Last time on BTWTUP: The Reboot, LASB is eliminated, the challenge was to make a taco, thanks to the murderous taco, team AW is UFE again,

Crack Crack Crack! Smack Smack! Crack Smash Crack! OW OW! Bones at Stake! Crack Crack Crack! Smack Smack! Crack Smash Crack! OW OW! Bones at Stake!

We received 17 votes, i knew was a good idea, the person with the least votes is.... Leafy! Leafy is safe with 3 votes, School blazer got 6 votes, Antique watch got 8, with the lose token, 16,

One of you is getting eliminated, or be on the Winning team! Random name picker decides that

(it lands on school blazer)

will She be eliminated, or be on the winning team?

(it lands on winning team)

Bye Antique Watch,

(Antique Watch gets teleported inside the TSB)

Now, the challenge is a test, do the test, here are the questions, 1-3 are guess the quote questions

  1. no more mr. (name) guy
  2. Aw, Seriously (name 3 Contestants who said that)
  3. Piano! (Hint: this is the only non-object show guess the quote question)
  4. What is the most recent-made song of II?
  5. Name my OCs which were created in order (as of 24th of may 2018)

Answer the questions till the 26th of May!

Everyone did the test, except for balloon! yeah, you can replace the user till the end of the challenge as of next episode, for now, lets get the results

Grassy: 3/5

TV: 4/5

Cheeseburger: 4/5

Dalas: 5/5

Ruby: 5/5

School Blazer: 5/5

Firey: 3/5

Green Starry: 4/5

Floor Lamp: 5/5

Tennis Ball: 5/5

Golden Needle: 2/5

Leafy: got 0 questions right, what a failure, sadly enough, oh well! better luck next time!


  1. Knife
  2. Pen, Needle, David
  3. The science show person (ASDFmovie)
  4. Just like me
  5. Dingle, Little horn (i didnt say anything about gaster blaster, but you get extra points if you got him, unless the others arent mentioned

now... lets see who gets the 5 bones, is it Dalas, Ruby, School Blazer, Floor Lamp, or tennis Ball

(it lands on ruby)

thats decided, now, for the scores,

Team GS: 30/35

Team GN: 16/20

we need more equality to determine who wins for sure

Team GS: 85.71%

Team GN: 80%

Team GS Wins once again, lets see what fate leafy will get, next episode, is it a switch, or is it elimination?

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