Last time on BTWTUP: The Reboot, Antique Watch got eliminated, the challenge was to do a test, Team AW lost, and its now decided, what Leafy's fate will be,

Leafy: im so scared, this is the first time i will get to either switch or be Eliminated,

Gaster Blaster: dont worry, maybe you will switch, or not, but, lets go to that

(no Bones at stake theme, because this is time to get the fate decided)

Fate decides, that if you should go... or be eliminated, altho its just 1 person... its still hard to decide... but now! its DE-CI-DED!

Lets see, elimination or Team GS,

(it lands on Switch to Team GS)

Bye Team AW, Hi leafy, and everyone gets 2 bones except for leafy, Team AW no longer exists

for the next challenge, it will be a Tile terror-ish game, you go to room to room, you start deciding at room 1, each room got 4 tiles to step on, each room got 1 faulty tile, there are 10 rooms, Choose Tile 1, Tile 2, Tile 3, or Tile 4 in every room, everyone could have diffrent results, but yeah, do the challenge till 28th of May

Everyone did the challenge on 27th of may, time for the Results, and guess what? golden needle fainted, i cant recover fainted ppl sadly enough,

(for the 1st room, 3rd tile was not safe)

Tennis Ball and leafy are out,

(for the 2nd room, the 4th tile was not safe)

Floor Lamp is out

(for the 3rd room, the 3rd tile was not safe, what a coincidence)

Firey and TV are out

(for the 4th room, the 1st tile was not safe)

Green Starry, balloon and school blazer are out

Survivors in the 5th Room: Dalas, Ruby, Grassy, and cheeseburger are left,

(for the 5th room, the 2nd tile was not safe)

Grassy is out, down to the final 3 in the 6th room,

(in room 6, tile 1 was not safe)

Ruby is out, 1v1, at room 7,

(in room 7, tile 2 was not safe)

Dalas is out! Team GN Wins! despite the team leader not participating, lets decide who gets the lose token,

(it lands on leafy)

welp, Vote at the poll here who you want to leave the show

Vote till the 28th of May

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