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Airdate June 15, 2018
Summary A balloon's normal day.
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Balloonquest is the 1st episode of season 1 of Object Whatever.


Balloon is walking when he finds some McDonald's on the ground. He runs to his house, and then knocks the door. Suitcase bites the door, opening it. Balloon walks in and they eat. They talk about their day for a while, and then Balloon trashes the burger and stuff. Suitcase wants more. Balloon says he has extra, and then drives to McDonald's and back. Suitcase gobbles up the burger, and then she wants more again. Balloon drives to McDonald's and back. Suitcase wants more, and Balloon says he only has more for Burger King. Suitcase threatens Balloon, and then he wants McDonald's for a discount. Burger refuses, and when Balloon comes back, Suitcase asks where her burger is. Balloon says he wanted a discount and is beat up and soon popped.

Suitcase then says the message of the episode: Always have enough money or you'll die.


(Balloon is walking)
Balloon: Wow, what is that? McDonald's? Suitcase loves that! I'll bring it to her riiiiiight now.
(Balloon runs to his and Suitcase's house and knocks the door)
Suitcase: Coming right in!
(Suitcase bites the door, opening it)
Balloon: Tha--Where are you? Where's my McDonald's?
Suitcase: Come on! Eat with me!
Balloon: Oh crap. This is good!
Balloon: So, how was your day?
Suitcase: I'm a push-over, everybody's making fun of me and all of that crap. So, your day, please?
Balloon: Uh, I don't know, getting killed by Knife, the jerk?
Suitcase: I'm already finished with the burger! I want more!
Balloon: Oh crap. This is not good! I'll drive right there!
Suitcase: And give me a milkshake.
Balloon: This is turning into a load of barnacles!
Suitcase: I heard that! Get me a burger.
Balloon: Uh, I have extra!

Twenty minutes later...

Suitcase: My burger here yet?
Balloon: Yeah, right he--
(Suitcase licks and gobbles on Balloon's hand)
Suitcase: NOT ENOUGH! I need more burgers, NOW!

Twenty minutes later...

(Balloon is covered with Suitcase's drool and saliva)
Balloon: You need more? Because I only have money for Burger King.
Suitcase: Get me the burgers or I will kill you.
Balloon: Coming right up!

Balloon: Can I get a discount?
Burger: Nope. You can't get discounts at this area.
Balloon: Oh, come on!


Suitcase: Where are my burgers?!
Balloon: I couldn't get a discount at this area...
Balloon's bones are broken and he is popped

Suitcase: Always have enough money or you'll die.


  • Sometimes Balloon is very angry.
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