Last time on BTWTUP: The Reboot, Leafy got eliminated, there was suppose to be a rejoin happening, but forgot to make it, so 21 contestants try to rejoin or join the game

Hi! we got 14 votes, Bubble, Golf Ball, Rocky, Leafy, Lemon Lollipop, and Moneybags are the only one with votes

(Sends rest to TSB)

Bubble, Your not joining with 1 vote

Bubble: oh Noio!

(Bubble Gets send to the TSB)

Golf Ball: My chance of winning went from 0. 357% Chance, to 1% chance!

Then your calculation now went to 0% chance, because rocky and Golf Ball wont be joining with 1 vote each

Golf Ball: My Chance of winning went from 1.000% chance, to 0.000% chance

(Golf Ball and Rocky get send to the TLC)

Down to Leafy, Lemon Lollipop, or Moneybags,

Leafy is.... not gonna rejoin with 2 votes

(Leafy gets send to the TSB)

Down to lemon lollipop and... Moneybags, 

(dramatic silence)

Lemon lollipop got 3 votes, and thus, not rejoining the game, Moneybags joins with 6 votes, i think that moneybags wins ever first rejoin happening,

(Lemon Lollipop is send to the TLC)

Hi Moneybags, welcome to season 2, each vote gives you 12 points

Grassy: 76

Ruby: 74

Moneybags: 72

Firey: 72

TV: 70

Floor Lamp: 69

Green Starry: 68

Golden Needle: 67

Tennis Ball: 61

School Blazer: 61

Next Challenge is to cross the River, with piranha's, this is your reward for crossing

10th: 2 Points

9th: 4 Points

8th: 6 Points

7th: 8 points

6th: 10 points

5th: 12 Points

4th: 14 Points

3rd: 16 Points

2nd: 18 Points

1st: 20 Points!

Do the challenge till 6th of June

Grassy, Green starry, and firey didnt do the challenge, for the results,

Moneybags = 1st

Tennis Ball: 2nd/3rd

TV: 2nd/3rd

Floor Lamp: 4th/5th

Ruby: 4th/5th

Golden needle: 6th

School Blazer: 7th

we need to use the randomize thingy, first up, Tennis Ball and TV

(it lands on Tennis Ball)

ok, tennis Ball 2nd, TV 3rd

now for ruby and floor lamp

(it lands on Ruby)

Ruby is 4th, floor lamp is 5th, now time for the inactives

(it lands on grassy)

Grassy is 8th, time for 9th and 10th

(landing on firey)

time for the scores! Green Starry is last

Moneybags: 92

Ruby: 88

TV: 86

Grassy: 82

Floor Lamp: 81

Tennis Ball: 78

Golden Needle: 77

Firey: 76

Green Starry: 70

School Blazer: 69

Green Starry should be more active next time, just like Firey, vote who you want to leave the show

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