Battle.444/game is an unfinished, glitchy game created by an unknown developer. The game seems to be about Grassy jumping across platforms for seemingly no reason.

Booting Up

Battle.444/game can be downloaded on a PC. If you have the game installed for 24 hours without it being used, the wallpaper of your PC will be changed into several pictures of Bubble crying. A bass boosted sound of Bubble crying will repeatedly play, no matter what you do.


The game begins with a loading screen that shows loading text on a black background. There is then a logo with Grassy falling. Above Grassy is text that reads “Grassy Jump!”. If you click on the button that says Play, you will be taken to the first level.


The first screen.

The first level looks like Goiky, and it is very easy. To move, you press A to go left and D to go right. When you arrive at a pit in the ground, you can use W to jump. If you fall in the pit, the game crashes. Once you have gotten past the pit, you can see Firey Underwear in the background. Keep going long enough, and you’ll arrive at a hill with Bubble sitting next to it. It you jump at the right time, you can make it. If you fall onto Bubble, the game will glitch, and will send you to the beginning of the level.

Once you have made it past Bubble, random ground tiles will be spread across the next part of the level. They are very difficult to get past. 15.6 seconds after the tiles spawn on screen, the game will send you to a level called “I want no”.

When at “I want no”, parts of the game change. Grassy’s sprites now have him with a sad face, the happy music is now reversed and the coursed is littered with Evil Ghost Leafys flying around. Being chased by these is Unknowny, but he doesn’t even have additional running frames, and just ominously shuffles away. Get killed by them, and you get a game over screen, and are sent back to World 1. The back ground of the level is now red and the floor is lava, but somehow still touchable.


  • Red Screen Of Death can occur if:

Red Screen Of Death.

    • Files from the game have been removed (it would pop up instead of the loading screen)
    • You jump onto the very edge of the rightmost platform at the pit
    • You get past the scattered ground tiles in the first level
  • Blue Code Screen can occur if:
    • You are killed by Evil Leafy 6 times in a row

Blue Code Screen


  • The Red Screen Of Death uses the term ‘console’, meaning the game was intended for a console release.
  • A sequel to this game may be released.
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