( Hi BF$100,000OIC fans I will not be doing a seaosn 2 after season 1, I won't finish out seaosn 1 beacuse I got tired of doing this show and it's because I'v gotton so much more inspiration from other object shows that putting it in this one would be that cool so instead I started a new show called Battle for the Diamonds which is going on it's 6th episode and it's really cool and after the first season of that I'll probibly do a second season that is inspired by LOCA or Lights Object Camera and Action. And If you haven't seen that show it's awesome so all who sined up for season 2 of this show I'm sorry but there won't be one but cheack out LOCA and Battle for the Diamonds sorry for the loss of a great show

Batle for $100,000 on Island Camp is a fun show new fetering some of your favorite and least favorite object show characters

Whats it About?

Batle On Island Camp is a show where 6 of my favorite BFDI contestants and 6 from BFDIA and 6 contetants made by me battle it out for $100,000. And there host is Bucket or mainly will be called host.



Merged Contestant (Final 8)


Hey veiwers out there now you can recemend characters in the comment section below the best one I think will be put in the show as a cameo apperence so start recemending the first recemended character will feature in Episode 4 and will go all the way to the finnaly somtimes I'll choose many some times I'll choose just one so start recemending. Also if you do recemend say the character and what epsiode you want it in choose the episode that says preveiw or comming soon or that says it isn't finished or almost done you get it choose the episode that is a work in progress it also you can only recemend 2 characters per episode.


1: Tree Climber

2: Guess What!!!!!!!

3: Goinky Swimmer

4: Are you Smarter than a II Character ?

5: Piece Diving

6: Very Unique Foods (Gross)

7: Halloween Special, The Maze of Terror

8: Sports Brawl!!!!!!!!!

9: Who is That ?

10: How Could YOU ?!

11: The Toxic Fight (will be done soon)

12: Comming soon

13: Comming Soon

14: Comming Soon

15: Comming Soon

16: Comming Soon

17:  Comming Soon

18: Comming Soon

19: Comming Soon

20 The Finnaly: Comming Soon

Epsiode 1: Tree Climber

Host: I'm your host bucket. And this is Battle For $100,000 on Island camp. Here 6 BFDI contetants, 6 BFDIA contetants, and 6 all new contetant will batle it out on this island for $100,000. Thats alot of money. Here comes the BFDI contetants now.

Match: Omg Pencil your here to and Bubble yay

Pencil: Omg I cant beleive we both got in

Match : I know and Bubble how are you

Bubble: Omg I'm great you

Match: I'm fine

Flower: Hi guys

Match,Pencil,Bubble: OH NO IT'S FLOWER!!!!!

Flower: Yep I'm back and I'm going to win

Pencil: No your not everyone hates you

Rocky:*barfs on Pencil*


Match: Spongy better not be back

Host: Spongy isn't comming back

Match: Good

Pencil: Oh look Teardrop is back to

Bubble: Yay Teardrop

Host: Ok here comes the BFDIA contetants.

Ruby: Yay it's so good to be back on a game show

Puffball: Ya it's been so long

Dougnut: Well i dont want to be back

Ruby: Than why did you come?

Doughnut: Cause I was invited back why did you think I'm here

Ruby: Okay

Dora:*speaks perfect spanish really fast*


Puffball: I know right

Nickle: Ya Coiny isn't back so I officly replace him

Ruby: Hi Nickle

Nickle: Hi

Ruby: You almost didnt remeber my name didnt you

Nickle: Sorry about that

Ruby: It's ok

Bomby: Hi guys

Ruby: Hi Bomby

Host: Ok here comes the all-new contetants

Paper Towl: My name is Paper Towl and I'm The Best

Square: Hi I'm Square

Blueberry: I am the strongest out of you loosers

Puffy Pillow: Hi I'm Puffy Pillow

Spoon: I'm Spoon and your all going down

Egg: Yay I'm really here meeting you guys this is so exiting yay

Host: So now that your all here its time to put you into teams

Egg: Yay teams!!!!

Host: Okay..... Now Team 1 will be BFDI contetants + three newbies. Those three newbies are Egg,Blueberry, and    Paper Towl

Paper Towl: Cool

Host: So that means Team 2 Is the rest of you. Ok now the Team names will be Team 1: Team Fun Team 2:Team Cool Peeps. Okay good,great,done

Match: So what now

Host: I'm getting to that now that teams are good and even time for are first chlange

Doughnut: What is are first chalange

Host: I'm Getting to that sericly I have some impatient people

Host: Ok the chalange is to get your whole team up this tree

Host: Ok READY............SET..........GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Paper Towl: Guys lets through people up one ta a time then the last person just climbs up

All of Team Fun: Ok

Paper Towl: Ok through Blueberry first he's light

Blueberry: No I'm Strong I can through

All of Team Fun:*stares at Blueberry*

Match: Really Blueberry really

Blueberry: Yes really

Paper Towl: Fine you can through but if you make us loose you'll probibly be going home or where ever the loosers go to

Ruby: Ok I got some climbing gear lets climb

Doughnut: Ruby, Puffball can Fly us up 

Ruby: Oh ya everyone on Puffball

Puffball: Ok theres alot of weight on me so I might fly slower

All of Team Cool Peeps: Go Puffball Go!!!!!!!

Flower: No Team Cool Peeps are ahead cause of Puffball

Paper Towl: Blueberry, THROUGH FASTER!!!!!!!

Blueberry: I'm Going as fast as I can

Bubble: Blueberry, your stil trying to through Teardrop you shure you dont need help

Blueberry: I'm Good

Puffball: Were almost up

Bomby: Go Puffball Go

Host: And Team Cool Peeps win the first chlange of the season

Ruby: Yay Puffball

Host: So Team Fun, I'll see you at the Elimantion Ceremony.

Egg: Oh no

Match: Thanks alot Blueberry

Blueberry: Oh no *gulps*

At The Elimantion Ceremony

Host: Ok, in front of you are cards of your team mates. Put a green mark on it if you think that team member deserves a prize. Put a red mark if you think that team member deserves to be elimanted.

Match: This is such a easy choise

Pencil: I know right

Host: Ok now put the card that has the green mark in the green box. Put the card with the red mark in the red box

Host: Ok we'll start with prize

Host: First vote: Paper Towl, Second: Paper  Towl, Third: Paper Towl, Fourth: Match, Fifth: Pencil, Sixth: Paper Towl, Seventh: Paper Towl, Eigth: paper Towl, Ninth: Paper Towl. So PaperTowl you get the prize

Paper Towl: Yay

Host: Your Prize is a Help Token

Paper Towl: Whats that

Host: Well if your team is loosing or stuck in a chalange you can use this to help your whole team

Paper Towl: Yay

Host: Now that, thats done time for the elimantiion votes

Host: First Vote: Blueberry, Second: Blueberry, Third: Blueberry, Fourth: Flower, Fifth: Flower

Flower: Why did I get votes I didn't do anything

Host: Dont Disturb the reveling proses

Flower: Sorry

Host: Ok Sixth vote: Flower, Seventh: Blueberry, Eigth: Flower, Final vote is Blueberry.

Blueberry: I cant be out not now it's to early

Host: Sorry but your team voted, also i wont always say the votes every episode so,sometimes i will.

