Battle For Dollar

Country of origin

León, Guanajuato, Mexico

Run time

November 11, 2019 - prensent
7 am

Original by

Canal Puntos (Mexico)

Preceded by

Object Moel

Succeeded by


Other channels

Puerto Rico: Wapa (Sundays, 5:00 am)
United States: Univision (Sundays, 4:00 am)
United States: Unimas (Sundays, 4:00 am)
United States: Telemundo (Sundays, 4:00 am)
United States: Galavision (Sundays, 4:30 am)
Ecuador: Ecuavisa (Sundays, 2:00 am)
El Salvador: Canal 6 TCS (Sundays, 3:00 am)

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Battle For Dollar is an object show original by Canal Puntos on Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

Just like animation of BFB.

And international channels are other, are coming on Sunday in midnight called: Wapa, Univision, Unimas, Telemundo, Galavision, Ecuavisa and Canal 6 on TCS, beacause is $11.


Game pieces are female except Pawn because is game piece too and he's male.



Last words

  • ¡No!
    • Who: Domino
    • Note: Heart had infiltrated his organization and had just revealed that he was betraying her. A car crashes that leads to her death.
  • ¡Te odio a todos!
    • Who: Crown
    • Note: During a crown disaster during which Strawberry kills her, after complaining that he "sold [the Team Lego] out"; the player does not hear this line if Crown is killed before she makes it to a grass.
  • ¡Estamos golpeados! Iremos hacia abajo! ¡Prepárate para el impacto!
    • Who: D
    • Note: He is later killed performing an aerial assault on the freighter, due to a RPG shot at Acapulco with Laptop shooting at various Fake Names gang members.
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