This OC is not B use your brain next time ok? thx

B is an OC by Minh, he is a "B" emote and he is swaggy like Crystal XDDDDDDDDDDDD

He also is veryyyyyy smart and smarter than Crystal he has an IQ of 32895634656346593864568963896589478934986309569346953745463409856893479346064379587349868348957346834986834956936898934658634659634685349689398569346205693426935 and that's the longest IQ in OSC history (tribute to BM44 the Object Thingy)



  • He is best friend of Crystal and that Crystal taught him how to be smart and swaggy but he betrayed her but they're still friends idk how
  • This page is made in 3 minutes which is a record I think?????????????
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