Host: Well Blueberry to the TLI (Tiny Looser Island)

Blueberry: *gets flung to the TLI* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Host: Till next episode Battle For................$100,000 on Island Camp

Episode 2: Guess What!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Last time you meet 18 contestants. Than we put those 18 contestants into 2 teams. Team Fun which held the six BFDI contestants + 3 all-new contestants. And Team Cool Peeps which held the six BFDIA contestants + the last 3 all-new contestants. Then they did there first chalange of the season. It was to get your whole team up a big tree. Team Fun's plan was to through evreyone up then the througher will climb up. For some reason Blueberry thought he could through everyone. Team Cool Peeps Idea was to use climbing gear that Ruby found. But Doughnut reminded Ruby that Puffball could just fly them up. So all of there team gets onto Puffball and she flys them up. And Team Cool Peeps win. In the end Team Fun sent Blueberry to the TLI. And Towl got a prize. Her prize was a Help Token. Which will help her team alot. Who will go to the TLI next find out here on Battle For $100,000 on Island Camp

Flower: OMG, Bubble stop running away you deserve to look this way

Bubble: Flower go away I don't need a makeover

Flower: You do you look terrible without make-up. You really do

Bubble: Mean

Match: Ya that was mean

Pencil: Really mean

Doughnut: Ruby,Puffball come here

Ruby: What

Doughnut: do you to want to form a alience.

Puffball: An alience with you ummmmmmm no

Ruby: Ya no sorry

Doughnut: Okay be that way thers other members on our team, maybe I'll ask Dora

Ruby: But you hate her

Doughnut: Hate her..... I ...... dont........ hate.......her

Dora:*speaks spanish to Doughnut super duper fast*

Doughnut: Yep......ok

Puffball: You understand her

Doughnut: No I...... don't

Rocky:*barfs on Pencil*

Pencil: Ewwwwwwwww Rocky

Teardrop:*stares at Rocky Angriesh*

Paper Towl: Hey guys what do you think are next chalnge is

Egg: I dont know

Spoon: I dont know ither

Host: Well I'll tell you what the chalange is then

Egg: Yay what is it!!!!!!

Host: I'm getting to it 

Host: The chalnge is a Guess What chalange

Match: What is it

Host: I told you its called Guess What


Host: I told you its called Guess What

Doughnut: What does that mean

Host: It means what I want it to mean

Host: Okay choose 4 people from your team to be in the chalange

Ruby: Oh choose me 

Puffball: Okay Ruby,me,Doughnut,and..............Spoon

Spoon: Umm who made you boss

Puffball: Who made you the person who gets mad at everyone

Spoon: Ok pushy

Host: Ok Ruby,Puffball,Doughnut,and Spoon will repusent team Cool Peeps

Pencil: I say Match,me,Bubble,and TD

Match: But Teardrop cant talk

Flower: Oh choose me

Pencil: Fine Flower

Flower: YAY!!!!!!

Host: So Match,Pencil,Bubble,and Flower are repusenting team Fun

Flower: So what so we do

Host: I'm getting to that

Host: Ok you will be put on these pedistals and ill ask a guess what question if you guess what the guess what question you get to elimnatiate somone

Bubble: Wait from the contest

Host: No from the chalange

Paper Towl: So what do the rest of us do

Egg: What do we do

Host: You guys get to sit and cheer

Egg: Ok i love cheering yayayayayayayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Ok guessss whatttt

Bubble: Chicken

Pencil: Walfles

Flower: Flower

Match: Really Flower really

Ruby: Diamonds?

Host: Correct Ruby

Host: Ruby choose somone to be out of the chalange

Ruby: I choose Match

Host: Ok so that means Team Fun are down to 3 members

Match: Thanks Ruby

Host: Next guess whatttttttt

Spoon: Cranberrys

Puffball: Blueberry

Doughnut: Doughnut

Host: Correct Doughnut

Host: Doughnut choose somone to be out of the chalange

Doughnut: Ummmmm Bubble

Bubble: Awwwwww

Host: So 4 to 2

Host: Ok guess what

Pencil: Bubblegum

Ruby: Gems

Puffball: Idk, Towl use your help token

Paper Towl: No you dont needs it

Pencil: Bucket

Host: Correct

Pencile: I choose Puffball

Puffball: See Towl we did need it

Host: Ok guesssssssssssss whattttttttttttttttt

Ruby: Gems?

Host: Wow correct

Ruby: I choose Pencil

Pencil: What!!! No!!!!!!

Host: Ok its up to Flower to win for Team Fun

Pencil: Flower dont loose

Egg: Go flower Go flower Go!!!!!!!

Host: Ok guess what

Flower: Flower

Ruby: Flower in food flower

Host: Ruby your correct. So Team Cool Peeps win. Team Fun I'll see you at the elimantion ceremony

Match: Wow Flower wow

At The Elimantion Ceremony

Host: Ok This is your second elimantion wow. You voted and this time well just say who gets out and who stays but first the prize

Egg: Yay Prizes

Host: The person who gets the prize is..................................................... Match

Match: OMG Yay!!!!

Host: Match you get a Skip Token

Match: Whats That

Host: Well if you are in bottom for votes you can  youse it skip all your votes so you can be safe

Match: Awesome

Host: Now for the votes

Pencil: Oh no

Host: If I call your name your safe. Bubble,Pencil,Match,Teardrop,Rocky,Towl.............. and............ Egg

Egg: Yay

Host: Sorry Flower it's time for you to go to the TLI

Flower: What No!!!. If you send me there I'll youse my Host Crusher 2.0 on you

Host: *pushes button*

Flower: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *sent to the TLI*

Host: Till next episode Battle For...................... $100,000 on Island Camp

Epsiode 3: Goinky Swimmer

Host: Last time the two teams did the second chalange. A guess what chalage. I said guess what and they would guess what. In the end Team Fun lost again. All because Ruby was doing so good. So Team Fun decided Match deserved the prize. Her prize was a skip token it would skip all her votes if shes in the bottom for votes. Then Team Fun sent Flower to the TLI because all she would say in the challage is flower. So who will be next to go to the TLI found out here a Battle For 100,000 on Island Camp

Bomby: Omg whats going on your gonna light my fuse *saying quicly*

Match: I'm a match not Firey

Firey: Hi guys

Host: Wait Firey your not in the show

Firey: Aww plzzzzzz

Host: No!!

Firey: Awwwwwww

Host: Goodbye Firey *flings Firey to te DGOTSI*(didn't get on the show island)

Spoon: So is Bomby a boy or a girl

Paper Towl: Huh i never thought of that

Pencil: I think Bomby is a girl

Match: Me to

Doughnut: No I'm preety shore Bomby is a boy

Ruby: Ya Bomby is a boy

Puffball: No!! Bomby is a girl

Bomby: I'm a.... *randomly gets flung by the host*

Host: Ok chalange Time

Pencil: Awwwwww now we'll never no

Egg: Yay!!!! whats the chalange!!!!!

Host: I'm getting to that sheesh!

Bubble: I hope it's a berry eating contets perferably yoyal berrys

Ruby: But those turn us into metal

Nickle: Ummm you mean yoyal metal reagular metal is different

Coiny: Hi Nickle

Nickle: Coiny?

Ruby: Coiny?

Puffbal: Coiny?

