Here is my Camp with a shared friend ItemMashUpOfficial on YouTube called Battle For A Dolly but sign-ups are still open but the spots taken are shown on the graph below! There Are 51 contestants with used icons but I will make my own soon! The Bodies are from II,BFDI, and Recommended Characters! Please Sign Up Because 13 Were Taken So The First 5 Got Tokens And 6-51 Get Air! Yes its true! Anyways I hope you sign Up! And I will have a Wiki called Item Mash Up Wiki But right now it does not exist! Ha! So... Nobody Has been eliminated yet. (Duh...) Please Sign Up!!! Also one of the challenges is fan art so get your artistic act on! So Im ObjectHost and ItemMashUpOfficial so ENJOY DIS PAGE NOW!!!

LightBulb Icon-0

Light Bulb is ObjectHost: He decided he will join the competition! All because he wants me to host and is his first camp he hosted but joined!

Light Bulb Has Not Been Eliminated Yet.

Pillow Icon-0

Pillow is PoweredSquirrel: This is his first camp but yet lucky to join this! He gives luck to other competitors and usually nice objects get far!

Pillow Has Not Been Eliminated Yet.

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