Not to be confused with the Inanimate Insanity character, Balloon.

Balloon is a male contestant in Object Universe. He was a member of Team Ice Cream. He was eliminated in Come and Go, along with Bottle.


Blast into Space

Balloon debuted along with the other characters in Blast into Space. He doesn't know what time it is when talking to Basketball. He thinks it's getting bored around here. Balloon accidentally calls Bottle Water when asking if he agrees. In the first challenge, Balloon falled down off the balance beam. He was placed into Ice Cream's team, Team Ice Cream.

Afraid of Heights

In Afraid of Heights, Balloon was safe with 7 votes.  In the challenge, Ice Cream told Balloon that nobody cares about him.

Come and Go

In Come and Go, Balloon was eliminated and was sent into prision along with Bottle.

Revived Rivals

In Revived Rivals, he gains his arms and legs. He recived 24 votes, which is not enough to rejoin.


  • He was originally limbless, but he gained arms and legs in episode 9.


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