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''Zap that pair! Zap that pair!''

-Basil's response to Scissors getting eliminated.

Basil is a male contestant in BFTPITS. He was taken by Gustavo201209.


Basil can be described as "spicy" since he is somewhat mean and gets angered easily (the opposite of Leafy, despite their similar assets). Basil is athletic and loves sports and thinks it is the most important thing ever. Basil shows a lot of common sense and is more safe compared to the other athletic character Blender. Despite his "spicy" attitude, he is mostly well liked by the other contestants due to being considered useful in many challenges. However most contestants don't call him useful because of his common sense but because he is athletic. This is the main reason why Basil is "spicy" because he thinks that everyone treats him like a tool more than an actual person and wants to be more understood. Basil doesn't dislike nice characters despite the look of it. Basil loves to eat spicy food and it is his favorite type of food to eat. Basil gets super angry when he is in a bad spot (like being up for elimination) but he is actually emotional and somewhat sad but simply can't show it.


  • Basil is one of the three athletic characters. The other two are Blender and Leek.