! >:D

-they are thrown into the TLC-


-in the TLC-

Woody: -dies because of his fear of gray-

Money: Oh great. I'm forever alone here.

Stan: Contest 2 will come out soon so be patient! :D

Contest 2!

Stan: Ok, last episode, we made OCs, right?

Match: OMG, like, yeah! You are like, so forgetful!

Stan: Listen you! I can eliminate you, like, RIGHT NOW!

Match: Like, sorry. O_O'

Stan: Ok, now, let's get to the elimination!

Pen: Don't you mean the contest?

Stan: *facepalm* Yes...

Pin: Can I announce it? I mean, I am leader o-

Stan: NO!

Pencil: Woah! What's wrong with Stan?

Stan: Nothing! Heh heh. *demented Soap face*

Plate (Recommended Character): The second contest is to complete the following Quiz in the comments! Here are the questions!

  1. Who is your favorite BFDIA character?
  2. Who is your favorite BFDI character?
  3. What are your thoughts on Puffball's prize craziness in BFDIA 5e?
  4. Who should be eliminated?
  5. Is TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101 awesome?
  6. Is Stan crazy?
  7. Who is Plate recommended by?
  8. [WARNING! SUPER HARD QUESTION!] How many HOURS are there in a year? Two years? Three? A CENTURY?!
  9. Is number 8 hard?

Who did the contest? Lookie lookie loo! You'll see who! (Wow that was such a good rhyme! :D)

Satanchu, KirbyRider, Joeandbill203, The best fan of BFDI(A)! (he ♥ red!),Gogo67ify, thefreesmarter bfdia

Priiiiiize Wiiiiiinerrrrs!

Satanchu, KirbyRider, 

Who didn't do the competition? Everyone did it! :D

ELIMINATION TIME! Plate: Ok, I'm going to um, host, this show and um.. heh, um, eh, uh,

Pen: Um, can you hurry it up?

Yellow Face: Yeah! You're taking too long and you're getting me so BORRRED! ._.

Pencil: That was mean! D:<

Purple Face: Whatever. Let us get on with the competition.

Bubble: Oi moi goish! Can we get oin with it?

Plate: *ahem* Excuse me. Um, so we have the eliminated contestants here.

Snowball: *pfft*

Nickel: Oh I just KNOW I'm going to lose!

Teardrop: ...!

Ruby: Please please please! I wanna stay in the game! PLEEEEASE?!

Plate: *gets crushed by announcer*

Announcer: Hai hai hai! I'm back. Let's start. The elimination is between SB, Nickel, Ruby and TD.


Announcer: I see you haven't changed.

Snowball: Thanks! Wait, hey! Wait, HEY. Wait, HEY!

Announcer: Ha ha. Ok, so the contestants that are going to the TLC are...

-camera zooms in again-

Announcer: Get that out of my face.

Cameraman: Sorry

Announcer: It is... SNOWBALL AND NICKEL!

Snowball: No! NO! NO!!!! Not the TLC, again!

Nickel: *sigh* I had a good run...

Snowball: Yeah, well if you wanna have a better run, I SUGGEST WE FLEE NOW!

Nickel: But that doesn't make sen-

Snowball: *grabs Nickel and runs*


SB and Nickel get slingshot into the TLC*

SB lands on Woody*

Snowball: Oh, whoops. I mean, HA HA!

Nickel: Ugh! I got dented!

Announcer: Ok, let's start Contest 3.


Announcer: The 3rd contest is to... um...think of a contest.

Contest 4

Announcer: Ok, um, let's play truth or dare. Donut & Yellow Face vs Firey and Gelatin.

Donut, Yellow Face, Truth or Dare? Answer in the comments!

Announcer: Ok, Donut/Yellow Face picked dare. I dare you to...

Yellow Face: I know! How about you dare us to make teams!

Announcer: No. I dare you to...actually yeah ok. Donut/Yellow Face, make a team name i-ACTUALLY NO. That'll be contest 4. Ok, I dare you to tell us you're DEEPEST fear [A fear only Donut and Yellow Face would have, not you, Satanchu.]

Announcer: Ok, last time, Donut/Yellow Face and Gelatin/Firey did T or D. Now it's time for Pen and TB's turns.

Announcer: Pen, truth or daaaare?


Yellow Face: Do you want Dream Island? Of course you do! Well, just contact me, Yellow Face and for a payment of 19.95 .99, you can get Dream Island! And then you can like, read! Or, die and be recovered! Or be stupid! So yeah! DON'T BUY NOW! And with your payment, you can get a PINK doll!

Snowball: Pink is girly!


Purple Face: No, don't buy it.

Yellow Face: *unusual swallowing of Purple Face sound*

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