"Wait, WHAT! Battle For Dream Inanimate Insanity is Cancelled! Bring It Back!, NOW!" - Yellow Circle
Battle For Dream Inanimate Insanity is cancelled. Be aware that future updates on this article are unlikely to be seen, and additional information should be accompanied by a source to confirm it.

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Battle For Dream Inanimate Insanity (or BFDII) is a cancelled show made by SBproductions12. The first episode got up to 1,000 views! SB (creator) said that he would bring it back soon, however, no date has been released. Only 4 episodes have been made.

BFDII Episode 1 "The Catch of the day"

At The Beginning, MePhone4 ask are they ready for the challenge, and also annouces theres no teams! Bomby says that will be hard, but OJ tells him he will get use to it. MePhone4 annouces its a Dodgeball Challenge, and Blocky ask how do we choose whos on our team, so, obviously, MePhone throws them onto random teams:

Team Top: Blocky, TB, Eraser, GB, Pin, Baseball, Paintbrush, Spongy, Flower, Balloon, Snowball, Bubble, Rocky, Lightbulb, Match, Pickle, and David

Team Bottom: Knife, Bomb, Firey, OJ, Nickel, Needle, Coiny(who complains to be on Fireys team), Ice Cube, Pencil, Marshmellow, Pen, Bomby, Salt and Pepper, Taco, Paper, Teardrop, and Woody

Challenge begins and Nickel ask who should throw the first ball. Bomb trys to say "I should" but stutters, so Knife valenteers. He Grabs a Ball and Hits Eraser (and thanks to the show being on Paint, Tennis Balls leg, half of a ball, a tiny bit of a ball, and Knifes head is tooken off!) Bomb trys to grab a ball but Nickel just gets it instead and and throws it at Baseball, who catches it. After One Hour of Playing Dodgeball, 3 People got out. Balloon says hes gonna hit Taco, but Flower commands him to hit Woody instead, so he does. it hits woody, but bounces to the other team hitting 5 people from Team Top. SB trys to hit Taco, but Taco catches, and hits Snowball back, then the ball bounces back to Team Bottom, hitting Pencil. Pickle then attempts to hit somebody, but Pepper catches it, and Her and Salt throw it at each other, causeing the three of them to be out. While Firey and Coiny argue, Paintbrush throws a ball at Coiny, whitch shuts them up. Needle then trys to have revenge, but PB uses dodge powers, and the ball goes back to Team Bottom, hits Bomb, explodes, and causes 4 people to be out. Needle then thinks they should throw Bomby at the other team, so they do,and he blows up the whole Top off! Team Bottom wins, so everyone on Team Top is up for elimination. At the elimination area, Spongy says Sourcream, and PB tells him thats Tacos thing, so he apoligizes, LB then says there not aloud to talk, and Match says Yes. GB then says that the screen turned Black for 5 seconds, but no one else say, whitch Gets GB mad.

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