Badminton Racket, labelled "The Failed Tattletale", is a male contestant on the show Inanimate Crisis.


Badminton Racket always fears other people but he always wanted to do what's right, if he sees you do something he will attempt to do something about it, but it's not that easy for him since he tends to worry about other people.

His game is mostly silent, he doesn't focus too much on other people as he lacks any sort of social skills, plus he tends to get distracted easily, and whenever he is dragged into a conversation he tries his best to get out of it.


Badminton Racket looks like your typical Badminton Racket, but he lacks any bright colours or anything like that. His grip is made out of rubber. The strings in his head are at inconsistent distances like a lot of badminton rackets, they also don't fully reach the end of him either. Also the strings aren't coloured to resemble a logo, meaning he wasn't created at any specific company.


  • Badminton Racket was created for Sydney's first ever camp called "Insane Gamez" where all 37 characters were pre-made and everyone else had to chose from them all.
    • The person who chose him was his current [Presumably] voice actor, Michael Kielty.
    • He is one of the two characters from that camp to be in Inanimate Crisis, the other being Egg Cup
  • He was originally going to be in Sydney's other show "Battle For Island Infinity" but it was scrapped in favour of Inanimate Crisis.
    • In that show he didn't really have many differences.
    • He was going to place around 10th place.
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