Dora: *speaks spanish very fast*

Rocky: *barfs on Coiny*

Nickle: Coiny your not on the show you should be at the DGOTSI

Coiny: Oh is firey here

Puffball: No he got flung about 5 minutes ago

Coiny: Oh

Host: Coiny you shouldnt be here

Coiny: Noooooo!!!!! *gets flung to the DGOTSI*

Host: Ok now for the chalange

Egg: Yay!!!! what is it!!!!!

Host: The chalange is a swimming chalange

Spoon: But i cant swim

Host: Oh........ to bad!!! *laughs evily*

Match: Scary

Doughnut: Ok where are we swimming

Host: Across the Goinky Cannel

Bubble: Yay YOYLE CAKES!!!!!!!

Pencil: Match oh no!!!

Match: What!!!!

Pencil: Your blue hair dye will come out

Match: Oh well I'll dye it Green next

Pencil: Ok

Bomby: I'm.........back....... I cross a........desert

Host: Ready Set Gooooooo!!!!!!!

Bomby: Whats going on

Egg: Swimmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

Bobmy: Ok

Paper Towl: Puffy can you swim

Puffy Pillow: No *saying sadly*

Paper Towl: Ok I'll carry you

Puffy Pillow: Ok yay

Bomby: Why are we swimming

Match: It's are chalange duh

Bomby: Oh

Host: Ok so 3 contestants from Team Cool Peeps made it across already and for Team Fun 0

Pencil: Awwwww

Doughnut: Ya were in the lead

Puffball: Ya of coarse we are were Team Cool Peeps

Egg: Almost Done

Host: Ok now its 6 to Team Funs 2 , wow

Match: Done

Bubble: Me to YAY!!! Yoyal Cakes!!!!!

Host: Ok now 6 to 4

Bomby: Done

Dora: *speaks spanish very very fast*

Host: Ok 8 to 4, 1 more for Team Cool Peeps and 3 more for Team Fun

Doughnut: Yay

Puffball: Who's left

Bobmy: Ruby

Match: Who's left

Bubble: Teardrop, Pencil, and Rocky

Match: Oh

Egg: Goooooooo Team Fun!!!!!!

Paper Towl: You Got This!!!!!

Puffy Pillow: Go Go Go!!!!!


Ruby: *looks behind her to see Teardrop,Rocky, and Pencil cetching up

Doughnut: No!!! dont stop and look keep swiming

Host: It's neck and neck

Everyone: SWIMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

Host: We have a winner Ruby

All of Team Cool Peeps: Yay Ruby!!!!!

Host: Team Fun I'll see you at the elimantion ceremony for the third time

Match: Awwww

At The Elimantion Ceremony

Host: Ok one of you seven will be going to the TLI tonight lets find out

Pencil: Oh i hope its not me

Host: This time if I call your name your safe

Egg: Ok

Host: So Match,Egg,Towl,Bubble are safe

Pencil: Awwww

Teardrop: *looks sad*

Host: Pencil

Pencil: Yes

Host: Your also safe

Pencil: Yay

Host: Wait we didnt do prizes yet

Match: Oh ya

Egg: Yay Prizes

Host: The prize goes to Match

Match: Another Prize yay

Host: Your Prize is a Win Token

Match: Cool

Host: For the new contetants who dont know what a Win Token is well I'll tell you a Win Token can be used in the begining of the Elimantion Ceremony and it takes away half your votes

Match: Cool

Host: The Only Problem is you can only have one prize at a time so say goodbye to your Skip Token

Match: Awww

Host: Now the final persone safe isssssssss..............................Teardrop

Teardrop: *looks happy*

Host: So sorry Rocky you've been elimanted to the TLI  with you

Match: Yay Rockys gone

Pencil: Yay

Bubble: Yay

Rocky: *barfs on everyone*

Host:  Bye Rocky *flings rocky to the TLI* 

Match: Well I'm not sad that he's gone

Host: Till next episode Battle For..................... $100,000 on Island Camp

Cameo apperences in this episode



Episode 4: Are you Smarter than a II Character ?

Host: Last time the 2 teams did there third chalange. Which was to swim across the Goinky Cannel. Well since Team Fun had 2 less contestants on their team you would think they would win. Well I and probibly you were wrong once again Team Cool Peeps out bested them again. Yes some how a team of 9 can beat a team of 7. Also Firey and Coiny made a cameo apperence on the show but both ended up at the DGOTSI where all the other rejects are like Bracitly,or Marker,or 8-ball. Well in the end Team Fun decided Match deserved the prize since she already had a prize it was bye bye to her Skip Token and hello to her new Win Token. And Team Fun decided Rocky would be next to go to the TLI who will be next find out here on Battle For $100,000 on Island Camp.

Square: Am I the only shape here

Paper Towl: Yes

Square: Oh

Egg: Omg I found out that Bomby is a.....* randomly gets flung*

Match: What was that

Pencil: Idk

Bubble: So Match,Pencil are we going to become an allience again

Pencil: Like ya

Match: Like what did you think

Bubble: Oh just making shure

At The TLI

Flower: I cant beleive they would elimate me for the third time

Blueberry: Third ?

Flower: Yes third i was on BFDI duh

Rocky: *barfs on flower with an angry face*

Flower: Grosssssssss Rocky why were you choses to come back and how did you stay longer than me

Rocky: *smiles*

Blueberry: I was the strongest contestant on are team why would you elimante me

Flower: 2 reasons 1 you lost the chalange for us 2 if you were the strongest either you would get elimanted because your team would be itimadated from you or you would fail again and be elimanted

Blueberry: Still I could of lasted longer than you

Flower: Hey!!!!!!!

On The Island

Bomby: Omg your gonna light my fuse

Match: Once again I'm not firey

Firey: Hi guys

Pencil: No!!! were not doing that again

Egg: I wonder what are chalange wil be

Paper Towl: I dont know

Square: I hope its a eating chalange

Puffy Pillow: Oh me to I can die for a Yoyal Burger from Burger Yoyal

Doughnut: I can arange that

Puffy Pillow: Not litterly it was a joke or a yoyal

Bubble: Yoyal Cakes!

Teardrop: *staires a ruby*

Ruby: So why cant you talk

Teardrop: *wrights on a sighn it says i cant talk because* *randomly gets flung*

Ruby: Whats with all the random flinging sericly

Match: Guys I know now that Bomby is a boaahhhhhhhhhhhh*randomly gets flung*

Ruby: Really.......just really

Doughnut: Ya that gets annoying

Egg: Is it Chalange Time YET!!!!!!!

Host: Yes right now

Egg: OMG YAY!!!!!!!

Square: So whats the chalange

Host: It's are you smarter than a II character ?

Ruby: Yay we can crush those itdiots

Toco: Hey!!!

