Baseball is a female contestant on Object Universe. She was placed into Team Ice Cream.


Blast into Space

In Blast into Space, Baseball failed the challenge, and she was placed into Team Ice Cream. She was then up for elimination along with the rest of Team Ice Cream.

Afraid of Heights

In Afraid of Heights, Baseball was safe with 12 votes making her safe. Balloon said that Baseball should go because she's sad, but Baseball looks happy.

Language of a broken window

In Language of a broken window, Baseball was seen with Baseball from Inanimate Insanity. They look so different since the one from Inanimate Insanity can talk while the other one can't. She walked away from him.

Come and Go

In Come and Go, Baseball was safe in elimination. She walks by the line making Team Strength win.

Surprise Arrival

In Surprise Arrival, Map told Baseball that she want to go. Map and Baseball take the left route, and she said her first words, "Sounds like a plan". Map was surprised that she talked.

Revived Rivals

In Revived Rivals, Baseball hopes she can stay in the show. However, she didn't get enough votes to rejoin with 63 votes, making her eliminated.


  • She originally had no mouth, but in the later episodes, she has a mouth.
  • She never talked until episode 7.


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