Several Bananas have appeared in several object shows. Here are some notable ones.

Banana (OfficialMatrVincent)

Banana (OfficialMatrVincent) is the most known Banana of all the other bananas. He appeared in two series: BFDI Survivor (and its sequel, created by OMV), and the voting for II S2 (recommended byt OMV)

In BFDIS, Banana is a plot character who works as an intern for Speaker Box. After being fired in Episode 19 to work as a TLC Prison Guard, he helped find the cure to a mysterious crazy infection caused by Evil Leafy. Banana will re-appear in Season 2, II Survivor, as MePhone4's Co-Host, and will once again be the main character of the plot.

In II S2, Banana placed 2nd in the voting behind Yin-Yang, and did not join Season 2.


- A Banana appeared as a contestant on the show Challenge To Win

- A Banana appeared as a contestant on the show Mystique Island

-A Banana is set to appear in Inanimate Fight-Out Season 2 Episode 1 for an unknown reason.

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