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Episode 1:

  • when gaster blaster gives the scores from him, he says that some contestants will be highly offended, which comes from a quote from nick-le: im highly offended,
  • Gaster Blaster thawed BattleReviews because he was frozen by sans, this logic was a reference from PvZ 2, when you thaw an ice block, it will be thawed,

Episode 2:

  • The Bones at Stake Intro is an parody to Cake At Stake, this will happen in future episodes
  • that last time on BTWTUP is a reference to the beginning of Inanimate Insanity, where they tell something which happened 1 episode ago, this will happen in future episodes
  • TSB may sound similiar to the TLC, but there are diffrences, 1. its a diffrent color, 2. well, space,

Episode 3:

  • The title is a reference to BFDI 3: Are you smarter than a snowball,
  • the 3rd question, which is a reference to the Google Calculator, which says error,
  • the 4th question was about Inanimate Insanity,
  • the first question was some mentioning of TSSES and PvZ, for the answer, and the other answers from the contestants were referencing FAGS, the host of TSSES 2, which became a contestant in TSSES 4, and Battleaxe enemy, which is from TSSawesomeES,

Episode 4:

  • Moneybags said: vote for me! or ill Eat you! which is a reference to Flower saying that when rejoin auditions were made
  • Sans said: vote for me! or ill freeze you, again, a reference to flower, this is reappearing in episode 10

Episode 5:

  • The new bones at stake song, this will happen in future episodes

Episode 6:

  • When a wrecking ball said: came in like a wrecking ball, this is a reference to the Song called Wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus

Episode 7:

  • Poisonous bugs from BFDI 24 and BFDIA 3
  • when the scoreboard was updated, LightningMcQueen was mentioned, that CBoP was a fan of that, if he did it on purpose to get 96 points
  • 8 ball makes an appearance

Episode 8:

  • Pencil was mentioned during Bones at Stake

Episode 9:

  • New Bones At Stake Song, which is a reference to The Points are Gone

Episode 10:

  • Computer brothers of paine used his Sonic mode, sonic makes an appearance, this is continued by the next episode
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