This is a camp hosted by gopokemon121, which has 40 contestants from BFDI and BFDIA. They will endure challenges and eliminations til only one remains. That person will win the Diamond Lighthouse!!

Challenge 1- Unoriginal Nameing

In this challenge the contestants had to come up with a team name.

Winners: Rocky, Bubble, Nickel

Losers: None

Eliminated: Fries- TotalDramaIsland5543

Challenge 2- Murder The Enemy

In this challenge the contestants had to kill the Puffball Speaker by finding which room it was in.One room had a Immunity Token, the other and Advantage Token. The rooms they could choose were:

Bedroom 1, 2- Token Wins, 3, 4

Bathroom 1, 2, 3, 4

Living Room

Main Hall

Garage- Token Wins

Guest Area

Laundry Room- Where Puffball Speaker Was

Front Patio

Back Patio

Dining Room 




Winners: The Waffles That Ooze Awesomeness, T.O.N.K.A.

Losers: The Inanimate Scholars

Eliminated: Blocky-KaraidsLair

Challenge 3: Chased by The Mafia

Contestants must find a way to cross the Mexican Border, but there is a fence in the way. They have 5 options, in which only 2 will work. They are to:

Dress like the Mafia

Cut the Fence with Pliers

Jump the Fence

Jump Through a Black Hole

Dig Under the Fence




Elimination Chart

Contestants Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5

Bubble- ScienceStorm1


Woody- ShinyStoutland

Clock- TheSwoobatNinja SAFE CLOSE
Remote- koolwhip555 SAFE LOSS
Bell- BlueLucario98 SAFE LOSS
Fanny- taopwnh6427 SAFE LOSS
Tree- rmills922 SAFE LOSS
8-Ball- friesfan7844 SAFE LOSS
Saw- SuperCDLand SAFE LOSS
Eggy- ToonPrince SAFE LOSS
Pin- joshytje5 SAFE LOSS
Pen- matthewvp18 SAFE LOSS
Rocky- shadowduck7 WFT WIN
Teardrop- SuperPlatformer SAFE WIN
Spongy- redturtle632 SAFE WIN
Coiny- raytonlin1 SAFE WFT
Marker- gamecity12 SAFE WIN
Bomby- MysteriousBFDIFan SAFE WIN
Naily- KillaXCool SAFE WIN
Barf Bag- capcap7844 SAFE WIN
Golf Ball- TheEnderRo SAFE WIN
Basketball- figureitoutofficial SAFE WIN
Poptart- Ploopy Zuki SAFE WIN
Match- Ben1178 SAFE WIN
Pencil- babycakes123tdifan SAFE WIN
Nickel- 2319mi WFT SAFE
Eraser- Yum Sepillo SAFE SAFE
Book- thewugglejack SAFE SAFE
Leafy- inferernapey SAFE SAFE
Needle- awsomekids1 SAFE SAFE
Snowball- lepnongames SAFE SAFE
Gelatin- ThristySkunk910 SAFE SAFE
Puffball- gdogbanks SAFE SAFE
Ruby- chimchar279 SAFE SAFE
Pie- 95mikemc1 SAFE SAFE
Mushroom- Roston11 SAFE SAFE
Pillow- MrIlikepie729 SAFE SAFE
Ice Cube- baigrei SAFE SAFE
Blocky- KaraidsLair SAFE OUT
Fries- TotalDramaIsland5543 OUT

This contestant won the challenge for their team
This team won the challenge
These contestants/team didnt win or lose
This contestants/team lost the challenge
This Contestant lost the challenge and was in the bottom 2, but was safe.
These contestants have been eliminated
The Inanimate Scholars
The Waffles That Ooze Awesomeness
Team of Nucklehead Kooky Acromanians
This Contestant was Teamless


Pen- matthewvp18 Immunity Token
Nickel- 2319mi Win Token
Marker- gamecity12  Advantage Token
Rocky- shadowduck7 Win Token, Advantage Token
Woody- ShinyStoutland Advantage Token
Bubble- ScienceStorm1 Win Token
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