The contsestants for BFOMD

Hi everyone, Ebs103 here, you may know me as Bkshawgogo from youtube and i've decided to Make a BFDI/II fan fiction, 10 contestants from BFDI and 10 Contestants from II will compete for $1,000,000, That's pretty much all i have to say.

Episode 1 - The Thrilling Start

Helmet: Hello, Everyone, my name is Helmet and I am the host of BFOMD or Battle For One Million Dollars

Knife: This show kind of lacks originality

Helmet: Shut up! Anyways, Balloon, Bomby, Cheesy, Cherries, Donut, Dora, Eraser, Fan, Fries, Knife, Lightbulb, Marshmallow, Match, Microphone, Nickel, Pin, Puffball, Tennis Ball, Trophy and Woody will compete for $1,000,000

Lightbulb: I can't wait to win!

Microphone: So, what's the challenge!

Cherries: Ow! Mic, turn down the volume!

Microphone: Sorry

Helmet: anyways, your first challenge is to stay on the iceberg, GO!

Knife: Ok, the first thing to do is to get rid of the biggest Threats

Knife Pops Balloon and Smashes Lightbulb

Knife: There we go

Woody: Hey, Trophy, I think we should form an Alliance

Trophy: No way

Woody: But it took me-

Trophy Kicks Woody Off

Puffball: I can win this easily because I can fly

Fries: That doesn't seem fair

Donut: Yeah! *Throws a metal cube at Puffball, she falls off*

Fries: That was uncalled for

Donut: Whatever

Fan: Marshmallow, there's something I've always wanted to ask you

Marshmallow: This isn't really the time to be asking questions

Fan: Just real quick, why-

Knife pushes Fan and Marshmallow off

Pin: Hey TB, Match, do you guys wanna form an alliance?

Match: Sure, I have no Alliance without Pencil, or Bubble, or Ruby, Or Book, Or Ice Cube

Tennis Ball: Sounds good to me

Cheesy: Wow, that's a very sharp idea, Can I join

Pin: Sure you can, but to join, you must face the other direction

Cheesy: Oh no, I am not falling for-

Tennis Ball Knocks Cheesy off

Dora: Me siento tan contento David no está aquí ( I am so glad David is not here)

Knife: Nobody Asked you! *Pushes Dora off*

Microphone: Knife, That was uncalled for, you deserve to suffer the consequences *Pushes Knife off*

Trophy: Heh heh, nice one

Microphone: Well, you're not much different

Trophy: Actually, there is a huge difference, I'm a Jock, He's a Jerk

Microphone: Ugh *Pushes Trophy off*

Helmet: So Pin, Match, Tennis Ball, Bomby, Fries, Donut, Eraser, Nickel, Cherries and Microphone Remain

Eraser: Pin, TB, Match, I'm sorry about this

Pin: About What-

Eraser pushes Pin, TB and Match off

Bomby: OMG, My Fuse!

Bomby Explodes, Blowing Donut, Eraser, Nickel and Cherries off the Iceberg

Microphone: Wow, I Made it to the Final 2, Now time to get rid off Fries

Microphone Screams, Sending Fries flying off the Iceberg

Helmet: That Means Microphone wins

Microphone: So, I choose the teams first, right

Helmet: Actually, All of the BFDI contestants are on Fries' team and all of the II contestants are on Mic's Team

Fries: So what happens now

Helmet: Well, you lost the last challenge so your team is up for elimination, Vote in the voting box for the contestant you dislike the most

1 hour of voting later

Helmet: The votes are in. Woody, Pin, Match, Tennis Ball, Eraser and Bomby are at 0 votes

Tennis Ball: Yay

Helmet: Dora and Fries each got 1 vote

Dora: Si (Yes)

Helmet: So either Donut or Puffball will be Eliminated

Puffball: What, but i'm the fan favourite, i don't deserve to be eliminated

Fan: You're not my favourite

Cheesy: I Don't think that's what she meant

Helmet: Anyways, Puffball is safe with only 3 votes against her, and Donut is eliminated with 5 votes

Donut: What, Eliminated first again, NO!

Helmet: So, Donut is eliminated, who will be next, Find out next time on BFOMD!

To Be Continued...

