Bamboo is a male background character on the show Inanimate Crisis. He was originally going to be


Bamboo is very antisocial, he doesn't want to make friends because he believes it's 'Just a pointless obstacle' and will normally spend most of his time alone doing things he believes benefits him.


Bamboo is a species of bamboo known as "Bambusa Oldhamii" which is a species that normally grows in Taiwan and China, but grows in other places such as New Zealand, Honduras, Peru etc. He is a tall green stick with a few leaves growing off him.


  • Bamboo was originally going to be in Sydney's other show "Entity Clashdown" which was scrapped along with her other show for "Inanimate Crisis"
    • In that show Bamboo was mostly the same.
    • He would have placed 14th/29th which is just barely in the top half. He would have been eliminated in Episode 19, 3 episodes into the merge phase.
    • He would've been on a character named Z-BOX's team 'The Red Apples' along with Computer, Cactus, Sword, Pearl, Plank, Plaster and Pebble.

  • Bamboo was originally going to speak only in Chinese but this was dropped due to difficulty.
  • Bamboo was one of the contestants in the '64 character draft' of the show, it was decided to have him cut from the final cut because he wasn't very interesting.
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