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Basketball is a contestant on Battle for BFDI. She is also a recommended character in Episode 12 and one of the recommended characters Firey set on fire.

Basketball was one of the 30 recommended characters who had a chance at joining the game during The Reveal and Reveal Novum. In the audition video, Basketball said that tennis balls aren't the only ones with lines. She failed to get into the game, though, receiving only 5 votes and placing 22nd, also with Clock.

In Episode 15, Basketball is limbless and is recommended by kookyguy55.

In Episode 21, Basketball has arms and legs, and was recommended by murphygundo, and was one of the recommended characters to vote for Ice Cube.

Basketball also could have joined BFDIA in Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, but only got 86 votes, placing 44th, and she was flung to the LOL once again.

In IDFB, Basketball, along with the other characters that are held inside the LOL has a chance to join the show via a viewer voting. Basketball was given a redesign as well, which now has a shinier look.

In Battle for BFDI, she is a member of A Better Name Than That. She thinks she is too bouncy when Blocky fell down by Robot Flower.

Object Madness

There is another Basketball in Object Madness. Basketball is a male and was placed on Team A, who won the first challenge.

The Medal Brawl

There is also another Basketball who competed in The Medal Brawl. He didn't participate in the first challenge due to having no arms, and his team wins the challenge.


She joined at TQOSE 4.5 and she got eliminated first at the season and she rejoined.



  • Brandon Portis (NLG343)
    • Brenda Portis (NLG343 - TRANS MALE TO FEMALE)
  • Briana Janosky (NF39)
  • Barbara Willard (KittyFan2004)
  • Bonnie Austin (Aeryn1207)
  • Melinda Hawkins (Oddguyoutwithsoda)
  • Bessie Blan (TheObjectThing15)
  • Brook Primeville (RillersDillersZillets)
  • Emma Jordan (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)

Where Basketball is From

  • Chicago, Illinois (NLG343)
  • Louisville, Kentucky (U4Again)
  • Sydney, Australia (NF39)
  • Toronto, Canada (KittyFan2004)
  • Tampa, Florida (MrFlamerBoy)
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait (WheeliumThe2nd)
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Oddguyoutwithsoda)
  • San Francisco, California (RillersDillersZillets)
  • Louisville, Kentucky (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)


  • June 14, 1990 (NLG343)
  • May 30, 1994 (U4Again)
  • April 25, 1997 (KittyFan2004)
  • September 26, 2000 (TheGamerAlex2004)
  • October 2, 2008 (Oddguyoutwithsoda)
  • August 24, 1996 (RillersDillersZillets)
  • March 6th, 1966 (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)

Object Division

She will appear in a future episode, and will be the Globe opposite. Globe is male, Basketball is female.

She also stutters a lot, and sounds like Bomb.


  • She is one of anatomist liked character


Names In Other Languages

Cispheil - Irish

バスケットボール - Japanese

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