last time on BTWTUP: The Reboot, Leafy switched to Team GS, this predicted the futue like in BFB, as leafy joined firey's team in both BTWTUP and BFB 11, moving on, cheeseburger won the challenge, team GS is now UFE,

Crack Crack Crack! Smack Smack! Crack Smash Crack! OW OW! Bones at Stake!

ok, lets start the elimination, we got 8 votes, Floor lamp, Green Starry, Firey and Grassy are safe with no vote,

(throws bones at em)

School blazer got 1 vote, and leafy got 4 votes, while dalas has 3, remember, lose tokens, 16 votes,

Leafy: Not again!

time to see who gets something

(it lands on leafy)

will she be eliminated or go to team GN?

(team GN is where it lands on)

yeah, if it lands on a name, that person is on another team, bye Dalas!

(he gets to the TSB teleported)

for the challenge, you must go through the obstacle course, here are the obstacles

1. a bouncing ball will go into the direction, there is an conveyer belt,

2. jumping test dummies will get in your way

3. thrown tomahawks

4. the fumes from episode 6 but with a conveyer belt

5. moving platforms which move diagonal

do the challenge till the end of 30th of may

everyone did it on 29th of may, lets get the results

(Obstacle 1: School blazer was the only 1 to fail)

its not suppose to be jumped over, So School blazer is Out

(obstacle 2: tennis ball and TV couldnt go through)

Bye Tennis Ball and TV for the challenge

(obstacle 3: everyone got through)

time for the 4th!

(obstacle 4: Cheeseburger couldnt go through)

Cheeseburger is out

(Obstacle 5: Grassy is out)

Grassy? seriously? dodging everything? your not suppose to dodge the platforms you dum dum, but GS was first for using balloon, that means Team GN is UFE, vote who you want to eliminate on the poll, it ends on the 30th of may!

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