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Baby Bottle is a contestant on Object Overdrive. She is the youngest character in Object Overdrive.


The following quote is from Duncan Welmer describing the character.

Baby Bottle is a character that you could use as a blueprint... to build the 2nd least liked character in Object Overdrive. HAHA! But being serious, Baby Bottle is the youngest character in Object Overdrive. She is a shy character and likes cake. But since she is only 2 months old, she has zero tolerance to meanies. Every time anyone acts like a jerk to her, she cries harder than Diaper, another infant from TACO.

Duncan Welmer, Object Overdrive Character Guide


S1 E1:

Likes: 24

Dislikes: 31(Safe)

S1 E2:

Likes: 0

Dislikes: 40(Eliminated)

S1 E9:

Join: 10(Doesn't Join)

S2 E0:

Join: 1,003(Joins)

S2 E5:

Likes: 122

Dislikes: 245


  • Baby Bottle was the first Object Overdrive character ever created. She was made on January 10, 2010 in a BFDI 2 Storyboard.
  • For Season 2, Duncan Welmer was unable to voice Baby Bottle due to her high-pitched voice getting hard to as Duncan got older, so Elizabeth Jacobs aka Femail replaced Welmer as Baby Bottle's voice actor.
  • Baby Bottle has been featured on TACO as Diaper's sister.
  • Baby Bottle is the first character shown in the Object Overdrive Character Guide, published 2020.
  • Baby Toblerone from Object Olympic Re-Ignited's bottle used the same asset as Baby Bottle up until episode 8, when the creator of the show made his own baby bottle asset.


Baby Bottle Body

Baby Bottle Idle.

Sorry that the pictures are on the side.

-cannibal hunter

Baby wipes

Baby Wipes, a possible relative of Baby Bottle.

Baby Toblerone

Baby Toblerone, another possible relative to Baby Bottle.

Baby Bottle

Baby Bottle's voting position.

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