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"The. Basement Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds - Basement


Firey, Leafy, Woody, Snowball and Ruby enters basement and hides somewhere in wall or tables. Firey closes the door in the basement as quickly.

  • Firey: Come on hurry hide somewhere!
  • Ruby: Run!

Firey and his friends starts hiding in basement by a Martian Tripod.

  • Firey: Okay guys. Be quiet.
  • Ruby: Firey, I'm scared..

Something opens the door in the basement very creaky. Suddenly, Martian Invaders enters a basement.

  • Ruby: You know one thing that I know, Firey? *covers skirt* These things have sense of sight that can-
  • Firey: Ruby, relax. All we can do now is be quiet.

The Martian Invaders walks around the basement with a muffled growl quietly.

  • Martian Invader #4: auraaaggrhhh
  • Ruby: Oh no. I don't like this at all. That Martain sense lights colors. I'm not saying warm colors. Colors like white... light pink... Especially for clothes.
  • Firey: For all I know, we are not wearing any white and pink clothes right now.
  • Ruby: AHEM.
  • Firey: What?

The Martian Invaders hears Ruby with a growl noise and walks to a couch.

  • Ruby: Do you even know what I am wearing, anyways?
  • Firey: You are wearing a orange jacket, green polo, pearl-blue pleated skirt, black socks, and red tennis shoes. Nothing for us to be in danger about.
  • Ruby: You don't even know what I'm talking about, do you?
  • Firey: What are you talking about?
  • Ruby: Do you even know what I'm wearing?
  • Firey: Didn't I just tell you?
  • Woody: (Sees a sight of Martian Invaders) AAAAAAAHHH!!!!

The Martian Invaders starts screeches with a mouth open.

  • Ruby: Damn it! *covers skirt* I knew I shouldn't have worn that pair today! Let's go!
  • Firey: What pair?
  • Ruby: Just go!

Suddenly Leafy shoots the Martian Invaders with a machine gun-like heat ray.

  • Firey: Nice one, Leafy! Distracting that thing with the ray!
  • Leafy: Your welcome!
  • Martian Invaders: *Seethes*
  • Ruby: *Runs into another room* Weapon, weapon, weapon...
  • Martian Invader #3: *Burst out of door sight of Ruby* REEEEAARRRGHHH
  • Ruby: Got it! *shoots a rifle at Martian Invader #3*

Ruby heads out of the room and meets up with Firey.

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