Episode 2 - The Dodgeball Game

Nickel: Wow, I'm Surprised we actually won the last challenge

Balloon: Well, I think it was pretty easy

Lightbulb: But you did nothing in the last challenge

Balloon: You didn't do anything either

Lightbulb: Oh, Right

Tennis Ball: I can't believe we lost last time

Match: Yeah, i'm just so glad Donut's gone, he was, like, a total jerk

Pin: I agree, we need to step up our game if we don't want to be eliminated

Bomby: Yeah

Match: Bomby, you're not in our alliance

Bomby: =(

Helmet: Ok, is everyone ready for the next challenge

Team II: Yeah

Pin: Yeah, sure, whatever

Helmet: Ok, your next challenge is a freindly game of Dodgeball, you know how it works, GO!

Fan: I'll go first

Fan Hits Eraser

Fan: Yay, I hit someone

Tennis Ball: Lightbulb is going down

Lightbulb Catches Tennis Ball's Dodgeball

Lightbulb: Pretty cool, Right. They're called ARMS!

Tennis Ball: Grrr

Puffball Throws at Knife, He Catches it

Knife: One step ahead of you, Puffball. ARMS!

Pin: People, We need to win this, and I have a plan, aim at cherries

Match hits Cherries, pushing them back into Microphone

Microphone: AAAAAAAH!

Pin: Ok, NOW!

Woody, Match, Bomby, Fries and Dora throw their Dodgeballs at Balloon, Lightbulb, Microphone, Trophy and Knife

Nickel: Oh no, Marshmallow, Fan, Cheesy, We're the only ones left

Cheesy: We need to come up with an idea that's worth more than 5 cents

Nickel: Ugh, Please, Just shut-

A Dodgeball is thrown at Cheesy

Nickel: I'm going to try throwing my dodgeball

Nickel throws his dodgeball at Pin, She catches it

Pin: Sorry, Nickel

Match: Now, Fries, Do it NOW!

Fries and Dora throw their Dodgeballs at Fan and Marshmallow

Helmet: And it looks like Team BFDI wins, Team II is going to elimination

1 Hour of Voting Later

Helmet: Ok, the votes are in, Fan, Marshmallow, Microphone, Nickel and Cherries got 0 votes

Marshmallow: Yay

Helmet: Cheesy, Trophy and Balloon got 1 vote each

Balloon: Alright

Helmet: That leaves Knife and Lightbulb

Lightbulb: OMGA!

Knife: Lightbulb, you deserve to be eliminated, you mocked TB and Puffball for not having arms

Helmet: However, Lightbulb only got 2 votes, and you got 5, so you're eliminated

Knife: What, This cannot happen!

Helmet: So, Knife is eliminated, who will be next, find out next time on BFOMD

To Be Continued...

Episode 3 - The Trapped Treasure

Lightbulb: OMGA, I hope i'm not eliminated next time we lose

Balloon: Well I hope you are, your 'Bright Personality' is what caused our team to lose last time

Lightbulb: That is so not true

Cheesy: Actually, yes it is, I guess Balloon is brighter than you

Microphone: Don't go there

Pin: Wow, My strategy of having our team work together really worked

Tennis Ball: Yeah, we showed Lightbulb who's boss

Match: If we keep up our strategy, Lightbulb may be eliminated next

Puffball: I hope she is

Helmet: Is everyone ready for the next challenge

Everyone: Yeah

Helmet: Ok, your next challenge is to recieve the golden idol from the temple, Go!

Lightbulb: Easy, I'll just run over, get the idol and get out

Lightbulb runs towards the idol but get's hit by a swinging axe

Balloon: This i going to be harder that I thought

Cherries: Do you think we should move to the left? No, we should move to the right! Ok, if you know what you're doing

Pin: Let's go team

Fries: No offence, Pin, But if we stick together it will get us all killed

Pin: You do have a point, Ok, we will split up

Bomby: Can I go with you guys

Tennis: Sure

Fries: Eraser, You can go with me

Dora: Entonces supongo que me deja con madera y pedo de lobo (Then I guess that leaves me with Woody and Puffball)

Puffball: Uh, Ok?

Fan: Guys, The other team is getting ahead of us

Trophy: I know that!

Cheesy: We need to find a way to get across that doesen't involve something painted gold

Trophy: You Cheesy Twerp! *Pushes cheesy into the axe's path, Cheesy get's cut in half*

Marshmallow: Trophy, How could you betray our team

Pin: We got the idol, anyone got something that weights roughly the same as the idol

Match: I got this bag of coins

Pin: Good, * Pin quickly swaps the idol with the bag of coins*

A boulder is released

Match: RUN!

