Last Time on BTWTUP: The Reboot, Leafy, Grassy, Golden needle and Firey won the challenge, with the randomizer, leafy, golden needle and firey won, thanks to LASB, Team AW are now UFE

Crack Crack Crack! Smack Smack! Crack Smash Crack! OW OW! Bones at Stake!

Leafy: Hmmmm, Bones at Stake? isnt that just Cake At Stake?

yes, thats true Leafy, but to be honest, you get a bone as a prize, you can use it to buy stuff in the shop

Leafy: Oh, Now i get why i got 5 bones when i won the challenge!

yeah, moving on, we received 6 votes, Nobody received a vote, except for floor lamp and LASB,

(throws bone at Leafy, Antique watch and School Blazer)

Floor Lamp for 2, LASB got 4, with the lose token, 8, lets see who of you go to Team GS, or get eliminated!

(it lands on Floor Lamp)

will She get to Team GS, or be eliminated?

(It lands on Go To Team GS)

Bye LASB, Aka labeled: The Copycat

(LASB gets teleported to the TSB)

ok, Team GS got Floor Lamp, and the survivors get 2 bones, The Challenge is To Make a Taco! Best taco gets 5 Bones, the worst gets A lose token, and if they dont do it till 23th of May, its- THEIR LOSS

Balloon didnt do the challenge AGAIN


Dalasreviews: 7/10

Ruby: 8/10

Firey: 7/10

Cheeseburger: 5/10 (i dont like Onions, nice try tho)

TV: 8/10

Grassy: 7/10

SB: 8/10

Green Starry: 9/10 (pretty impressive actually)

Antique Watch: 4/10 (it would be a 10/10 if it wasnt murderous,)

Floor Lamp: 8/10

Tennis Ball: 7/10

Leafy: 8/10

Golden Needle: 8/10

ok, lets combine the scores and lets see what we get, Green Starry gets the 5 bones, and.... Antique watch got a lose token for creating a murderous Taco,

Team GS: 46/60

Team AW: 20/30

Team GN: 28/40

we dont have equal numbers, lets use Percentage to equal it, especially that 40 thingy, but yeah, if we get the results,

Team GS: 76.67%

Team AW: 66.67%

Team GN: 70%

And that means AW is UFE again, thanks to a murderous Taco created by Antique watch, who in the right mind would do such thing?! and we wont use the comments to vote anymore,

Gaster Blaster: were using to get the ppl to vote!

you can buy things from the shop, unless you got a lose token, but you can use an eraser token for that, voting ends on 24th of May

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