This is a transcript for the Object Whatever episode Balloonquest.


(Balloon is walking)
Balloon: Wow, what is that? McDonald's? Suitcase loves that! I'll bring it to her riiiiiight now.
(Balloon runs to his and Suitcase's house and knocks the door)
Suitcase: Coming right in!
(Suitcase bites the door, opening it)
Balloon: Tha--Where are you? Where's my McDonald's?
Suitcase: Come on! Eat with me!
Balloon: Oh crap. This is good!
Balloon: So, how was your day?
Suitcase: I'm a push-over, everybody's making fun of me and all of that crap. So, your day, please?
Balloon: Uh, I don't know, getting killed by Knife, the jerk?
Suitcase: I'm already finished with the burger! I want more!
Balloon: Oh crap. This is not good! I'll drive right there!
Suitcase: And give me a milkshake.
Balloon: This is turning into a load of barnacles!
Suitcase: I heard that! Get me a burger.
Balloon: Uh, I have extra!

Twenty minutes later...

Suitcase: My burger here yet?
Balloon: Yeah, right he--
(Suitcase licks and gobbles on Balloon's hand)
Suitcase: NOT ENOUGH! I need more burgers, NOW!

Twenty minutes later...

(Balloon is covered with Suitcase's drool and saliva)
Balloon: You need more? Because I only have money for Burger King.
Suitcase: Get me the burgers or I will kill you.
Balloon: Coming right up!

Balloon: Can I get a discount?
Burger: Nope. You can't get discounts at this area.
Balloon: Oh, come on!


Suitcase: Where are my burgers?!
Balloon: I couldn't get a discount at this area...
Balloon's bones are broken and he is popped

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