Pin, Match and Tennis Ball run from the boulder, the boulder crushes Balloon, Bomby, Cherries, Nickel, Marshmallow, Microphone, Fan, Trophy, Fries and Eraser

Pin: Whew, We escaped

Puffball: So did we

Helmet: So I guess Team BFDI wins again, you know what that means

Lightbulb: OMGA

1 Hour of voting later

Helmet: The results are in, Nickel, Marshmallow, Fan, Cherries and Microphone got 0 votes

Fan: Yeah

Helmet: Cheesy and Balloon got 1 vote each

Cheesy: Yeah

Helmet: So Lightbulb and Trophy remain

Lightbulb: well, it's obvious Trophy will be eliminated, He betrayed our team

Trophy: So what, Cheesy is a hated contestant anyways

Cheesy: Hey

Helmet: Anyways,Trophy is safe at 2 votes and Lightbulb is eliminated at 5

Lightbulb: OMGA, NO!

Helmet: So Lightbulb is finally eliminated, tune in next time on BFOMD

To Be Continued...

Episode 4 - The Ancient Pyramid

Trophy: I can't believe we lost again last time

Balloon: Well, now Lightbulb's gone, we have a chance at winning

Fan: I hope you're right, I don't want to have to face elimination again

Cheesy: Winning will be a breeze

Cherries: Ok, that's not funny

Fries: Yeah, We win again

Eraser: Yeah, if we keep winning, Team II will eventually collapse

Match: Yeah, and one of us will win

Pin: Let's just keep it up, team

Team BFDI: Yay

Nickel: Hey, Helmet, Why are we underground

Helmet: Step on this platform and you'll find out

Everyone steps on the platform, Helmet pulls a lever that lifts everyone into the Pyramid of Giza

Helmet: Welcome to the Pyramid of Giza

Marshmallow: How did we get to Giza so fast

Helmet: I have the teleporter that teleports all remaining contestants to any location

Fan: So that's how it works

Helmet: Anyways, your challenge is to find a way out, GO!

Pin: Ok, so there are 3 paths out of the Pyramid, we'll take the path on the left, just follow me

Team BFDI take the path on the left

Balloon: we should copy their strategy, let's follow them

Trophy: Sure, whatever

Team II follow Team BFDI
A while later...

Bomby: Hmm

Puffball: What's wrong, Bomby

Bomby: We're missing someone, our team is suppsosed to have 9 people, we only have 7

Pin: Who do you think is missing

Bomby: I dunno

In another part of the Pyramid, Match and Tennis Ball are lost

Match: Uh, TB, are you sure we're going the right way

Tennis Ball: I dunno, I was paying attention to you because you were the only one I could see

Match: Oh, hey, what is this room called, it's full of cases

Tennis Ball: This is the room where they stored the Sarcophacus' of dead Pharoh's and-

Match: Hey, what's in here

Tennis Ball: Match, don't open that! That's-

Match opens a Sarcophacus, releasing a mummy that comes to life

Tennis Ball: Too late, RUN!

Meanwhile, The rest of team BFDI makes it out of the Pyramid

Pin: Yeah, We win again!

Helmet: Not so fast, you are still missing Match and Tennis Ball

Bomby: I told you

Team II comes out of the Pyramid

Balloon: Yes, I can't believe it

Helmet: So your team wins and-

Match: RUN!

Mummy: Rrrrrr

Everyone (Except Helmet): Aaaaaaah

Camera's go blank
1 hour of voting later...

Helmet: Ok, The results are in, Everyone except Eraser and Puffball got 0 votes

Match: Yeah

Puffball: I'm in the bottom 2 again, that must mean I'm eliminated

Eraser: Yeah, Safe for another day

Helmet: Actually, Puffball got 4 votes and you got 5

Eraser: What, NO!

Helmet: So, Eraser's eliminated, Find out who's next by staying tuned for BFOMD

To Be Continued...

Episode 5 - The Return of David

Cerezas: Sí, finalmente ganamos otro desafío.

Balloon: Great, but we can't underestimate Team BFDI, they are still planning something

Cheesy: We know that, Airhead

Balloon: Say one more joke and I swear we will kick you off next time we lose!