Knife: That wasn't nice

Balloon: Were acutally very inteluquent

Puffball: You mean intelegent

Balloon: What ever

Orange Juice: I'm glad to be back on a show

Ruby: Your on a good chow better than II and II2

Pencil: Whats your problem with II and II2

Ruby: It goes back to the

Host: No we dont have time. Well as you see we have ,Balloon ,Taco,Knife and OJ

Balloon: Great to be here on this crummy show

Bubble: Crummy did that thing say crummy

Host: Now for the chalange each team will choose four contestants to be in the chalange

Ruby: I sya me,Square,Puffball, and Puffy Pillow

Match: Me, Pence Pence, Bubble, and Towl

Host: The rest of your team will sit out

Egg: Awwwwww I have to sit out

Host: Ok so I'll ask a Question about BFDI,BFDIA,and II

Pencil: Ok

Host: If your team gets the question right you get a point for your team, but if the II characters get the question they can take a point from any Team

Pencil: What

Bubble: No fair

Bomby: So that seems easy

Host: Question 1, who won BFDI

Ruby: Easy Firey

Host: Correct Ruby, Question 2, What episode did BFDIA stop at

OJ: Duh Epsiode 5e

Host: Correct OJ

OJ: I'm going to take one of Team Cool peeps

Host: Ok so now it's 0 to 0

At the TLI

Flower: So how long to we have to stay here

Blueberry: A while

Flower: Awwwwwwwwwww noooooooooo!!!!!!

Rocky: *barfs on Flower*

Flower: Grosssssssss!!!!!

On the Island

Host: Ok so the score is Team Fun 3 Team Cool Peeps 6 and Team II took away 4 points so far

Egg: They mised all of that while the cameras were on the TLI elimanted people

Host: Yes so now for Question 16, who has a short fuse, Hint there from BFDIA

Puffball: Bomby

Host: Correct so 4 to 6

Doughnut: Were cetching up

Host: I'm sorry but that was the last question so finaly Tean Fun wins

Match: Yay

Ruby: Noooooooooo

OJ: So now what happens to us

Knife: Ya what happens to us

Host: Oh you'll see

Balloon: I don't like the sound of that

Taco: Me neither

Host: *Pushes a botton*

All the II contestants: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: To the DGOTSI with you


OJ: This sucks

Firey: I know right

Coiny: I hate you

Pin: You both are hated by me

Needle: I should be on the show

Taco: I should be on the show


At the Elimantion Ceremoy on the Island

Host: Once again I'm to fat and lazy to say all the votes for the prize and for the elimantion

Ruby: Prize should go to me

Host: Your correct you do get the prize

Bomby: Awwww

Square: Darn

Host: You get a Skip Token which you know about

Ruby: I do? oh ya I do

Host: Now if I call your name your safe

Puffy Pillow: I hope I get called

Host: Puffy Pillow, Spoon, Square, Ruby, Dougnut, Bomby, Puffball

Nickle: What why am I not called

Dora: *speaks spanish super duper fast*

Host: Nickle your annoying and stupid

Nickle: What!!!!

Host: Dora your useless

Dora: *Speaks spanish not that fast*

Host: But Nickle they would rather have annoying and stupid than useless

Nickle: Yes

Host: So that means Dora to the TLI with you *flings Dora*

Spoon: So now what

Host: This till next time Battle for......................$100,000 on Island Camp

Cameo apperences in this episode









Backpack: Recemended by Cedricblocks

Episode 5: Piece Diving

Host: Last time the 2 Teams had to battle it out against II characters. Taco, Balloon, Knife, and OJ. They had to battle it out in a question contest. Everytime the II contestants got the answer they got to take a point away from teh other 2 Teams. So of coarse the other Teams were trying to get the answer so they could get a point. In the end Team Fun finally won. And Team Cool Peeps well they had to send somone home. But before that Ruby got a prize. Which was a Skip TOken which was mentioned in episode 3. But sort of sadly Dora was next to the TLI. Who will be next find out tonight here on Battle For $100,000 on Island Camp

Puffy Pillow: *sighs*

Paper Towl: Whats wrong

Puffy Pillow: Oh nothing

Paper Towl: Tell me

Puffy Pillow: Ok well for some reason Nickle hates me

Paper Towl: Why

Puffy Pillow: Because........... he told me he hated me

Paper Towl: He did

Puffy Pillow: Yea

Paper Towl: Oh I'll settle him straight

Nickle: Hmm what should I do today before the chalange

Paper Towl: Hey Nickle why do you hate Puffy

Nickle: I dont hate her

Paper Towl: But she said

Nickle: Puffy is a lier she lies alllllllll theeeeee timmmmeeeeee

Paper Towl: So she isssssss

Nickle: Yes

Paper Towl:  Ok

Bomby: Why don't any of you know my gender!!!!

At The TLI

Flower: Why am I hated

Blueberry: I don't know because your hmmm ugly,stupit,hard to look at *saying in a sarcastic voice*

Flower *slaps Blueberry*

Blueberry: Don't go all needy on me

Needle: *slaps Blueberry* DON'T CALL ME NEEDY!!!!!!!!

Blueberry: Wait you shouldn't be on the TLI you should be on the DGOTSI

Needle: Aww sericly *randomly is teleported to the DGOTSI*

Dora: *speaks spanish really fast*

On The Island

Host: All contestants meet at the Yoyle Cannel

Ruby: Why the Yoyle Cannel

Puffball: Didn't we already do a chalange that involved the Yoyal Cannel

Square: Ya remeber episode 3 Yoyle Swimmer. Rocky got elimanted

Puffball: Gosh you didn't have to be so mean

Egg: Yay Yoyal Cakes!!!

Bubble: Hey that's my thing YOYLE CAKES!!!!!!!

Host: Once again MEET AT THE YOYLE CANNELLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pencil: Sheesh were comming

Match: Ya!!

Host: Welcome Team Fun and Team Cool Peeps it's time for are next chalange

Doughnut: Allready

Square:It seems to soon  

Host: Well It is not

Puffball: Whats are next Chalange

Host: Your next chalnage is to dive into the water to find boat peices

Ruby: Ok and

Host: The first team to compleat there whole boat wins

Square: Sounds easy

Host: Oh ya you can only have one diver at a time and theres 10 peices per boat

Ruby: I call diving first

Doughnut: Why do you get to dive first

Puffy Pillow: Ya why

Ruby: Because I said so

Host: Ready set goooooo!!!!!!

Ruby: Well here I go *dives in*

Egg: I'll dive first to

Pencil: Ok hurry go *pushes Egg in the water*

Egg: Plea... he... meeee.....

Match: OMG SWIM YOU DUMB EGG!!!!!!!!!!

Egg: Ok I'm swimming

Ruby: Ya I got one

Host: So its 1 to 0

Puffball: Can I go

Ruby: No not you Nickle you go

Nickle: Ok

Puffball: You got so BOSSY!!! since we were on BFDIA

Ruby: I'm sorry but I like are Team to WIN!!!!!

Nickle: Got one

Host: Ok so 2 to 0

Egg: Finally got one

Host: Ok now 2 to 1

Match: I'll go *jusmps in the water*

Ruby: Your just jelouse 'cause I'm liked more

Puffball: That dosn't even go with are argument

Square: K got are third one

Host: 3 to 1

Match: I'm back with a peice

Host: 3 to 2

Square: This will take for ever

Spoon: I'll go


Taco: So why are we here again

OJ: Because we didn't get on the show

Yin-Yang:*Yang* Why do we just sit

Yin-Yang:*Yin* Because we have no where else to go

Gulf Club: I hate all of you

Test Tube: Well than I ha......

On The Island

Host: While you were on the DGOTSI the scores are now 9 to 9. And Ruby and Puffball are still fighting

Teardrop: *rights down: I'll go swim*

Bomby: I'll get the last peice

Host: It's the final 2 who will get the last peice for there Team

Ruby: I wish you would stop saying I'mmmmm BOSY!!!!

