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This article is about Balloony from Battle for Dream Island. You may be looking for Balloon from Inanimate Insanity.


Um, I'm an airhead...?

Balloony is a male contestant in BFB. He is also a recommended character that could've joined BFDI and BFDIA but failed to do so.

Balloony competed in Beep and was a member of Have Cots,before his elimination in Take the Tower.


Balloony was one of the 30 recommended characters that could've joined BFDI. In Reveal Novum, Balloony would've joined BFDI, but with only 6 votes, he placed 21st (along with Eggy and Pillow), and was flung into the Locker of Losers.


Balloony also had a chance to join BFDIA, but with only 102 votes, Balloony placed 32nd and was flung to the Locker of Losers once again.


Balloony appears to be a balloon with an unknown type of gas in it. Balloony's body is jade, his shading is emerald, and his shine is mint. His body is a thin line like Flower's, but he is made in a curvy shape to look like the string of a balloon. Unlike Flower's body, the string is a part of his asset.


Balloony is a generally kind character, but he won't take attitude from other characters, and can become irritable towards bossy teammates. Balloony has proven to be smart and good at problem-solving, similar to Tennis Ball. Balloony is also pretty brave. When deflated, he isn't capable of too much movement, let alone being able to even stand. Balloony can also be protective, as seen in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", when he told Nickel not to stab Woody.



  • Getting Teardrop to Talk
  • Lick Your Way to Freedom
  • Why Would You Do This on a Swingset
  • Today's Very Special Episode (Flashback)
  • Fortunate Ben
  • Four Goes Too Far
  • The Liar Ball You Don't Want
  • This Episode Is About Basketball (Voting Screen)
  • Enter the Exit
  • Get To The Top in 500 Steps
  • What Do You Think of Roleplay?
  • Return of the Rocket Ship
  • Don't Dig Straight Down
  • The Four Is Lava (Picture)
  • The Escape Of Four (Speaks in Group)
  • X Marks the Spotlight
  • Take the Tower (Eliminated)
  • How Loe Can You Grow? (Heard Only)
  • A Taste Of Space (Heard Only)
  • Let's Raid The Warehouse (Heard Only)
  • Who Stole Donut's Diary?

Fan Fiction


In Objects:Changed, Balloony is a latex creature (Mostly Wanting to Transfur X)

In the Object CrossRoad

Balloony got ObjectTube's account (named Balloony Pham) in OCR. He mainly uploads react video.

Battle For Smash Ultimate

He is playable character in it. He represents BFDI alongside all of the BFB contestants and most of the hosts.

Human Names

  • Barney Sargent (KittyFan2004)
  • Brandon Benson (NLG343)
  • Brayden O'Keefe (Opinduver)
  • Billie Tucker (Aeryn1207)
  • Zay Rofiel (ImFictionalAdmin)
  • Barkley Barry (NahuelFire39)
  • Blan Jay (TheObjectThing15)
  • Bob the builder (cloud2015)
  • Brady Airhead (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)
  • Barrett Bailey (Supermdztv1)
  • Ballony Rettason (PietroBAC)

Where Balloony Is From

  • Tacoma, Washington (KittyFan2004)
  • San Francisco, California (NLG343)
  • Trenton, New Jersey (U4Again)
  • North Dakota, United States (NahuelFire39)
  • Hyrule (Cloud2015)
  • Rochester, New York (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)


  • February 11, 2008 (Pinekones)
  • April 23, 1997 (NLG343)
  • December 3, 2004 (U4Again)
  • June 22, 2000 (KittyFan2004)
  • May 19 1992 (ZanyWays217)
  • January 1st, 2003 (TheObjectThing15)
  • January 5, 1993 (OfficalBalloony459)
  • July 20, 2017(cloud2015)
  • July 8, 1987 (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)


  • There is a character named Balloon who is a contestant in Inanimate Insanity, but their appearances are different.
  • If he is deflated, he does not die!
  • Balloony was originally going to dab in BFB 2 instead of Woody.

Names in other languages

  • Romanian - balonasy
  • French - Ballony
  • Spanish - Globo - Globito
  • Italian - Palloncino
  • German - Ballonfahrer
  • Korean - 풍선이
  • Japanese - バルーニー
  • Irish - BalúnÍ


  1. Reveal Novum:Crushed by a Sun
  2. Getting Teardrop to Talk:Sucked by Black Hole
  3. Lick Your Way to Freedom:Popped by Leafy pumps to much Air
  4. The Liar You Dont Want:Popped by Stapy (Cannot Recovered in 8-9)
  5. What Do You Think of Roleplay?:Popped by a fork
  6. Don't Dig Straight Down:Disintergrated by Lava


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