Nickel: Why don't we just kick him off anyways

Pin: I can't believe we lost last time

Dora: Me alegro de que el borrador es desaparecido (I am glad Eraser is gone)

Helmet: So, on to the next challenge

David: Aw, Seriously

Dora: ¿Qué es David haciendo aquí

Helmet: Well, I invited David here for the challenge, he will not be joining

Dora: Ufff (Phew)

Helmet: Anyways, I have given David a Chainsaw and he will be trying to kill all of you, the last team standing will win, GO!

David: Aw, Seriously

Everyone (Except Dora): Aaaaaah!

Dora walks away

Nickel: He will never find me in this hole

Cheesy: Yeah, David is too stupid to find this

Nickel: Cheesy, Fan, how did you get in here

Cheesy: I followed you down, Fan said this would be the best place to hide

Fan: And with that rock blocking the entrance, I can Guarentee our safety

David removes the rock and kills Nickel, Cheesy and Fan

Pin: Alliance, we can hide in this cave

Bomby: Yeah

Pin, Match, Tennis Ball and Bomby enter the cave

Match: Pin, since when is Bomby part of our alliance

Pin: I allowed him into it, he figured out you guys were missing, sure we didn't win, but he alerted us about it

Bomby: Yeah

Tennis Ball: I can't see a thing, I'm going to light Match

Match: What

Bomby: OMG

The fire lights up the cave, Revealing David who was hiding behind a rock, He kills Pin and her Alliance

Balloon: This challenge should be easy

Balloon falls on a rock and pops

Trophy: I knew she wouldn't last that long

Marshmallow: OMG, I was thinking that, too

David jumps out from behind the rocks and kills Trophy, Marshmallow and Cherries

Puffball: I'm scared

Fries: Don't be, I bet David doesn't even know how to use a chainsaw

Woody: i was thinking that too

David jumps out from the rocks nearby

David: Aw Seriously


Suddenly, Dora appears in front of David

Dora: David, yo he estado buscando durante cuatro años, esto termina ahora (David, I have been searching for you for four years, this ends now)

David: Aw Seriously *David starts his Chainsaw*

Dora Pulls out her own chainsaw

David: Aw Seriously

Dora: Sí, en serio, ahora muere (Yes, Seriously, Now die)

Dora Kills David

Helmet: so, I guess BFDI wins again, now for the elimination

1 Hour of voting later

Helmet: Ok, the votes are in, everyone except Cheesy and Trophy got 0 votes

Balloon: Yeah

Trophy: I should be safe, I mean, why wouldn't I be

Cheesy: You'd like that, wouldn't you, haha, get it

Trophy: No, I don't

Helmet: Well, Trophy is safe with 3 votes and Cheesy is out with 5

Cheesy: What

Helmet: So, the cheesy Cheesy is eliminated, who will be next, find out next time on BFOMD

To Be Continued...

Episode 6 - The Fiery Volcano

Trophy: I am so glad Cheesy is gone

Fan: Yeah, it may have made our team smaller, but if it gets rid of Cheesy's awful jokes, i'm OK with it

Balloon: Let's just try not to be up for elimination again

Pin: Yeah, we-

Match: You know, I'm getting tired of you saying that every time we win a challenge

Fries: Yeah, it's making you seem like a boring contestant

Pin: Fine

Tennis Ball: Well, we should keep it up

Bomby: Oh, I have an idea, if we ask Helmet what the next challenge is, we can prepare for it

Puffball: Sounds like a plan, Tennis Ball, go ask Helmet

Tennis Ball: OK, hey Helmet, What's the next challenge

Helmet: To Escape the volcano

Tennis Ball: OK, we'll start preparing

Helmet: Don't bother, we're starting right now

The Bowling ball from Object Mayhem knowcks a the contestants to the Volcano, however, this blow instantly kills Balloon, Cherries, Bomby and Woody

Pin: Wow, It's really hot in here

Trophy: Of course it is, it's a volcano

Helmet (From TV): Hello, contestants, how are you enjoying the volcano

Match: It feels fine, it ust set me on fire and melted Trophy

Helmet (From TV): Whatever, the first team to escape wins, GO

Marshammlow and Dora attempt to jump to the next platform but land in the lava and die

