Basket is a contestant on Object Hyperverse. She was the leader of her alliance before OHV 8, where it was disbanded. She is on team Splashy Bubbles.


Before OHV 9, she was nice but bossy. She was a leader of an alliance, and in the earlier episode, she was nicer and helped her alliance win. However, she got bossier across the episodes.

In OHV 8, She said she created the alliance to help her get through the game faster. Due to this, Eraser Cap left the alliance and the alliance was disbanded. Her team left her in the maze

In OHV 9, she turned into a psychopath and threw Eraser Cap into a tree, causing EC to not be able to see through one eye. She almost killed Cotton Candy, before Swordy stabbed her and fell over. Her team lost in the episode.

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