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"Well, yeah, but like, Baby Toblerone & Miss Toblerone is already infinitely small, being a singularity-" - Black Hole
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Allright, Baby Toblerone, What's 1+1?

Miss Toblerone, BOO

I don't know. WAAAAAAH!

Baby Toblerone, BOO

Baby Toblerone & Miss Toblerone are two objects of the same species and gender. Baby Toblerone competes on TACO(Terrific and Crazy Objects) and BOO(Battle of Objects), while Miss Toblerone competes on BOO.

Safety in the Game


Baby Toblerone

Baby Toblerone did nothing the whole game of TACO so she got eliminated in 'Why Me?!'. She tried to rejoin episode 17, but lost to Black Pen 44-43.

Miss Toblerone

Miss Toblerone has been confirmed by hacking that Miss Toblerone will join TACO in Episode 21.


Baby Toblerone

Just like in TACO, she got eliminated in Episode 2 due to only crying.

Miss Toblerone

Unlike Baby Toblerone, Miss Toblerone is still in the game, but since her team lost the most recent episode, she could be eliminated.

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