Puffball: But you ARE!!!!!

Teardrop: *brings the last peice*

Host: And Team Fun wins fro there second time

Ruby: See Puffball all 'cause of you we lost

Puffball: So It's mt fult

Ruby: Yes

At the Elimantion Ceremony

Host: The Prize goes to Spoon

Spoon: Yay

Host: You get a Gold Token

Spoon: Whats that

Host: You can give half your votes away

Spoon: Cool

Host: But that means bye bye Help Token

Host: Now for the elimantion votes

Ruby: I would like to use my Skip Token

Host: Ok Ruby

Puffball: No

Host: That means the only other vote which wasn't against Ruby was twords Puffball

All of Team Cool Peeps but Ruby: *gasps*

Doughnut: Wow

Ruby: Bye bye Puffball

Spoon: Cold

Puffy Pillow: Ya

Host: Sorry but goodbye Puffball *flings Puffball to the TLI*

Puffball: *while she's being flung to the TLI* I'll get you back Ru....

Host: Well who will be next to the TLI till next time Battle for......................$100,000 on Island Camp

Cameo apperences in this episode




Test Tube

Gulf Club: Recemended by Cedricblocks

Epsiode 6: Very Unique Foods (Gross)

Host: Last time the 2 Teams were in shock when I told them they were going back to the Goinky Cannel. Ruby and Puffball really got into a fight because Ruby was being a little bit bossy by saying she'll go first in the next contetant which was to choose a player on your team to dive down to get a peice and the first team to get all there peices won. Team Fun won again because of all the bickering going on between Ruby and Puffball. Now at the elimantion ceremony Spoon got the prize for probibly doing the chalange and he got a Gold Token which he can take half his votes and give it to anyone. But sadly in the end because of Rubys skip token she got as a prize in a previous episode only one vote counted and it was Rubys which was against hmmm I wonder who. It was Puffball who took the Fling to the TLI. Whith her last words  I'll get you back Ru.... She was gone so who will be next find out tonight here on Battle For $100,000 on Island Camp

Ruby: I feel bad now

Spoon: Go figure you got Puffball elimanted

Ruby: I know but

Nickle: It was your fult  ou were being Bossy

Eraser: Like a Bossy Bot

Host: Eraser you should be on the DGOTSI

Eraser: Awwwwww *gets flung to the DGOTSI

Ruby: Now I miss her. Why did I get her elimanted why

Spoon: I thought you didn't like her

Ruby: I know I was just mad

Bomby: Well because of your madness twords her Puffball is now elimanted

Square: Now we all hate you Ruby hate

Ruby: *starts crying and runs off*

Bomby: That could of gone better

Match: Omg Ruby why are you here

Ruby: Because my whole Team hates me

Pencil: Why?

Ruby: Because I got Puffball elimanted

Bubble: WHAT!!!!!

On The TLI

Puffball: I hate Ruby so much

Flower: Why?

Puffball: OMG SHE GOT ME ELIMANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blueberry: We know just go cry about it

On The Island

Match: What do you think ur next chalange is?

Egg: I don't know, but I hope it's fun

Host: Ok I'll tell you your next chalange is create your own unique food dish

Egg: I LOVE!!!! FOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pencil: Yoou just spit in my eye *slaps Egg*

Egg: *rubs face while talking* Sorry :*(

Ruby: I can make food well I can make waffles

Bubble: It's a create your own unique food

Doughnut: Not use somthing that allready exsists

Ruby: Oh I'm doomed

Host: You can use anything you see here

Bubble: Yoyleberrys YAY!!!!

Nickle: Chacolate yummy

Paper Towl: What no rasberrys no way

Spoon: Ahhhhhhh a fork

Square: your scared of forks

Spoon: Ya there dangerouse it's like 3 knifes

Square: Ok

Match: I say we should add one more person to our alience

Pencil: Were in an alience

Match: Ya me you a Bubble

Bubble: I say Paper Towl we still have no boys in our alience

Pencil: TD she's quiet but strong and smart

Match: I say TD to

Pencil: All In favor for TD say I

Match,Pencil,Bubbble: I

Match: Ok I'll ask here now

Host: Ok chalange starts now

Bomby: Where's the paprica

Match: Hey TD would you like join my allience with Pencil and Bubble

Teardrop: *shakes head up and down*

Match: Yay I'll tell the others

Bubble: So is she in

Match: Yep, but we should start the chalange now

Host: Oh ya you only have an hour

Square: What

Ruby: An hour well I lost

Egg: Fooooooooooooodddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

1 hour later

Host: Ok for the chalange I will score your foods in Apperance, taste, uniqueness, and name. Highest score you can get is 40 points. First we have Match's dish

Match: The name of my dish is Bibble bobble gune

Host: Ok thats 6 for the name. And apperance isn't so appeling so 5. and now for taste *eats the dish* Hmmm good so 8 and finnaly uniqueness is 9. So a 18 out of 40

Match: Awwwww

Host: Next Ruby

Ruby: I have nothing

Host: Ok 0 out of 40

To lazy to say all the induvisual scores so here is a chart of the scores

Points for all of the dishes
Name of dish and Contetant Team Overall score
Bubble: Fish gope Team Fun 20/40
Match: Bibble bobble gine Team Fun 18/40
Pencil: Matchy Team Fun 31/40
Teardrop: Tesing meat Team Fun 7/40
Egg: Eggzelenienta Team Fun 29/40
Paper Towl: Spooookeini Team Fun 4/40
Overall Score Team Fun 109/240
Ruby: Nothing Team Cool Peeps 0/40
Doughnut: Donuting me crazy Team Cool Peeps 1/40
Bomby: Ezpelientraca Team Cool Peeps 38/40
Spoon: I h8 forks Team Cool Peeps 7/40
Puffy Pillow: Pillowing Team Cool Peeps 40/40
Square: Block Team Cool Peeps 1/40
Nickle: I h8 Coiny Team Cool Peeps 5/40
Overall Score Team Cool Peeps 92/280

Host: Wow so Team Fun wins again

Match: Yay

Bubble: Woooooo

Paper Towl: I'm so happy

Host: Team Cool Peeps I'll see you at the elimantion ceremony

Ruby: Ugggghhh I'm going to the TLI tonight

At the Elimantion Ceremony

Host: Only 2 people on your team got good scores so because of that Bomby, and Puffy Pillow get the prize

Ruby: No fair!!! what happened to voting

Host: Well they were going to gte piked any way

Puffy Pillow: So happy whats the prize

Host: You to get Gold tokens

Bomby: Ya

Host: Now for the votes this time I'll say all the votes

Spoon: Yay

Host: First vote Ruby

Ruby: Go figure

Host: Shut up second vote Ruby. Third and fourth are for Square

Square: What!!!!!

Host: Well you only got 1 point in the chalange. Fifth vote Spoon

Host: Sixth Ruby, seventh Square

Puffy Pillow: Tie

Doughnut: Spoon you should you's your Gold Token

Spoon: Ok I'm using my Gold Token

Host: Ok who will you give your vote to

Spoon: I'm giving it to Square

All of Team Cool peeps and the Host ecsept Spoon: WHAT!!!!!!