Pin: Hey, Alliance, Let's make a bridge out of rock to cross

Match: Sound like a plan, but I have one thing to do first

Match walks past fan and sets him on fire

Tennis Ball: Even though that was totally uncalled for, it still increased our teams chances of winning

Pin: Yeah, so let's do this

Pin trips and falls into the lava

Match: No, Pin

Microphone: Let's go team

Nickel: How can we possibly win, we're the only 2 left to compete from our team

Microphone: I know, but we still have a chance if the other team dies

Nickel: You may have a point, let's go

Puffball walks into a Stalactite and falls into the lava

Fries: Great, when I was just about to suggest riding on puffball

Match: uh oh, Fries, your fries are on fire

Fries: Huh

Fries panics and falls into the lava

Nickel: Now our teams are equal again

Microphone: See ya

Match: Oh no you don't

Match, Tennis Ball, Microphone and Nickel race to the exit to the volcano

Match: I'm goanna win

Microphone: Oh no you're not

Nickel: Unless you can somehow carry me up, they will

Microphone: Hey, I have an idea

Microphone screams, causing Match to fall back onto the rocks balow, also putting her flame out
Microphone's scream echos around the volcano, the ground starts to shake

Nickel: Whoa, what's going on

Tennis Ball: The Volcano's erupting

A Lava wave fills the volcano, killing Match, Tennis Ball, Nickel and Microphone

Helmet: Everyone died, so nobody escaped the volcano, so one member of each team will be leaving, start voting

1 hour of voting later

Helmet: The votes are in, everyone got 0 votes except Puffball, Woody, Trophy and Balloon

Puffball: Again, seriously

Woody: Meh Meh Meh

Trophy: I better not be eliminated

Balloon: No

Helmet: From, BFDI, the person eliminated is Puffball

Puffball: WHAT!

Helmet: And from team II it's Trophy

Trophy: WHAT, How could you betray me

Helmet: So Puffball and Trophy are elimianated, who wil be next, find out next time on BFOMD

To Be Continued...

Episode 7 - The Moon Landing

Balloon: Wow, I was really close to getting eliminated back there

Cherries: But nobody likes you

Balloon: That's not true

Cherries: It's true, Balloon, you just can't admit it

The Cherries walk away

Balloon: Ugh, I hate them

Marshamallow: Me too, do you want to team up so we can get rid of them

Balloon: Sure

Pin: I am so happy I wasn't eliminated last time

Fries: That's great, but i'm not sure you're going to last for much longer

Pin: Why

Fries: Do I really have to explaing, You have a strong alliance, You are Unpoular, You have close to 0 freinds

Pin: That is not TRUE!

Helmet: Ok, it's time for your next challenge, You have to build a rocket and fly to the moon, GO!

Match: Ok, I think this part goes here, and this part goes here

Pin: *sigh*

Fan: Does anyone know how to build a rocket

Microphone: No

Marshmallow: Not me

Nickel: I know how to build one

Balloon: You do?

Nickel: Yeah, i'll just help us get started

Tennis Ball: Um, That doesn't look right

Match: It should work, i just press this button

Match presses the button, The rocket explodes

Pin: Match, you just cost our team the victroy we needed, do you want us to lose, if you do, get out of our team, you are so eliminated

Bomby: But, Pin, I thought we were in an alliance

Pin: I don't need an alliance, I was just trying to use you so you would be eliminated, and you WILL be eliminated Match

Match: :(

Nickel: Ok, we're done

Microphone: YEAH!

Microphone's scream breaks the rocket

Nickel: That's just great

Fan: Can't you just-

Nickel: It's a good thing I built an extra rocket

Microphone: now let's go

Team II flies to the moon

Helmet: Well, it looks like you guys win, Team BFDI, start voting

1 hour of voting later

Helmet: Ok, the votes are in, Dora, Bomby and Fries got 0 votes

Fries: Yeah

Helmet: Tennis Ball and Woody got one vote each

Pin: Well, it was a great game, Match, but now it's timne for you to go, Helmet, Eliminate Match, Now

Helmet: Ok

Helmet eliminates Pin

Pin: What, this is obviously a mistake, I demand a recount-

Helmet: So, Pin is eliminated, who will be next, find out next time on BFOMD

To be continued...

Waluigi Hat:WALUIGI TIME!!!!

Swordy:oh god...

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