I know the picture is awful...

Banjo is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Banjo is a small, brown banjo. A banjo is a type of instrument, similar to a guitar. He has arms and legs, and his face is on the long part at the top.


Banjo is friends with RockStar, since they both enjoy music. Banjo’s music isn’t as popular as RockStar’s, but some people like it. Banjo and RockStar have even collaborated to make a song! Banjo is a generally nice guy, but a fun fact is that he would make a good comedian seeing as he has a good sense of humour.

The ButterBlaziken Show!

In The ButterBlaziken Show!, Banjo appears in TBBS S1 E8: Tunes, where he discusses music with RockStar. However, they get interrupted by Metal Cube, who shows them his music. He lets him join their music gang, despite RockStar being enemies with Metal Cube. Banjo didn’t know this.


  • He isn’t related to Guitar, the character who was going to audition to be in II2, but he and 2 other characters were beaten by Yin-Yang.
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