Spoon: Becuase Ruby is much stronger than square I watched her in BFDIA

Ruby: Omg thank you so much Spoon

Host: I'm sorry but square you've been elimanted

Square: Noooooooooooo

Host: *flings square to the TLI*

Doughnut: Bye square

Plug: We'll miss you

Ruby: Who are you?

Host: *flings Plug to the DGOTSI*

Plug: *while being flung* Ahhhhhhhh

Host: Well till next time Battle for......................$100,000 on Island Camp

Cameo apperences in this episode

Plug: Recemended by Cedricblocks


Episode 7: Holloween Special, The Maze of Terror

Host: Last time on a gross and shocking episode. Each member of the Teams had to creat a unique dish that has not been invented. I would taste it and score it on apperance, taste, uniqueness, and name. While the chalange went on Match decided her allience with Bubble and Pencil. Needed a fourth member. Bubble sugested Paper Towl. But Pencil sugjested Teardrop. Match went with Teardrop. She went and sked and Teardrop shook her head in the yes formation as she dosen't talk. Now the only allience in the show went from 3 to 4. But ut wont be the only alience for long. Now back to the chalange Team Fun won with 109/240 even though Team Cool Peeps could of got an extra 40 points. At the Elimantion Ceremony the prize went to Egg and Bomby with voting because there dishes were the only dishes on there team to get a score higher than 10. They each got a Gold Token. But In the end there was a tie between Square and Ruby Ruby got a 0 and Square got a 1. But Doughnut also got a 1 but he got no votes. So Doughnut reminded spoon of his Gold Token  and he used that token and gave his one vote to Square. That shocked everyone. So Ruby stays and Square leaves. Who will be next find out tonight here on Battle For $100,000 on Island Camp.

Ruby: Hey Spoon

Spoon: Hi Ruby *saying in a weird voice*

Ruby: Since you saved me from elimantion do you want to be in a allience with me

Spoon: Ummmm ok *still saying in a weird voice*

Ruby: Grate!!!!

Doughnut: Spoon Spoon Spoon what have you done *saying in a smart voice*

Spoon: I know I should of elimanted her, but now I'm in an alience with her what do I do?

Doughnut: I can't help you anymore you betrayed the Team so now next elimantion it will be you going to the TLI

Spoon: *gulps* Oh no *saying in a sad voice*

Match: 5 6 7 8 who do we absolutly hate Spungy

Spungy: *squishes Match* Yay *saying in a low sadish voice*

Pencil: OMQ you just sqiushed my BMF. Best Matched Friend

Bubble: What about me

Pencil: Your my BUT

Bubble: But

Pencil: It stands for Best Unique Thing that loves yoyle berrys

Bubble: No you just hate me this friendship is done

Pencil: No!!! *saying in a sad voice*

Bubble: Match I'm still ypur friend. And just for your info I'm no longer In an allience with you

Pencil: Just because your acronmyme is BUT

Match: OMQ well I'm sorry but I can't be friends anymore with you

Pencil: What!!! *saying in a mpore sad voice*

Match: Goodbye

Pencil: *starts to cry*

Bomby: Ok this might not be a good time but my gender is *randomly gets flung*

Pencil: Oh come on I loose my BFFs and I don't get to no Bombys gender

Spoon: You think your having a bad day I'm probibly going to the TLI

Pencil: Wow

By The Beach

Paper Towl: Oh hi Bomby

Bomby: Hi

Paper Towl: What happened

Bomby: Well every time I trying telling somone my gender I get flung somehow

Paper Towl: Oh who did you try telling

Bomby: I tryed telling Pencil that I'm a *randomly gets flung*

Paper Towl: Hmm I understand what he or she means

Egg: Hi Towly

Paper Towl: *slaps Egg* Don't call me Towly

Needle: *slaps Paper Towl and Egg* Thats my thing

Host: Needle you shoould be on the DGOTSI *flings Needle*

Needle: *while being flung* Awwwww sericly?

Paper Towl: Ok well bye Eggy

Egg: *slaps Paper Towl* Don't call me EGGY!!!!! *saying in a evil dark voice

Paper Towl: *saying in a scraed voice* Ok I'm verry sorry

Host: *saying on a megaphone* Everyone meet in the center of the Island

Match: So Bubble my BFF what do you think the next chalange is

Bubble: I don't know Match my BFF

Pencil: What did I do to deserve this

Bubble: You know exactly what you did

Match: And for your info TD is with us

Pencil: Awwwwwwwww

Host: Ok It's time for the next chalange

Doughnut: That seems early usally the screan cuts to the TLI

Host: Oh ya *laughs* well see the elimanted contetants are part of your chalange

Egg: Coooooolllll

Ruby: Oh yay I get to see Puffball

Spoon: Oh no Square

Host: So the next chalange is a maze

Match: Thats like so easy

Bubble: Ya

Host: Well if you wouldn't of interupted me I could tell you the elimanted contetatns will be in the maze and if they touch you you are out of the chalange

Pencil: So how do you win

Host: Well the winning team is the team to get the most of there players out of the maze before 30 minutes are up or if the other team looses all there players the team with players left win

Teardrop: *looks happy*

Bubble: TD why are you so happy?

Teardrop: *shrugs sholders*

Host: Ready set goooooo!!!!!

Bomby: Runnnn Team Cool Peeps

Match: TD, Bubble follow me 

Pencil: Can I come to

Match: Did you hear somthing'

Bubble: No

Match: TD

Teardrop: *shrugs sholders*

Pencil: Ok the I can't here you trement fine *starts the cry* I hope you win Match *runs off*

Bubble: Oh Pencil co..... *gets interupted*

Match: No were leaving her behind

Bomby: Omg whats going onnnnnnnn

Doughnut: Bomby is that you

Flower: *saying in a Bomby like voice* Yea its me

Doughnut: Oh good

Bomby: No thats not me thats...

Host: Bomby has been taged by Flower

Doughnut: Oh no Flower *saying in a scared voice*

Host: Doughnut has been taged by Flower 4 left for Team Cool Peeps 6 left for Team Fun. No finishers. And 20 minutes remaining

Paper Towl: Ahhhhhhhhhh

Egg: Paper Towl is that you

Paper Towl: Yes Puffballs chasing me

Egg: Ok see ya

Paper Towl: What

Host: Paper Towl has been taged by Puffball

Egg: Good for her she called me Eggy *turnes around to see Flower*

Flower: Hello Eggy

Egg: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Egg Has been taged by Flower and no finishers

Pencil: OMQ the finish I finished

Host: One finisher for Team Fun

Match: Wait if you me and TD are here and Paper Towl and Egg are captured that means Pencil made it ot the finish

Host: 5 minutes left

Ruby: Ahhhhhhh runnnnnn Spoon

Spoon: Puffball and Square chasing us I wonder why

Ruby: No need to be sracastic

Spoon: Can't go anymore

Ruby: Spoon no

Host: Spoons been taged by Square and times up Team Fun Wins

Doughnut: Nooooo

At the Elimantion Ceremony

Host: Well the prize goes to Nickle

Nickle: Oh ya what do I get

Host: You get a Skip Token

Nickle: Cool

Host: Now for the elimantion an every guy and girl is safe

All of Team Cool Peeps: Yay

Host: Well but Ruby, Spoon, And Dougnut

Ruby: Of coars

Host: But Doughnut is safe with 1 vote

Bomby: At least it can't be tie

Doughnut: Yea

Host: Well both Ruby and Spoon both got 2 votes

Spoon: Oh please not me

Ruby: Oh please let it be Spoon

Puffy Pillow: I say its Spoon

Nickle: Me to

Spoon: You guys hate me

Nickle: Not really *saying in a sympinthetic voice*

Host: The last vote goes to...............................................................

