last time on BTWTUP: The Reboot, Dalas says goodbye, the challenge was to make it through the obstacle course, thanks to Balloon's existance, Team GS won-

Balloon: OH CMON

yeah, ok, so Team GN is now UFE

Crack Crack Crack! Smack Smack! Crack Smash Crack! OW OW! Bones at Stake! Crack Crack Crack! Smack Smack! Crack Smash Crack! OW OW! Bones at Stake!

Hi Team GN! you guys were up for elimination, we got 5 votes, Leafy, Balloon and Ruby, are safe with 0 votes

(throws bones at em)

Down to Cheeseburger, Golden Neelde and Tennis Ball, Golden needle and tennis ball both have 1 vote, Cheeseburger got 3, lets see who gets a chance of elimination

(it lands on Tennis ball)

tennis ball is safe!

(throws bone at him)

next up: Golden needle or Cheeseburger

(it lands on golden needle)

Bye Cheeseburger, your inside the TSB

(teleports Cheeseburger inside the TSB)

GS gets the 5 bones, the winning team gets 2 bones for survival, team GS gets Golden Needle, the next challenge is to defeat 1000 Rollers (Credits To MrYokaiAndWatch902), challenge ends 1st June

Everybody did the challenge, time for the results

11. Leafy (it didn't work, gg) 10. Balloon (get rekt m8) 9. Green Starry (nope) 8. Tennis Ball (no) 7. Golden Needle (no, katana's wont slice em,) 6. Ruby (Really?) 5. Floor Lamp (nope...) 4. Firey (I don't think weapons work) 3. School Blazer (what if the helicopter spinner gets shot?) 2. TV (would work good if you have arms) 1. Grassy (works well)

Grassy wins! Team GN is UFE, vote for who you want to leave the show!

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