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Less Careful Be Able Dies or Killing Different Data Character and Guess to Missing in a Tonestone Character Balloony's Future years, mouths, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds, Don't Worry The Less Most.

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This article is about Balloony. You may be looking for Balloon from Inanimate Insanity.
  1. {{Character|gender = Male|species = Latex Balloon|team = BFB: BEEP

BFBMW: Life R.A.N.T|episode = BFB: Take the towers BFBMW: TBA|place = BFB: 14th|color = BFDI/A: Forest Green (balloon) Black (string) IDFB and most of BFB: Carribean Green (balloon) Medium Aquamarine (Light) Free Speech Aquamarine (Shade) Black (string) BFB 6-7: Orange|voice = Cary Huang (BFDI) Satomi Hinatsu (BFB)|first appearance = Don't Lose Your Marbles|allies = *Cloudy (Best Friend)

Names in other languages

  • Romanian - balonasy
  • French - Ballony
  • Spanish - Globo - Globito
  • Italian - Palloncino
  • German - Ballonfahrer
  • Korean - 풍선이
  • Japanese - バルーニー
  • Irish - BalúnÍ


  1. Reveal Novum:Crushed by a Sun
  2. Getting Teardrop to Talk:Sucked by Black Hole
  3. Lick Your Way to Freedom:Popped by Leafy pumps to much Air
  4. The Liar You Dont Want:Popped by Stapy (Cannot Recovered in 8-9)
  5. What Do You Think of Roleplay?:Popped by a fork
  6. Don't Dig Straight Down:Disintergrated by Lava

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