Puffy Pillow: Get on with it

Host: Spoon

Spoon: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Host: Is safe with 2 votes

Spoon: Omg really

Ruby: What

Doughnut: What

Nickle: What

Spoon: Yay

Host: Sorry Ruby but *flings Ruby to the TLI*

Ruby: *while being flung* I'll be ba...............

Spoon: Yay no more Ruby

Lava Teardrop: Yo that Ruby sucked

Host: *flings Lava Teardrop to the DGOTSI*

Lava Teardrop: *while being flung* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Host: Well till next time Battle for......................$100,000 on Island Camp

Cameo apperences in this episode


Lava Teardrop: Once Again Recemended by Cedric Blocks

Episode 8: Sports Brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Last time it was weird episode the contestants had to navigate threw a long maze filled with previosly elimanted contetants. Where if they touch you your out of the chalange. The winnig Team will be the Team to get the most contetants out of the maze or be the team with the most contestants stillin the chalange after times up. Match, Bubble, and Teardrop are no longer in an alience with Pencil. So now Pencil won the chalange for Team Fun but is still hated by Bubble, Match, and Teardrop. Well Team Cool Peeps loose. They would either elimante Spoon  or Ruby. It was Ruby. But now Spoon will be probibly be next. Who will be next find out tonight here on Battle For $100,000 on Island Camp.

Pencil: I miss Bubble, Match, and TD

Match: Hey

Pencil: Hi

Bubble: Were sorry

Pencil: Really

Match: Ya

Teardrop: *shakes head up and down*

Pencil: So am I part of the allience again Match: Of coarse

Pencil: So if we loose were elimanting Paper Towl right

Match: Ya

On The TLI

Flower: So board

Puffball: I know right

Blueberry: Nothing to do

Puffball:  I have somthing to do *looks at Ruby*

Ruby: I said sorry a cagilion times please forgive me

Puffball: No!!!

Ruby: Awwwwww sericly

David: Awww sericly

Square: Who's that he looks like Dora

Flower: Thats David

David: *randomly get flung to the main island*

On The Island

Host: All the contestants meet at the beach

Doughnut: Again

Host: Welcome contestants

Bomby: Why is David here

Host: David is joing the contest

Match: Like WHAT!!!!!

Host: And 2 of you guys will be going to the TLI

Doughnut: What

Host: And David will join Team Cool Peeps and he's safe from elimation

Bubble: Uh no fair

Host: Now for the chalange

David: Awwwww sericly?

Host: Yes sericly

Egg: Whats the chalange

Host: Its a Sports chalange

Match: Oh I dont run

Pencil: Me neither

Bubble: Somtimes I run

Teardrop: *shakes head side to side*

Host: I never said running

Math: Ok

Host: You have to take that football throw it through the goal.T hen kick a soccorball in the net. Finnaly make a basket from the free throw line.

Pencil: What

Doughnut: He basicly said do alot of sports at once

Pencil: Ok

Host: Go!!!!!!

Match: Ok I suck at throwing

Paper Towl: So how do you win

Host: Oh ya the team who has the most finishers at the end of 10 minutes win

Bubble: 10 minutes!!!!!!!!

At the soccor goal

Doughnut: So close

Bomby: Ya were getting close

Spoon: Awwww I keep missing

Egg: Wooooo!!!! finally!!!!

At the football feild

Match: I suck so much

Pencil: Oh ya I got it

Match: *grunts*

At the basketball court

Egg: Ok almost done

Bomby: Finnaly I'm here

David: Awww sericly?

Egg: How did he get here

Bomby: He's acutly quite good at sports

Host: 1 minute

Egg: I'm done

Bomby: me to

David: Awww sericly?

Host: Stop........ and Team Cool Peeps win

Egg: Nooooooo

At the Elimantion Ceremony

Host: Ok you guys really arn't that grate

Egg: I know

Host: Well Egg gets the prize she gets a Skip Token

Egg: Yay

Host: Now for the votes

Match: Ya

Host: Like I said earlier 2 people are leaving

Pencil: Awwwww

Host: Pencil, Bubble, Teardrop are safe

Match: Awwwww

Paper Towl: What why am I not safe

Host: last person safe issssssssssss Egg

Match: What

Paper Towl: What

Pencil: Noooooooooooooooooooooo

Host: Flings Match and Paper Towl to the TLI

Bubble: Whyyyyyy

DVD: Never liked them

Host: Ummm *send DVD to the DGOTSI*

Host: Well till next time Battle for......................$100,000 on Island Camp

Cameo apperences in this episode

DVD: Recemended by Cedricblocks again

Episode 9: Who is That ?

Host: Last time was another shocking episode. Was a sporty episode. We brought David in and 2 contestants were leaving. Now Pencil, Match,Teardrop, and Bubble became friends again and the chalange was to do a buch of sports and do them. See match sucked at sports and Pencil didn't. Team Cool Peeps won and shockingly Paper Towl and Match went to the TLI now only 10 contestants remain and one more elimantion till merge who will go to the TLI next find out tonight here on Battle For $100,000 on Island Camp.

Pencil: OMQ!!!!! Match is gone

Bubble: Ik its so sad

Teardrop: *crying*

Bubble: Huh I didn't know TD crys match shapes

Pencil: No TD's tears take the shape she crys for

Bubble: Oh

Teardrop: *still crying*

Egg: *gulps* Now I'm alone and I'm probibly next

Pencil: You darn right your next if we loose your goin' down pip squeak

Bubble: Pencil!!! what have you turned into

Pencil: Idk I'm sad about Match

Bubble: Me to but that dose not mean we can threaten team mates

Pencil: I know I'm sorry Egg

Egg: It's ok

Bubble: We have to stick to gether it's 4 against 10 and the merge shuldn't be long

Egg: Do you thinck I can join your allience

Pencil: Shure and hopefully all four of us can make it t merge

In The TLI

Flower: I hate all of you

Puffball: Well yourt just peachy

Match: I can't beleive I'm elimanted before merge

Ruby: I'm Not suprised

Match: Hey!!!!!

Ruby: I ment I'm not suprised I was eliminated

Match: Oh

Blueberry: I still should be in the game

On The Island

Host: Contestants come to the pool in the midlle of the island

Pencil: Theres a pool

Doughnut: Hun no wonder I have not seen it

By The Pool In the Midlle Of The Island

Egg: Oh yay!!!!!! a poool

Bomby: #^$*^%*^))(*#@%#%$^#@%&&^&(&%$ *saying while spazing out*

Puffy Pillow: What did he or she say

Doughnut: You know Bomby's a Boy

Pufvfy Pillow: Ok

Egg: Whats the chalnage

Host: If you would stop interupting me I would tell you, ok the chalange is called Who Is That?

