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"The. Bad object show Season 2 (preserved version). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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Bad object show season 2 is the second season of Bad object show.


18 (more if some are announced) contestants will battle for a mystery box, (also seen in the abandoned object show that OAE doesn't care about anymore) Absolutely Nothing has went on a vacation and let Tennesseeball host, he also had 3 other hosts. It's a second adventure with a 1 by 1 elimination ceremony! Who will win? YOU DECIDE!



Contestants (leaked in season 2)

OAE'S OCs That made it to season 2

Recommended characters

Remaining spots for RCs: 4

List of episodes

There will possibly be a total of 39 episodes (3 will be in the final episode), there will be 38 eliminations, 5 rejoins, 2 debuts, and 2 episodes without an elimination.
# Don't you dare question my convictions!
# Humanized objects just makes me wanna barf.
# I strike up the band!
# BOS' first shipping
# Escaping a virus
# An outdated contest
# Puffle adopting simulator 2018
# A very useless lawn defense
# Terrifying 9/11
# Soap shaping for dummies
# BOS Party
# Some cat crap
# When did Hawaii have its own virus?
# Dodge-brawl
# Debutees
# The dice of randomness
# More rejoiners
# What else to expect
The rest coming soon.

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