Battery is a contestant in OBJECTion!. He was created by ObjectBoogaloo665. He first appeared in the Pilot.


Battery is well, a battery. He is black with a brown stripe near her right eye. Battery is almost always smiling with eyes wide open. His top is gray with a small circle. Battery also has two arms and legs.


Battery is usually very happy, even in life-threatening situations. It is very likely that Battery is insane, because of her strange actions towards other contestants. He isn't exactly friends with anybody but likes to think she has "friends".


Battery has died many times in the show but not every single one has been recorded. Here are the known ones.

  • Pilot: Drowned
  • Episode 2: Breathing
  • Episode 3: Accidently slipped on banana
  • Episode 4: Got nuked
  • Episode 6: Crushed by big tree
  • Episode 6: Hacked to bits by big tree
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