Bubble: Ok

Host: Send 3 people to come and stand on these pedastals hovering over the pool

Pencil: I'll go and Egg and Bubble

Teardrop: *stairs at Pencil in a mad face*

Pencil: Oh ya TD sorry but it might be a speaking chalange and you linda don't speak at all

Host: Ok so everyone on Team Fun but Teardrop

Doughnut: I'll do it and Bomby and hmmmmm *saying slowly* and Spoon

Host: Ok Doughnut, Spoon and Bomby

Puffy Pillow: Go Team!!!!

Host: Ok the rest of you can cheer in the stands. Now for the acuatle chalange see I'm going to call on you then I'm going to say 1 word that describes an elimanated contestant guess the correcr contestant you stay in th chalange. Get it wrong you plung into freezing water

Mirror: Oh thats cold

Host: Who are you

Mirror: Mirror

Host: flingf mirror to the DGOTSI*

Mirror: while being flung* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Host: Ok Doughnut

Doughnut: Yes

Host: I'm nice

Doughnut: Totaly Paper Towl

Host: Wrong *pushes buton relesing Doughnut into freezing water*

Nickle: Oh thats cold

Host: pencil: I'm red

Pencil: Ruby

Host: Correct

Skips most of the chalange because I'm to lazy to type the whole thing so final 2

Host: It's Pencil vs. Dougnut

Egg: Go Pencil

Bubble: Pencil

Bomby: Dughnut!!!! Doughnut!!!!!!

Host: To Pencil I love the word like

Pencil: Totaly Match

Host: Oh sorry it was Puffball

Pencil: What

Host: Team Cool Peeps win also after this elimantion it's merge time

David: Awww sericly?

At The Elimanation Ceremony

Host: prize goes to Pencil

Pencil: Yay

Host: You get a Rock

Pencil: Really?

Host: it will come in god yous in good time

Egg: *starts to laugh*

Host: Now Pencil and Bubble are safe

Teardrop: *looks sad*

Host: Finnal one safe is......................... Egg!!

Bubble: What!!!

Pencil: I thought somoeone who speaks would be more good for our allience

Bubble: How could you I'm no longer in an allience with you anymore again

Pencil: No

Egg: Yay I say

Host: Bye Teardrop *flings Teardop to the TLI*

Host: Well till next time Battle for......................$100,000 on Island Camp

Cameo apperences in this episode

Mirror: Recemende by Cedricblocks again

Episode 10: How Could YOU ?! (Will be done soon)

Host: Last time the 2 Teams did there final chalange as Teams. The Teams choose 3 contestants to reprusent there Team. Each Team member must awnser the who is that question. See I would say 1 fact about a previsouly elimanted character then they would have to syat he name of the character. Get it right they stay in the chalange. Get it wrng you plunge into freezing cool water. In the end Team Cool Peeps won again. So Team Fun decided Pencil deserved the prize. It was a rock. Then suprisingly Teardrp was voted out it was 2 votes against her. Bubble got mad at her so she left the allence. Pencil said the only reason she voted Teardrop because she dose not talk. Now it's merge and thers no more Teams. Who will be next to go to the TLI find out tonight here on Battle for $100,000 on Island Camp.

Doughnut: Since it's the merge I need an allience hey Spoon do you want to be in an allience with me

Spoon: Really ? just really ? you hate me

Doughnut: No I don't

Spoon: Yea you kinda do remeber from episode 7

  • from  epsidode 7* Doughnut: I can't help you anymore you betrayed the Team so now the next elimantion it will be you going to the TLI

Doughnut: *lauphs slowly* Oh ya well I was jokeing *saying in a high slow voice*

Spoon: Really ? just really ?

Doughnut: You said that already

Spoon: Hmmm since I have no one else *sighs* Ok

Doughnut: Yea

On The Other side of the Island

Pencil: Bubble!!!! Please hear me out

Bubble: Like you heard Teardrop out

Pencil: I'm like so sorry

Bubble: Please you voted here out

Pnecil: Because Egg was better

Bubble: She's been in an allience with us since the begining

Egg: This might not be the best time but me and Pencil have to talk stradigy

Bubble: Uggghhhh *walks off and stomps*

Dj: This might not be a good time but wheres the bathroom

Pencil: Who are you ?

Dj: I'm umm Dj

Pencil: Hooooost

Host: Yes

Pencil: THis Dj thing is'nt supose to be here

Host: Ok *flings Dj to the DGOTSI*

Dj: I'll be ba.....*says while being flung

Host: That reminds me time for an elimantion

Bubble: What an elimantion

Host: Yes where having to elimantions again because were welcoming a new contestant

Egg: Who ?

Host: Poster

Poster: Hi I'm Poster

Host: And sorry but I'm elimenating the least liked character which is Doughnut

Doughnut: What really ?!

Host: Yes *flings Doughnut to the TLI*

Doughnut: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Host: Ok now for the chalange you have to give a secret and the person to give the best secret wins

Egg: I have a dark side calld Rott

Host: Really show me

Rott: * in a dark deap voice* I'll kill you all

Host: Ok egg defidntly wins

Egg: OMG yay

Host: To the elimantion

At the Elimantion Ceremony

Host: Ok so everyone is safe but Bubble

Bubble: What did I do

Host: Egg gets the prize it's a rock

Egg: What

Host: So say bye to your win token and Bubble don't know why but bye bye

Bubble: What it's cause of you Pencil *gets flinged to the TLI*

Pencil: Nooooooo

Dirt: Mwgaghhhhhh

Host: Ok weird *flings Dirt to the DGOTSI*

Dirt: Ahhhhhh *saying while being flung*

Hist: Till next episode Battle for $100,000 on Island Camp

Cameo apperences in this episode



Epsiode 11: The Toxic Fight (will be done soon)

Contetants Table & Prize Table

Contetants Gender Allience Teams Prizes
Pencil Girl Egg Merge Rock
Bomby Boy No Allience Merge Gold Token
Nickle Boy No Allience Merge Skip Token
Spoon Boy No Allience Merge Nothing
Egg Girl Pencil Merge Rock
Puffy Pillow Girl No Allience Merge Gold Token
David Boy No Allience Merge Nothing
Poster Girl No Allience Merge Imunity

Lightblue: Most Likely safe from Elimantion

Yellow: Likely safe from Elimantion

Green: Less Likely safe from Elimanion

Pink: Likely to be Elimanted

Red: Most Likely to be elimanted

Elimanation Table

Contetant Gender Episode Elimanted in There Place Merge or Non-merged
Blueberry Boy Tree Climber 19th Place


Flower Girl Guess What!!!!!!! 18th Place
Rocky Boy Goinky Swimmer 17th Place
Dora Girl Are you Smarter than a II Character 16th Place
Puffball Girl Piece Diving 15th Place
Square Boy Very Unique Foods (Gross) 14th Place
Ruby Girl Halloween Special, The Maze of Terror

13th Place

Match Girl Sports Brawl!!!!!!!! 12th or 11th Place
Paper Towl Boy Sports Brawl!!!!!!!! 11th or 12th Place
Teardrop Girl Who Is That ? 10th PLace
Doughnut Boy How Could You?! 9th or 8th Place Merge
Bubble Girl How Could You?! 8th or 9th Place
7th Place
6th Place
5th Place
4th Place
3rd Place
2nd Place
Winner!!!!!!! 1st Place

Elimanated Contestants on the TLI (12 Elimanted)

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