Last time on BTWTUP: The Reboot, Balloon is eliminated, the next challenge was a merge survival, School blazer, Tennis ball and Leafy are now UFE

There's a new stage, time to see, who goes to space, inside the TSB, At Bones At Stake,

we got the 11 votes, and i forgot to do the rejoin, my apologies school blazer is safe with 1 vote, just like tennis ball, bye leafy...

(teleports leafy inside the TSB)

no challenge! rejoining Episode!

Bow: Vote for me! and you will get this Free Chair!

Leafy: Ok, i might have been Switching alot, but i will promise not try to switch next time,


LightBulb: Can you maybe vote for me? I will do my best to win!

Golf Ball: Vote For me because Tennis ball misses me, and i got a 5% chance of joining the game!


Pencil: Vote for me! Yeah Yeah Yeah! Vote for me! Yeah Yeah Yeah! So i can join the Contest! So i can win the contest

Match: Vote for me because i dyed my hair like, blue

Balloony: Can you vote for me please? i really want to win pretty hardly

Balloon: OH CMON! Dont vote for that copy cat up here, vote for me instead

LASB: oh cmon man, i once cheated once, was it really that big of an ordeal?

Fork Repellant: Vote for me and i will prevent death

Skirt: can you vote for me? because i want to compete with School Blazer

Lizy: Wanna vote for me? you dont have to... because dalas is with me right here,

Dalas: Vote for me, And Subscribe to my Channel (DalasReview)

Lemon Lollipop: Can you vote for me? i really want to compete with Floor lamp,

CheeseBurger: Vote for me, because i wanna win!

Moneybags: Vote for me! or you will be inside my mouth!

Antique Watch: im sorry for creating a murderous taco, i just wanna win so badly

Pills: vote for me, even if im chilling around here


Vote who you want to Rejoin!

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