Battle For Dream Island: The Video GameIs A Game Made For Wii And DS.


Flower Has Stolen Dream Island And Captured The Speaker Box! It's Up To Fiery, Bubble, Leafy, And Pencil To Get Dream Island Back And Save The Speaker!


World 1: Goiky Fields.

Level 1-1. The First Level. Very Straightforward, Leafy Must Get To The End Of The Level. However, Bugs Will Get In Her Way.

Level 1-2. River Crossings. Fiery Must Cross The Bridge Without Falling In The Water. Fish Will Jump Out Of The River And Try To Hurt Him. Also, Some Parts Of The Bridge Will Fall Down.

Level 1-3. Escorting Icy. Pencil Must Escort Ice Cube To The End Of The Level. Ice Cube Must Not Break Or Get Melted, Or Else You Must Restart At The Nearest Checkpoint (Recovery Center).

Level 1-4. Spiked. Bubble Must Defeat The Spike Throwing Speaker Box, Who Will Throw Spike Balls At Bubble. Bubble Must Avoid The Spikes, Or She Will Get Popped. When S.T.S.B. Stops Throwing Spikes, Bubble Can Jump On It. S.T.S.B. Will Then Go To The Other Side Of The Screen. Takes 8 Hits To Defeat.

(Work In Progress)

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